Sequel: Beside You
Status: Completed 11.1.13

Everything Has Changed

A Real Romance Begins

Alex giggled with delight as she ran down the stairs away from Sergio, she heard his large footsteps close behind her as she darted around the house."I'm gonna get you and when I do you're in big trouble missy!" Sergio joked. "I play 90 minutes twice a week, this is nothing." Sergio said as he closed the gap between them. Sergio reached forward and grabbed Alex's waist in his strong hands, Alex kept laughing as Sergio pulled her back to his chest. Sergio nuzzled his head into the crook of her neck as he hugged her close to his body. Alex could feel Sergio place, small, delicate kisses on her neck. The pair were quiet for a moment, catching their breath before Alex spoke, "Je suis tellement désolé mon roi. S'il vous plaît, pardonnez-moi. Je t'aime." (I'm so sorry my king. Please forgive me. I love you) Alex said as she placed her hands over his across her stomach. She knew Sergio didn't speak French and the end of the sentence shocked her. Thank god Sergio couldn't understand it, did she? Yeah, she did. Alex could feel Sergio's smile grow wider before he spoke against her neck "Je t'aime plus belle." (I love you more beautiful.) "You understand French?" Alex asked shocked. "Oui mon amour." (Yes my love) Sergio said, "A little here and there, I'm working on it since I get enough English practice with you and Skylar, and occasionally even Iker. I didn't quite understand all of what you said but I did here you say that you loved me." Sergio said before returning to his previous actions of kissing her neck sweetly, having no intentions of going any further, it was merely out of love. "bon sang qui est sexy." (Damn that's sexy) Alex said leaning back onto Sergio's shoulder. "Oui" Sergio said before kissing Alex's lips. Alex's hand went up to cup Sergio's face, Sergio pulled back and spoke, "il est très sexy, et moi aussi." (Yes, it's very sexy and so am I) Sergio joked and smiled. Alex rolled her eyes and started to walk towards the couch in the other room, "Way to ruin the moment babe." She said as she collapsed on the couch in a huff. "Lo siento my queen, te amo mucho y te quiero mi amor." Sergio said seductively, speaking in his native tongue again as he sat down next to her. "I have no idea what you said at that last part but damn that sounded really hot." Alex said frankly. Sergio leaned closer and hovered over her lips, "I want you" Sergio whispered seductively. Alex couldn't help but crack a smile, she kissed him lightly but he pulled her back in. Sergio pulled her onto his lap, as he deepened the kiss and held her close. He had to admit it was nice not having to rush things with Alex, he didn't have to worry about anyone or anything ruining it, he could take his time. Sergio kissed Alex passionately, his tongue licking her bottom lip, begging her. Alex happily allowed as she pulled on his hair. Sergio moaned softly into her mouth, it drove him wild when she pulled his hair. Sergio was glad to have Alex back in his arms, this time hopefully for good. Just as Alex was about to start unbuttoning his shirt, Sergio pulled back, "I mean 100% of what I say to you, I"ll always protect you, I'll always want you, I'll always be here for you, you make me the happiest I've ever been and I truly, honestly, love you and never want to spend a day without you, I never want to lose you Alex." Sergio said looking into her eyes. Alex looked at him shocked at his words, his sudden abrupt show of emotion and she loved it. "Sergio" Alex said. "Alex." Sergio responded. "I love you." Sergio's eyes lit up at her words and he smiled, leaning back in to kiss her, her hands returning to his hair. The two spent the rest of the rainy day cuddled on the couch watching movies, making out, flirting, joking, baking, taking pictures, dancing, and acting like fools; which in Sergio's mind was a perfect day.

Sergio woke up to the sound of humming. Or singing. He walked towards the source of the noise and found himself in front of the bathroom. The shower was running. He pressed his ear to the door. "Mama, you taught me to do the right things, now it's time to let your baby fly" The voice behind the door sang, "you've given me everything that I will need to make it through this crazy thing called life." He almost melted at the beautiful voice behind the door. "And I know you've watched me grow up and only want what's best for me and I think I've found the answer to your prayers," He opened the door just a crack and peered inside to see Alex washing her hair and singing. "and he is good, so good and he treys you're little girl like a real man should, and he is good, so good, he makes promises he keeps and no he's never gonna leave so don't you worry about me." Sergio quietly entered, unnoticed by Alex, he was in only a pair of boxers, he left the sweats he found in his car in Alex's room. his chest bare, his hair in a beautiful sexy mess as his stubble started to grow out. Sergio smiled sleepily at Alex, "Do you take requests?" He asked flirtatiously as his eyes squinted in the bright bathroom lights. To say that he gave off a god like appearance in the morning was an understatement. Alex jumped at the sound of his voice, she hadn't even noticed he was there, she instinctively covered herself as best she could. Sergio blushed and covered his eyes with one hand as he smiled. "Get out!" She yelled throwing a loofah at him, he started giggling as it hit him. "I thought we were past this part of the relationship." He joked. "I'm serious, I haven't even slept with you boyfriend, and you've seen me naked." Alex said playing along, "And keep those eyes covered, this isn't a free show." She joked continuing her shower. Sergio started to separate his fingers to peek at Alex before she caught him and he shut them again. "I said get out." Alex said as she turned off the water and wrapped a towel around herself, "Shower time, is my time." She said. "But girlfriend it doesn't always have to be." Sergio said flirtatiously. Alex rolled her eyes and attempted to shove the muscular lump out of the bathroom, all while he pouted like a child, refusing to budge. "And what if I don't want to leave?" He questioned. Alex backed up to face him, "Then you get none of this," she said as she ran her hands up and down her body, Sergio watched her with hungry eyes, almost drooling at the thought. He groaned, "Oh come on that's not fair, we both know I'm irresistible." Sergio said smirking. Alex walked up and put her hands on his chest as she kissed his neck and spoke, "whatever *kiss* helps you *kiss* sleep *kiss* at night." She said as she found his weak spot along his neck. Sergio grabbed her hips and pulled her close, returning the favor, "Deny *kiss* all *kiss* you want *kiss* it's true." he spoke as he kissed up neck to her jawline.

Alex put a hand on his chest and caught him by surprise when she pushed him out the door. "Hey! That's not fair!" He yelled from outside the locked door. "Yes it is!" She shouted back. "You tease!" He yelled through the door laughing now. "Well, I'm gonna go put on some pants in hopes that you'll take them off." He said cockily. "Not a chance." Alex said giggling. "We'll see about that!" Sergio walked off but returned quickly, "By the way, you help me sleep at night." He said sweetly. "Really?" Alex asked from inside the bathroom. "Really" he said from down the hall, "Why would I make that up?" he asked. "To get into my pants?" She laughed. Sergio paused, "Good point, but I did actually mean that." He said casually. "Are you convinced that's all I think about?" Alex came out of the bathroom and walked past him to the bedroom. "Maybe." She laughed. She walked to her closet and started to look through her clothes. Sergio followed quickly behind. "Well then you'd be 1/4 correct that's like 1/4 then another 1/4 is football related." He came from behind and wrapped his arms around her towel covered body and whispered in her ear, "Then the other half of what I think about is you." He whispered before kissing her cheek and letting go. Alex blushed, "I love you." She said giddily. "I know." he said before kissing her lips and moving to sit on the edge of her bed. She continued looking through her clothes, picking a simple hoodie and some leggings. Alex pulled on her outfit and walked out to Sergio. His eyes lit up as he saw her, "Hi pretty girl." He spoke softly in his morning voice that made Alex want to melt. Alex couldn't decide if she should be laughing at his hair or think it's incredibly sexy, not to mention his now stubbly face. "Who?" she asked flirting. "You of course." Sergio said smiling. Alex shook her head. "Can't be me. I'm not pretty." She said. "You're right." Sergio said. She looked at him confused, slightly hurt. "You're beautiful, in fact you're the most beautiful girl I have ever seen Alexandra." he finished as his eyes sparkled. Alex smiled and walked up to him, "Thanks Sergio." She kissed him lightly. "I love the way you say my name." She admitted as he hugged her, she hugged him back. "I just love you." She said quietly and pushed him back on the bed. Alex crawled on top of him and laid her herself over his chest. She listened to his heartbeat as he swallowed heavy. "Your heart beat is so fast babe." She closed her eyes and continued to listen. "It's because of you." he whispered as he combed his fingers through her wet hair. Alex looked up at him, "You can't be serious." She said. "Alex, I still get butterflies when you walk in the room, my heart races and I get shaky, I get nervous, I get sweaty, like I'm gonna mess up, I'm nothing but a fool around you and I love it. I'm just the underdog who finally got the girl, I'm so far gone and so far in love Alex I don't know what I would do without you." Sergio admitted sheepishly, his turning red as he spoke. "I love when you blush, I think it's so adorable. You just know all the right things to say too." She smiled before kissing him. "And you have ridiculously kissable lips." She said as she kissed him again before laying her head back on his chest as she began to absent mindedly trace the tattoos along his arms, she didn't even notice that she had started humming again. Sergio listened to the soothing sound of her voice, it was angelic in his mind, he loved it. Sergio wrapped an arm around her and kissed her head, "I'm glad I have you." he admitted. She sighed in content and kissed his cheek. "I missed you so much." she said. "I'm missed you so much more hermosa." he whispered. "I'm so sorry." She whimpered. "I forgive you, I always will." he responded. Alex started to cry, "I thought I was protecting you, I'm so sorry Sergio." She said sobbing. "No no please don't cry, it ruins your beautiful face." Sergio cooed. "Alex you have me heart and soul I'm yours and you're mine, I forgive you and I love you please don't cry." Sergio sat her up and wiped the tears away before hugging her close to his chest. Alex squeezed him tightly as she took in his delightful scent. "Thank you for not giving up on me." She muffled into his chest.
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Sorry for taking so long, I was swamped with school work, hope it was worth the wait, a nice light chapter of flirting and relationship blossoming. Cute and sweet. Hope you enjoy. X
(His hair is an interpretation of this)