Sequel: Beside You
Status: Completed 11.1.13

Everything Has Changed

A Harmless Night In?

"Boys, why don't you go play video games for a while before we watch a movie. Sky and I want some girl time." Alex spoke. "Babe, show Sergio and Iker to your game room." She continued. Justin nodded and Sergio and Iker followed him, both with a beer in their hand. "So, what do you think of Sergio?" Sky asked excitedly. "Um, I've barely said a word to him, I guess he's pretty cool." Alex said sipping her wine. "So what's up with you and Justin?" Sky asked, getting right to the point. "Well, we are a on a break, but we're still living together, just kind of around each other. It's just a rough patch, we've decided we can see other people to see how it goes." Alex said nonchalantly. Sky nodded, she hoped one day Alex would see the problem with Justin and end things; though it seemed that would never happen.

The girls continued chatting, about lighter topics now, laughing occasionally. The boys had been in the game room no longer than 20 minutes, yelling in English and Spanish, getting very competitive. Skylar would laugh occasionally at one of the Spanish comments; Sky spoke English as her first language and thanks to Iker she now spoke Spanish almost 100% fluently. Alex on the other hand, had no clue what was cracking up Skylar so much and started to get a little frustrated. Alex spoke English as her first language since she and Sky had been born and raised in America; Alex was also able to speak a bit of French thanks to Justin. Suddenly the girls heard someone swearing in loud Spanish, "Sergio" Sky answered as Alex shot her a puzzled look about who it was. Sergio came walking in, his V-neck soaked in beer and clinging to his body. "Smooth move Sevilla boy." Skylar smirked at him. "Um, can I wash this?" he asked, ignoring Sky's comment and removing his shirt. Alex's eyes were immediately drawn to Sergio's perfect and inked torso. Sky nudged Alex, noticing her gaping at Sergio. "Close your mouth, you'll catch flies." Sky whispered as she pushed Alex's jaw shut. Alex blushed. "Where's your washing machine hermosa?" Sergio asked looking at Alex. "W-what, hermosa? I'm Alex" she stuttered. Sergio grinned, showing off his dazzling smile, "I know" he was about to say something when Sky interrupted, "It means 'beautiful' dumbass." She said. "Oh" Alex blushed. "Here, I'll take it." she said reaching out for the shirt. Sergio gladly handed it to her, "Can I do something to help?" he asked politely. "No, no I got it." Alex said, Sergio could have sworn he saw her wink at him as she turned to head to the washing machine. "So you're just gonna stand here without a shirt? I've seen it a million times, go impress Alex." Sky said smiling. Sergio shot her a puzzled look. "Oh please Sese I've been around you long enough to know all your tricks and the way you look at girls. The way you look at Alex is different, I can tell so don't even try to deny." Sky said looking intently at him. "Ok ok you're right, maybe I have a little bit of a crush on her." He said in Spanish to make sure neither Alex, nor Justin could hear or understand what he was saying. "So go Serg, work your signature magic." Sky said winking at him as she smacked his chest. Sergio nodded and walked out to find Alex.

"Could i trouble you for another shirt while mine is in the wash?" Sergio asked from the doorway, scaring Alex and making her jump. "Jesus Sergio, you scared me." she said turning to face him. "Oh, um sorry." he said looking down and blushing once again. He wasn't himself around Alex, he never blushed this much around girls, he was used to being able to keep his cool and work his magic. He figured that Alex was much too smart for his tricks and probably had no interest in him anyways. "Why are you blushing so much? I was only kidding." Alex said trying to lighten the mood. "Oh" Sergio said smiling. "Follow me, and we'll get you one of Justin's white T-shirts" Alex said walking past Sergio, her hand brushing over his stomach. His heart fluttered in his chest as she did so. What was going on with him? He was never this awkward around girls.

"Are you sure it'll fit me?" Sergio asked, squeezing into the small shirt. "It should." Alex responded taking a quick last look at his body before he pulled the shirt down and could see her. She swallowed as she saw how tightly the shirt gripped him. He chuckled, "Alex, my eyes are up here." he pointed to his face, slowly regaining his confidence. "Oh please, I know all about your tricks Ramos." she scoffed walking downstairs. "You know you want some of this." He called after her. "Keep telling yourself that." She said coolly.

"So how about a movie?" Alex asked entering the kitchen to see Iker, Skylar, and Justin talking as Sergio entered behind her. "Sounds good to us." Iker said shrugging. The group walked to the couch and sat down as Alex turned on the movie. Sergio sat in between the couples as each guy placed their arm around their girl. "Well this is awkward." Sergio said. Alex and Sky giggled. Sergio slid a tad closer to Alex, making her shift closer to Justin.

The movie ended around 11:30pm and Justin decided to head up to bed, already tired prior to Skylar and the boys showing up. Sergio's phone began to ring, "Un moment." he said looking down at his phone and excusing himself and walking into the other room.

"It's probably his bitch of a girlfriend Pilar." Skylar hissed. Skylar had never really liked her either, she always thought she was using him for his money and fame, she just wasn't genuine. "He has a girlfriend?" Alex asked surpised. "If you can even call her that, why are you so surprised?" Iker chimed in. "Well, he's such a flirt and a player, if I were his girlfriend I wouldn't be happy about that." Alex said calmly. "Oh please as if that would ever happen, though I think you'd be cute together." Sky said smiling at her best friend. Alex was about to say something when they heard Sergio talk in angry, fast Spanish before hanging up and making a loud thud. He walked back in looking angrier than Sky and Iker had seen him in a while. "Do you wanna talk about it?" Iker asked his best friend. "That bitch." Sergio said angrily looking down and stomping his foot. "She cheated on me, then calls to tell me how many times she has and how this guy is so much better than I'll ever be." Sergio said raising his voice. "I'm done being the good guy, seriously, I might as well stay the cold, hardened player everyone thinks I am. I'm going out, I need a drink. Iker come with me." he commanded. Sky nodded letting Iker go.

The door slammed and the boys drove off to the club. "We should go and make sure he doesn't get too rowdy or gets Iker too drunk." Sky said. "This is NOT good!" she continued. "Alright alright calm down, you can borrow a dress from me and we'll go after them." Alex said as they walked up to her room. The girls changed quickly and dusted on some make-up before heading out the door leaving Justin behind.
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The girls have followed a heart broken and irrational Sergio to the club, Sergio and Claire both have been known to be the life of the party, so what will happen when they meet at the club?

Hope you enjoyed, more coming this weekend probably. X