Sequel: Beside You
Status: Completed 11.1.13

Everything Has Changed

Surprise News

As Alex laid on Sergio's chest, she traced the tribal tattoo on his right wrist, "This one is my favorite." She said smiling as her she ran her fingertips over it. She could feel Sergio laugh under her, "Any others?" He asked. "I also like this one, right here." she responded as she sat up to run her fingertips over the small tattoo behind his ear. "And why do you like them so much?" Sergio asked as he moved to sit up. "They're simple, tasteful..." Alex trailed off. "Meaningful" Sergio continued for her, "My brother has the same one on his wrist." He said. "You have a brother?" Alex asked surprised. "Yes, an older brother, and a younger sister who I wouldn't trade for the world." He said happily. "Oh." Alex said sadly. She didn't really know how to tell him but she knew she had to, she tensed up at the thought of what might happen afterwards. "U-um babe?" She stuttered.

"Yes mi amor?" Sergio asked sweetly. "Are you alright?" He asked sensing her tense up as she was still wrapped in his arms. "No it's alright, I just lost my train of thought." Alex lied through her teeth. How on Earth do you bring something like that up? 'Oh hey babe listen, I;m taking back custody of my now three and half year old son and he's going to live with us forever. Long story short, you're gonna be like a father to him.' yeah, that wouldn't go over well. "Oh...okay, um well if you remember it, let me know." Sergio said suspiciously, "I'm starving, what do you want to eat my queen?" He asked. "Chinese?" She responded. "Okay, sure, where's the phone? I'll make the call, what do you want?" Sergio asked as he climbed out of bed. "I'll eat anything you want want." Alex smiled at him as she handed him the phone. Sergio smiled wickedly, "of all the people you could say that to, you choose me." he smirked. "Wow you pig." Alex said messing with his hair after shoving his shoulder. "I'm not just /a/ pig, I'm now /your/ pig, plus, you started it." Sergio said and leaned in, his lips hovering over hers as he looked into her eyes "and I'm gonna finish it." He said as he attempted to kiss her. "No, you're not." Alex said, putting a finger to his lips. "/you/ are ordering Chinese food." She said as Sergio kissed her finger. "I don't think so." he whispered, moving her finger away from his mouth as he closed the space between them. Alex smiled into the kiss and pushed him back, grabbing the phone from him. She started dialing and giggled at the cute pouty expression on his face. Sergio sat down and folded his arms as he pouted like a toddler. Alex ordered the food quickly and sat down next to him, leaning her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes. "Don't fall asleep now, we have food coming hermosa." He joked. "I'm not, I'm just relaxing." She responded. "Ok good, my amazing girlfriend." Sergio laughed as he hugged her. Alex rolled her eyes and kissed him, there was still the sick feeling in her stomach. "Are you alright nena?" Sergio asked turning to look at her. "I'm fine." Alex shrugged, if there was one thing she was really good at, it was lying. "I know it's something, You're acting funny." Sergio said concerned, he had thought he had done something wrong. "I'll tell you later." Alex sighed as she exited the kitchen and headed up the stairs. "Hey Alex?" Sergio yelled up the stairs. "Yeah?" she asked. "I love you." he said. Alex smiled, "I love you too." Sergio started walking up the stairs, "I always will, no matter what." he said. "No matter what?" she asked. Sergio nodded in agreement, "Siempre." he said. Alex sighed, how could she tell him?

"Please, I promise I'll be here, I'm not going to give up, no matter what it is you have to tell me." Sergio said. "Sit" she sighed. Sergio sat, and began to listen to Alex talk. "A while back, about a month before we met, Justin and I were really happy together, we were going to get married, we wanted kids, but as you know, I already have one." She started. "Of course, a little boy." Sergio said as he smiled at the thought. "Yeah" She smiled but then her expression returned to serious. "Well we decided that we wanted to take back custody of him so we started the paper work." She sighed, "But then, everything went crazy and now we're here." She finished. "So.... Do you still get your son?" Sergio asked concerned. "Yeah, and he's going to live with me, and, and, well I just don't want to scare you off." She said. "Are you kidding?" Sergio asked, still soaking it all in. "No" Alex said, biting her lip nervously. Sergio had to be careful with how he worded his next few sentences, "So does that mean, if we work out that... I...I get to be his almost father?" Sergio asked. "Yeah" Alex nodded excitedly, "Yeah." She smiled bigger than she had before. Sergio was quiet, taking in the news, "Th-that's great." He said. "Are you ok?" Alex asked nervously beyond belief. "Am I ok? Of course I am. An-and maybe, one day, if you want to, we maybe could have a kid together. I've always wanted to be a father." He said quietly.

She smiled so hard her cheeks hurt. "Yeah. Maybe." She teared up slightly. "This is great, when does he get here" he asked happily. "After championships, you can bring him down on the field to walk around with me, all the players who have kids did that when we won the World Cup." Sergio said excitedly. "We pick him up in 2 weeks." Alex replied. "Ok that's awesome!" He said excitedly. "What about coming on the field with me? I did it with my niece at the euro 2012 and she loved it." Sergio said smiling as he recalled the moment. Alex smiled. "Of course." He didn't know what else to do but smile he got up and walked over to Alex and hugged her. "I love you" he said. "And you do realize I'm gonna have him out all the time playing football with me" he said happily still hugging her. She giggled. "Not until he's 4" Sergio laughed and said, "yeah sure babe whatever you say." He kissed her head. "when's his birthday? Because he's getting nothing but Spain an Real Madrid football stuff" Sergio continued. She shook her head. "No. Remember. He /is/ my child. Get him something kids like. If he wants to play football he can. But don't force him." She looked at him seriously. "I won't, I promise." He said, "I was only joking. He'll get one of my shirts and a ball then whatever else he wants" Sergio smiled. She raised an eyebrow and kissed him. "I should probably go show you his room." Alex said before grabbing his hand and pulling him upstairs. They walked into the room and sergio looked around at all the toys and decorations, "this is amazing Alex, I have something in my car I need to get be right back" sergio rushed out and quickly returned holding a piece of white fabric, he unfolded it and held it up, it was a white Real Madrid flag with a navy blue border and under the team crest it said 'real Madrid' in cursive. "Please can we hang it up?" Sergio asked smiling like a little kid. "Sure." Alex smiled. He hung it up next to the hand painted mural. He stepped back and grinned proud of himself. Alex walked over and cupped his face in her hands and pulled his lips to hers. Sergio smiled into the kiss as they gently kissed. Alex moved her hands to his neck and pulled him impossibly closer to her. Things were getting interesting, Then they heard the knock at the door...