Sequel: Beside You
Status: Completed 11.1.13

Everything Has Changed

It's Not Weakness in My Eyes

Alex slept soundly the entire night, better than she had in years to be quite honest. Alex was comforted by Sergio's rhythmic breathing under her ear, the feeling of his inked skin wrapped around her protectively all night made Alex feel safer than she had ever felt, like no one could ever hurt her when she was in Sergio's arms. Alex dreamed of the first night she had ever met Sergio, she dreamt of the mindless flirting, the love games, it was all so scandalous and exciting. Now there was nothing that could stop them, no one standing in their way. Alex almost missed it, the suspense that if someone caught them they'd be in trouble. Ok, she did miss it a little but she had to admit she was excited about what was to come now that she was with Sergio.

Sergio on the other hand, did not sleep well, he knew the excitement of finally getting Alex was gone, and to be honest he was nervous she would get bored and leave him for Justin, which made him decide from that night he would do anything, to keep her with him because he simply couldn't bear the thought of being without her. That night, Sergio kept having nightmare after nightmare, he dreamed of Justin getting to Alex and hurting her in any way he could, (including what he had attempted earlier) and Sergio not being able to get there in time. He also had nightmares that Alex would leave him for Justin or he would some how lose her. Sergio snapped awake every time, breathing heavy and shaking only to find Alex lying on his chest, under his arm sleeping peacefully. Seeing Alex and listening to her breathing was comforting enough for him to fall back to sleep.

Alex woke up calmly, she moved to sit up, still wearing Sergio's jacket with his still wrapped around her as well. She looked over and saw Sergio breathing in and out methodically, his eyes closed and his hair a mess. Alex smiled to herself, he was simply too cute when he slept. Alex delicately traced his dark tattoos on his arm, especially the tribal cuff on his wrist. As she looked back down at Sergio, she noticed a small tattoo behind his ear, for some reason, she decided it was one of her favorites that he had since she couldn't read any of the other ones because she spoke French as a second language, not Spanish. Alex loved sitting in the silence of her room with nothing but the sound of Sergio and her breathing, it was blissful and calming. Alex sat up again to admire the sleeping rock-solid lump that lay next to her when something happened. As Alex was sitting and watching Sergio, his eyes began to flicker rapidly under his eyelids as his arms flexed tightly and he grabbed Alex to pull her closer to him. Alex knew it was bad to wake people up during nightmares but it killed her to see him in so much emotional pain. Sergio's lip started to twitch and his arms got even tighter, Alex didn't like this and gently stroked his hair, hoping he would wake up soon.

After what seemed like hours but was only five minutes Sergio snapped awake and sat up quickly taking in his surroundings, gasping for air as he sweat lightly. "Hey." Alex said soothingly as she gently caressed his arm, "Hey it's alright." Alex cooed in his ear. Sergio quickly reached over and wrapped her in a hug "Oh Alex that was awful, that was the worst thing I've ever seen and I never want to see it again. You have no idea how much that killed me. I thought I had lost everything." Sergio said as a muffled whimper into her shoulder. Sergio wanted to be brave and tough like his exterior but this nightmare was something he would never wish on even his worst enemies, that nightmare was unfathomable, unthinkable and he wanted so badly to forget it. Alex loved this vulnerable side of him, "It's alright. I'm here. You know that, you made me feel so safe last night that I had no nightmares." Alex smiled at him as he dug his face into her hair. Sergio hugged her tighter, trying not to hurt her as he began to cry uncontrollably, dampening her shoulder and neck. "I'm so sorry." Sergio cried. "Sorry about what?" Alex asked. "Sorry that you saved me? Sorry that you have feelings? Sorry about what?" Alex asked as she ran her fingertips along his back slowly, she kissed his shoulder briefly. "That I let him get to you a-an-and..." Sergio tried to say it but he just couldn't bring himself to finish the sentence. Alex didn't want to push him she knew it must have been pretty awful for him to be shaken this much. "I'm so-ss-sorry A-Alex, m-my nightmares usually aren't this b-bad, usually I-I can shake them off but i-i i just can't. Sergio cried again. Alex hugged him tighter, "you're only human." Alex said calmly, she let go and shifted so that his head was in her lap. Alex slowly combed her fingertips through his soft hair. She felt so important, it was nice to feel that way every once in a while. Alex started to rub his back soothingly and let him cry.

Sergio was a wreck until Alex laid him down on her lap and started running her fingers through his hair, it was always something that called him down. It was almost like his final defense against his anxiety, his mother used to do it to him when he would freak out as a child. Sometimes he did it during games. Only Alex had the same effect, it was soothing to him, in this case. It comforted him and he started to calm down as her fingers gently caressed and played with his soft brown hair. Sergio was finally able to calm down and as he came to, he realzied how embarrassed he felt for carrying on like that. Sergio moved to sit up and wiped away his tears with the back of his hand before moving to hug Alex again. "Sergio, it's ok, I'm not going anywhere." Alex said soothingly. Sergio pulled back and looked at her, he felt so embarassed. Alex seemed to read him like a book, she cupped his face in her hands and pulled his head up so he would look her in the eye, "you shouldn't feel embarrassed for having feelings Sergio, you don't have to be as tough as nails all the time because even nails break too. I don't want you to feel embarrassed about crying in front of me, it's not weakness in my eyes. In my eyes it's a privaledge that you let me in, and you let me see this side of you and you trust me enough for that. Ok?" Alex said before kissing his nose and releasing his face from her hands.

"Th-than- gracias." Sergio stumbled still shaking off his tears. Alex giggled, "you're so cute when you mix up languages." Alex said. Sergio blushed, "it's a bad habit but the ladies seem to love it." He said, finally cracking a small smile. Alex leaned down to his ear, "I think it's adorable." She whispered before kissing his cheek right in front of his ear. Sergio blushed even deeper, "oh and that's even cuter" Alex said referring to Sergio's now bright red cheeks. Sergio laughed a little and sat up as he interlaced their fingers it soothed him to have her close to him. Alex smiled and leaned over to kiss his cheek. Sergio smiled at her touch, and as he kept their hands interlaced he reached over to cup her face in his other hand, "get back here missy." He joked before kissing her lips softly. Alex smiled and pulled away to look at him, "I'm thinking of learning Spanish." She said. His eyes lit up and sparkled like they did when he played football, "it's a wonderful language, hermosa." He smiled widely. Alex looked at him and then spoke. "Wait on second thought I can't learn Spanish" his smile faded. "I don't want to make it any less sexy when you say it." She whispered against his lips. She pulled away and walked downstairs. "You're such a tease!" He whined still in bed. "I love it!" He yelled chasing after her.
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