Sequel: Beside You
Status: Completed 11.1.13

Everything Has Changed

Game Day and the Second Date

It had been two weeks since that amazing date, carter was due to be in Madrid in two days, and Sergio soon began to constantly cloud Alex's mind, he seemed to be all she thought about. Commitment scared her though, he seemed so sure that he didn't want anyone else, but she was only twenty one. What would she do? He said he wanted to have kids, a day after they became a couple, how could he be so sure that Alex was the one he wanted? Maybe he didn't mean that, Alex was never one to commit or settle down, and moving into another relationship so quickly made her question if it was a good idea. Sergio had been out traveling with Real Madrid and she really had missed him, she wore his necklace everyday and really missed his hugs. Two weeks without him was too much.

The doorbell rang snapping Alex out of her thoughts, it was 9am who would be at her door now? Alex opened the door to find an envelope on her porch, along with a single red rose. Alex picked up the envelope and opened it, she pulled out a VIP ticket to Real Madrid's match and a pass to get into restricted areas. The note in the envelope read, "Match is at 12 against Atletico Madrid, it's a very important match and I want you there. Come down after the game, Skylar knows the way. I miss you. Love Sergio." Alex smiled to herself and headed upstairs to get ready.

Alex arrived to the Stadium an hour before kick off and met Sky at the entrance. Sky smiled as she saw Alex approach her, "Follow me." Sky said leading the way through to the box where the WAGs sat. Alex was overwhelmed by the amount of girls and young children running around. Skylar immediately went over to a few of the girls greeting them and introducing Alex, "Alex this is Xabi's wife Nagori, and this is Kaka's wife, Caroline. These women are fantastic." Sky said. "Hi I'm Alex." She said as she introduced herself and started talking to them. Before she knew it Sky was telling her to come over to the balcony. The boys were lined up for the National Anthem, Alex searched the line and found Iker and Sergio standing next to each other. Sergio's eyes lit up when he saw Alex but he played it cool and kept his tough guy look, though he did wink at her before anyone saw. The boys exited to take off their presentation jackets and quickly returned. Sergio quickly turned to face where Alex was standing, he pointed up to her, kissed his hand, then placed his hand over his heart and Real Madrid badge before running to his position. The first half Alex didn't pay much attention to, she was never really into football and spent the first half drooling over Sergio.

The second half was a much different story, Sky spent the first few minutes pointing out the players and giving Alex the scoop on them and their spouses or girlfriends. It was a tough, back and forth game, rather eventful and exciting to football fan. Real Madrid needed these points to pull ahead of Barcelona and top the league, and when the extra time came around, it didn't look like either team was going to come away with three points. Just as the girls were gathering their stuff to meet the boys when David Villa got a break away one on one with Iker. Iker slid out and came crashing into David, it worried Skylar when he was slow to get up, it took him too long. When Iker finally got up, Sergio had started a last-gasp run up the field for a pass, Iker saw him and immediately knocked the ball far up the field for him to run onto. Sergio settled the ball and played it out to Ronaldo who took it far up the line as the final seconds ticked away. Sergio screamed for the ball as he ran into the box, Cris looked up and crossed the ball, Sergio shoved his way through and dove forward knocking it in with his head. "A beautiful diving header SERGIO RAMOS SCORES SERGIO RAMOS SCORES 1-0 REAL!" Alex and Skylar couldn't stop cheering. Sergio rushed to his feet to celebrate with the Madridistas in the stands, the noise was deafening in the Bernabeau. As Sergio returned to his position he looked at Alex and mouthed, "For you." referring to the goal. Atletico kicked off and Kaka smashed it out of bounds and the ref blew the whistle to end the match.

Skylar and Alex rushed out of the room, racing down to the tunnel. Alex had missed Sergio so much. They waited impatiently as staff and Atletico players entered, Iker came limping in with two medics by him, he winced in pain as he told Skylar he would be fine, that they just wanted to ensure he was ok. Skylar nodded and followed leaving Alex alone as Real players came in. Many of the players gave her confused looks, many assumed she was an eager fan or a reporter. Alex began to think Sergio had already entered the locker room when she heard a familiar voice. Alex looked up through the tunnel to see Sergio with his jersey draped over one shoulder, as he talked with Kaka. "Sergio!" Alex exclaimed as she ran up to him. Sergio stopped talking immediately and large smiled crept onto his face.Alex jumped into his muscular, tattooed, arms wrapping her legs around his waist as he caught her, she pressed her lips to his. Alex continued to kiss him until she heard cheers and whistles from some of Sergio's teammates, she pulled back and blushed, Sergio smiled at her, "Now there's something I missed in these past two weeks." He said. "I missed you so much." Alex said before kissing him quickly once more. "I'm so proud of you." She said smiling. "That was for you hermosa." Sergio said smiling referring to the goal. "Really?" Alex asked, a big smile on her face as her hands rested on his shoulders. "Of course." Sergio said before kissing her once more "I missed having you in my arms." he said as he set her down and gave her a big hug. "Sergio dude! She's gonna need a shower after that!" A Madrid player said in English, he had a number 8 on his shorts, and messy brown hair. Sergio laughed, "I think I can help her with that." He responded to the player making him laugh and shoot him a boyish grin. Alex smacked Sergio's chest, "So this is what you all talk about." She joked. "yes mi amor, and where are my manners?" Sergio said turning to face the other player, "This is-" Sergio was cut off, "Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite." He said making Alex's head spin. The man chuckled, "But everyone just calls me Kaka." Alex sighed, "That is much easier to remember." She said as she shook his hand. "Ok well you two, if you'll excuse me I need to shower and check on you 'brother'" Sergio said as he excused himself. "Brother?" Kaka asked. "Iker, his girl- oh I mean wife is my best friend and I've known him for a few years." Alex answered. "Ahh, gotcha." Kaka said smiling. "Sergio never shuts up about you, like ever." Kaka said laughing. "But don't worry it's all good things." He continued. "Oh thank goodness." Alex said sighing. "And then a few guy things here and there." Kaka said winking at her. Alex blushed, "Oh great." She said. "I should probably go check on Iker." Alex said. "Uh, where would he be?" She asked. "I can take you, but I would knock first." Kaka said. Alex gave him a puzzled look. "You know them, and unless you want to walk in on him swallowing Skylar, then I suggest you knock." he instructed. "That boy I swear." Alex said laughing and shaking her head. "Usually they run off to some deserted hall, I mean they're not really known for their PDA when he's here at work." Kaka said. "From what Sergio says, it seems like you'll be around here for a while, eventually you'll figure out why you don't see Iker right after the game. I think Iker still thinks none of us notice that he disappears and comes back with puffy lips." He said laughing as they walked down a hall past an open door, Alex peered inside and swallowed heavily as saw over a dozen shirtless gorgeous men talking, laughing, and joking. She caught Sergio's eye and winked at her as she passed by. "That's the locker room, in case you couldn't tell, you may want to avoid that place." Kaka said. "Noted, and from what I saw in there, I think that'll be tough." Alex joked. "Watch it, Sergio will get jealous." Kaka joked making Alex laughed. "And here we are, He will be right in this room." He said gesturing to the closed door. "I think you'll fit in here with the guys like Skylar, not all the WAGs can do that. Nice meeting you Alex, see you around." Kaka said before giving her a hug. "Bye nice meeting you." Alex said before barging in and not knocking.

Alex found Iker already showered, sitting in his black madrid shorts from the game, with his arm bandaged, a few scratches on his face and shoulder, a cut on his chest, bruises all over and his ankle wrapped with Sky laying her head on his non-injured shoulder as she held his hand. "What happened?" Alex asked rushing over. Iker moved slowly to sit up, "Just a few bad collisions, I'll be ok." He said. "Iker, I saw that last collision, that took you too long to get up, are you sure you're alright?" Alex said walking over. "Yes hermana (sister) I'm fine, I just got knocked around a bit, it was one of our big rivals it was bound to happen I'm fine I promise." He said smiling. Sky nodded in agreement, "Just wait until she sees Sergio go down for the first time." Sky said. "Ya but he's usually the one knocking people down." Iker said. "C'mon Alex I'll show you around while Iker and Sergio finish up here." Sky said hopping off the exam table, kissing Iker before she left. Alex's phone buzzed:

"Date night, no choice, casual attire, wear sneakers I will pick you up at 5 :) <3" Alex smiled at the text from Sergio, "Give me a quick tour, Sergio wants to take me out in an hour and a half."


Alex was dressed and ready to go, she was so eager to have more alone time with Sergio her outfit

Sergio was very excited for the night, it was the last few days before carter was due to arrive and as excited as he was, he was going to miss not having to be responsible for any tiny humans running around his bachelor pad. his outfit

Sergio greeted Alex at her door with a bouquet of red roses and a bright smile. "Hola hermosa." He said as he handed her the roses and kissed her cheek. "Hi love." she said as she hugged him and placed the roses in a vase. "Ready?" he asked grabbing her hand. "Of course." She said as they walked out to his Porsche. "Babe do you have any cars with more than two seats?" Alex asked, thinking about Carter. "Yeah, I've got a new black Range Rover." Sergio responded as he got the door for Alex. "So I assume you won't tell me where we're going." Alex said as they began to drive. "Nope." Sergio said smiling.

They pulled into a drive in theatre, "Babe, you do know I don't speak Spanish, how am I going to know what's going on." Alex asked concerned. "Not to worry, and how you don't speak Spanish and live in Madrid is beyond me." Sergio joked. "I Have ways of getting around it, and how can I not worr-" Alex was about to say before Sergio kissed her, "Relax, I got this." Sergio said. He stepped out of the car and came back with In-n-Out Burger (California Tradition, like McDonald's but fresher and just better). "How on Earth did you get that here? And it's still warm!" Alex exclaimed. Sergio laughed, "You forget who I am Alex, I'm /the/ Sergio Ramos of La Roja. I have ways. Plus I know it's an old favorite of yours." He said before digging into the french fries. "You asked Skylar didn't you." Alex asked as she rolled her eyes at his previous comment. "Maybe." Sergio smirked. Alex was surprised when the movie started and it was in English, it was called "Goal: The Dream Begins" Sergio said it was one of his favorites when he was learning English. Alex laid her head on Sergio's shoulder as they ate their fast food and watched the movie. When it was over, Sergio started the car and drove out of the city to a place Alex was unfamiliar to, she was a little worried. "Sergio where are we going." She asked nervously. Sergio took her hand, "Trust me." he said as they pulled into an empty parking lot, it was very dark and Sergio got out to go check something. He disappeared into the darkness and Alex's heart began to race. She was able to calm down almost immediately when the view in front of her was illuminated. The lights flickered to light to show an empty, fenced in, state of the art turf football field. Alex smiled and shook her head as she got out to see Sergio, "I should have known." She said. Sergio dragged her to the trunk of his car and opened it, he pulled out an orange box with a check on the top, "Here, they're last year's model but I figured you would like them." He said as she pulled out the black and white football boots. On the side a Spanish flag was stitched in along with the words "Mi corazón y alma" (My heart and soul) Alex giggled and slid off her sneakers to put them on. Sergio pulled out a neon yellow pair of boots, "You know, in case you couldn't tell already, I like to be noticed and hate being ignored." He smiled as he put them on and grabbed two footballs.

The pair walked onto the empty pitch, "Alright let's see what you got Roberts." Sergio said throwing her a ball. Sergio and Alex spent an hour, passing, kicking, chasing, tackling, and laughing. "I've got a bet for you nena." Sergio said. Alex raised and eyebrow, "And what would that be?" She asked. "If I kick it from this penalty box, all the way across into the other goal, you have to give me a proper kiss." He said smiling. "Deal." Alex said. Sergio carefully placed the ball down and stepped back; he took a deep breath and started his run to the ball before smashing it far up the field. The ball bounced before rolling into the back of the net. "I win." Sergio said as he approached Alex and wrapped an arm around her waist. "So what's a proper kiss?" Alex asked, "You'll find out." Sergio said as he tipped Alex back into the romantic dip position. (I know it's a wedding photo, it's just incase you can't visualize the kiss)

Sergio gently closed the space between them, his soft pink lips meeting hers delicately. Alex wrapped her arms around his neck as he brought his other arm down to hold her up. Sergio had to admit, this was the best bet he ever made. Sergio pulled back and Alex wanted to die in his arms his eyes were sparkling so beautifully as his smile shone bright, while he tried to catch his breath. Alex took Sergio's breath away more than a 100 meter sprint, from then on, he knew that he truly didn't to be with anyone else ever again. It was then in that moment that Alex figured out what she now lived for, Alex lived for the chasing, the laughing, the flirting, the big romantic gestures, the kisses, the hugs, and the 'I love you's'. It was then in that moment that Alex realized when her heart beat, it beat for him and no one else.
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