Sequel: Beside You
Status: Completed 11.1.13

Everything Has Changed

Drinks at 9

"Alex it's Iker have you seen Sergio I can't find him anywhere, and he won't answer his cell phone." Iker yelled through the door. She smiled and looked at Sergio, her hands still on his chest. "It's open!" Sergio rolled his eyes and sighed, annoyed. "Of course, right as things were getting good, honestly I've been working at this for two damn days Iker." Sergio mumbled under his breath. "Oh relax Tiger, your time will come." Alex said winking at him before walking downstairs to greet Iker. Iker walked in, still talking then he paused when he looked up and saw Sergio and his messed up hair and shirtless body, iker started laughing like a boy and giving Sergio a look like, "gettin some" he wore a stupid boyish grin, "did I interrupt something?" He asked knowing full well that he did. Alex smacked Iker in the back of the head as she rolled her eyes. "Worth it" he responded rubbing the back of his head. "Worth it" Iker responded rubbing the back of his head. She smiled and giggled before giving him a greeting hug. "So why are you here?" She asked curiously. "I was looking for the deviant, you left the party with, /2 days ago/" he said jokingly as he shot Sergio a look. "We leave for our honeymoon tomorrow so I wanted to say good bye too." Iker continued. "Is Sky with you? I have something I need to tell you both." Alex asked. "No, would you guys want to go get a drink at around 9 tonight?" Iker asked. "Sounds good to me" Sergio shrugged and looked at Alex who nodded in agreement. "Great we will see guys at our usual spot at 9" Iker winked at Sergio once more before walking out. Alex rolled her eyes once more before closing the doors after him. "Ya ya we're such boys/pigs whatever" Sergio joked smiling at Alex. "You two." She shook her head and went upstairs to find herself an outfit. "I have to go home and have a shower and change and make sure I smell good because you seem to like that" Sergio winked, "so I will pick you up around 8:30." He smiled. "Love you hermosa" he said quickly before kissing her cheek and walking out. Picking up his clothes from the party and walking out, he blew a kiss and jumped Into his car.

Sergio knocked on the door at precisely 8:30, wearing Alex answered the door wearing

Sergio's eyes lit up when he saw Alex, "you look beautiful as always." He said smiling as he handed her the bouquet of white roses. "Aww thanks." She smiled as she kissed his cheek and walked to put them in a vase. Alex grabbed her purse and walked back to Sergio, smiling as he reached out his hand for her to grab. They walked out, hand in hand to Sergio's car, "another car? Jeez." Alex joked, punching his arm as she looked at his grey Porsche. "Oh c'mon this one is my favorite!" Sergio said smiling as he opened the door for Alex to get in. Sergio got in and leaned over to kiss Alex quickly as he buckled his seat belt. The car started and Sergio placed his hand on the gear shift, Alex's hand found his, without him knowing. Sergio smiled and blushed as he moved his hand to hold hers as he drove.

Alex and Sergio entered the bar, unnoticed by the public. Sergio was careful not to do too much out in public because he wasn't sure they were ready to face the paparazzi They walked towards the back and found Iker and Skylar sitting, holding hands, exposing her new diamond wedding ring. "So listen. There's something I need to tell you." Alex looked them both in the eye, trying to suppress a smile, as they sat down. "Please...." Iker said with his accent gesturing her to start. "Oh god don't say you're pregnant with that thing's child!" Sky said gesturing to Sergio. Sensing Alex's nerves Sergio interlaced his fingers with hers under the table. "Um. N-no. I'm not pregnant." She stuttered. /God dammit Alex! Just spit it out./ "Alright so what it is?" Sky asked. "I'm taking back custody over Carter." She responded. Sky and Iker's faces both lit up "Alex that's fantastic" Sky said. "I know." Was all she could choke out. She was so happy that Iker and Sky were happy about it. "That's fantastic news" Iker said smiling. "I started several months ago and I'm picking him up in 2 weeks." Alex smiled. "Sergio you've been quiet, you alright bud?" Iker said. Sergio snapped back to reality, "oh ya I'm fine! I'm really happy for Alex I heard about this earlier." He said sincerely, squeezing her hand under the table. Alex welled up with tears. After 3 and a half long years. She will finally have her son back. Sergio put an arm around her, "don't cry" he said hugging her. She brushed the years from her eyes quickly and smiled. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make this night about me." Sergio kissed her cheek, "it's ok" Sky and Iker looked at them, "well aren't you two cute." "I know. You don't have to tell me." Alex teased. "Now you sound like me" sergio said jokingly. "Yeah well" Alex said shrugging. "I rub off on people, I'm just that kind of stud. What can I say?" Sergio cockily. She giggled and smacked his chest lightly. "That probably hurt you more than him" Iker joked. "And why is that?" Alex responded, raising an eyebrow. "Have you seen him shirtless? Yes yes you have. A lot. Besides the point, he's ripped" Sky said. Alex smiled and looked at Sergio. "Oh I know." She giggled and kissed him. "I bet you do sissy" Iker said winking.

"So where are you two going for your honeymoon?" Alex asked. "Well we decided we would go to St. John for a week and then the Maldives for a week, just keep it fresh and tropical." Skylar said smiling. "Fun! You two are gonna have sex in all sorts of places. That's exciting!" Alex said to Sky. "I know!!!"Sky said excitedly Iker just sat there blushing along with Sergio. "What? This is our relationship! Plus you guys get to be boys so we can act like that sometimes too." Sky said defending them. "Don't act all shy and innocent mister! I know how much a sexual deviant you can be!" Alex said pointing at Iker. Sergio sighed and stretched, "Taught him everything he knows" he joked. "Yeah. Come on. You guys get to talk about sex all the time and we have to be silent?" Alex chimed in. She and Sky smiled at each other. "How do you think Iker knows all this stuff? Duh me the king of it all, especially women, taught him." Sergio said. "Well I'm sure Alex and I can compare and get back to you on that." Sky said, sassing him. "Ok, fine we'll just agree we have incredibly attractive boyfriends/husbands who are also good at languages, cooking, football and sex. Happy?" Skylar said bodily. "Of course" Alex nodded, squeezing Sergio's hand. "Well, can't argue with that." Iker said nonchalantly "me neither." Sergio said sipping his drink. "And they're really hot and Spanish so they're scientifically perfect, and they play for the national team and they're the best in world at that too. So ya" Sky added. "Yeah that's true." Alex agreed again. "Aren't we just the luckiest girls ever?" Sky said. "No no hermosa, it is we who are the lucky ones" Iker said before kissing her. "He took the words right out of my mouth" Sergio said laughing and pulling Alex into a kiss. "Hoping to get some tonight are we?" Alex asked, "maybe" he mumbled pulling her back for another kiss. "You just might." She whispered against his lips. She placed a hand on his thigh. "Don't play me like that nena." Sergio said. "Like what?" She asked innocently. He bit his lip. "Like that, you know I'm weak for you." Sergio said. Alex bit her lip too. She leaned in and her lips grazed his neck. She breathed in his ear and moved her hand higher. "You know, I didn't know that." She whispered. She knew that she was teasing him and she loved the effect she had on him. "Ok now this is just not fair" he whispered.

"Wow you guys are worse than us." Skylar teased. "Yeah I know." Alex said as she turned back to the pair and smiled. "Well it's getting a bit late and we have an early flight to St. John. And I can tell sergio is aching for you by the way he's gone quiet. So enjoy that." Sky said. Sergio gave her a grateful look. Everyone hugged and said personal good byes. "Have fun with your boy toy, Alex. Be good to him" Iker joked with her. "Very funny and I will, safe trip and take care of her." Iker nodded and hugged her good bye. "I don't have to tell you To be good to her; I know you will" Sky said to Sergio, "same to you" Sergio said "safe trip and don't let him bore you too much."

Alex sighed and turned back to Sergio as Sky and Iker walked out. "Don't sigh like that you tease, c'mere" Sergio said dragging her to the car and pulling her in and leaning in to kiss her. "No no. Wait until home mister." Alex said pressing a finger to his lips. "Please......" He pouted. "I am not having sex in the back of your car in a bar parking lot. Drive home." She ordered. He sighed. "Fine, I'm too good to you." He said. "Lets go pretty girl." Sergio started the car and began to drive. "You're the first girl ever to deny me, and all this I got going on." He said gesturing to himself as he kept his eyes on the road. She giggled. She placed a hand on his knee like in the restaurant and squeezed it lightly. "I'm not surprised." "Well that's a good thing" Sergio said smiling. Alex moved her hand up slightly smirking to herself. "Don't distract me!" Sergio said jokingly. "What are you talking about?" Alex said in an obviously false innocent voice. She moved her hand up again, feeling Sergio's leg tense up under her. He groaned. "Not fair I can't touch you." "Exactly." Alex moved her hand painstakingly slow. Sergio bit his lip and began to drive faster. "Don't speed babe." She continued moving her hand up. "Don't tease babe" Sergio mimicked. "Oh but I'm not." Alex said maliciously. "You know exactly what you're doing." Sergio said letting his accent take over. Just as she was about to reach his groin Alex stopped. "Oh now that's really not fair" he said, his voice weakening. "Oh look at that we're at my house, perfect timing" Sergio said jumping out of the car. Alex giggled and shook her head. "Nope you've committed to it now, you're mine!" He growled and dragged Alex inside.

Sergio pushed Alex up against the wall as he slammed the door, he kissed her passionately, her fingers running through his soft but gelled, brunette hair. She kissed back. Her fingers danced through his hair as he leaned against her. Sergio pressed his hips to hers, slowly moving Alex up the stairs to his room. He started laughing, "what?" Alex asked. "Oh I just thinks it's funny, last time this happened you said it would never happen again and well, here you are." He joked. "Nice way to ruin the moment babe." Alex said looking at him. "Oh shut up and kiss me hermosa" Sergio said as they moved towards his bed. Alex smiled and did as he said. Sergio smiled into the kiss as he tripped and fell onto the bed pulling her down with him. The kisses then became more desperate as Alex started to unbutton his shirt. Sergio helped Alex slip out of her shirt and pants as she ripped his shirt off, exposing the tattoos and muscles she knew all too well. Alex ran her hands up and down the sculpted muscles of his torso and played with the lining of his pants. Sergio shivered under her touch as Alex fumbled with his belt and eventually slipped it from his waist. He was more than happy to help her get him out of his pants. Alex decided to tease him more. She couldn't help it. It was fun. She traced the lining of his underwear with her finger before moving down and running her fingers down his crotch, feeling him through his boxer briefs. Sergio groaned and bit his lip, "not funny" he said sexually frustrated. "Oh but it is." Alex leaned forward. Pressing on his groin for balance. "Very funny." She whispered above his lips seductively. Sergio moaned again. "You..." Was all he could say. "You will be the death of me" he said. A wicked smile crept on his face as he grabbed her hips and flipped them over so he could hover above her, "now it's my turn" Sergio said Evily. Alex bit her lip. "Though I'm not much of a tease, I think I can manage, you've had it coming sweet heart" he said. "You're a tease by just standing there." Alex whispered, hoping he didn't hear her. "Heard that" Sergio said, his eyes sparkling. "Well shit." She smiled and kissed him. "Perfect football and perfect hearing not to mention I'm devilishly handsome" Sergio joked. "Can't argue with that." Alex said. "No one can" Sergio whispered against her neck before kissing up and down her jaw and neck. "Ugh just get in me." Alex moaned. "Oh so I'm not allowed to tease?" Sergio asked moving his hand slowly up to her groin. "No." Alex said as she pulled him closer to her and kissed him. "Too bad" he mumbled as he continued sliding his hand up and down, then beginning to toy with the waist band of her underwear. Alex pulled on his underwear silently begging him to take them off. "No no" Sergio said mocking Alex like she had to him so many times before. "Please." She whimpered. "How can I say no when you sound so desperate?" Sergio said before they lost the rest of their clothing.

Alex had just finished a Skype call with Skylar, both girls wearing their man's shirt, each knowing what the other did that night. Alex had said how nervous she was about Carter's return, 'will he like me?' 'Will he be mad.' Alex was so scared. She turned back around to see Sergio slowly getting out of bed, he looked like pure sex, and it was beautiful. "Buenos días mi amor." Sergio said, with his morning voice cracking. Alex giggled at his cuteness and walked over to kiss him. Sergio smiled sleepily at her, his eyelids still heavy. Alex pulled away and smiled at him. "You look sexy in my shirt." Sergio said as he wiped the sleep from his eyes; still sitting on the bed as Alex stood over him. "Speaking of clothes, you need to put some boxers on love, your penis is good for one thing, and that's not for looking at." Alex said before kissing his cheek and walking away. "It's good for a lot of things, you remember last night." Sergio said as he made an obscene/suggestive gesture. Alex rolled her eyes and walked into his closet. Sergio came up behind her and hugged her, nuzzling his face in her neck, his hair tousled and soft. "You know, I've never taken you out on a proper date." Sergio said kissing her neck. "No you haven't." Alex realized herself. "Alright so, your my girlfriend and I'm your boyfriend, Alex, my dearest." Sergio said grabbing her hand and looking in her eyes all cheesy, "will you do me the honor of going on a date with me?" He asked smiling. Alex giggled at how corny he was. "Of course." "Oh gracias mi amor!" He said keeping up his cheeseball act. "I shall make it the best date you've ever been on!" Sergio said. Alex giggled again and pulled him by his neck to her lips, kissing him lightly. "I'm counting on it." Sergio smiled, "good I'll drive you to your house, and be back around 7." Sergio said kissing her and grabbing his Keys before they headed to Alex's house.
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