Sequel: Beside You
Status: Completed 11.1.13

Everything Has Changed

Meet Carter

Alex awoke to warmth wrapped around her, she looked down and saw the familiar tattooed, tan, arm across her waist, holding her close. Alex knew Sergio loved sleeping like this, and she had to admit she didn't mind it either, it made her feel safe. Sergio just liked it because he loves holding Alex close whenever he can. Alex moved to sit up but couldn't, the lazy lump next to her was still asleep. Sergio was snoring cutely, it was quiet but and Alex found it adorable when he did that. Suddenly, Sergio's grip tightened around Alex and she heard him stir and awake. Sergio moaned and stretched his arms, yawning as he did so; he looked up and smiled sleepily at Alex, "Good morning mi corazon." He said in his crackly morning voice. Alex smiled down at him as she stroked his hair, "Sleep well?" She asked. Sergio smiled again and moved to sit up, "Amazing." He said before kissing Alex quickly. "Me too." She said as she hugged him. "Today's the day." Sergio said referring to Carter. Alex froze, "shit. How could I forget, oh my god what if he doesn't like me? What if he doesn't want to stay? I can't do this, What if he is mad at me? Why did I think this was a good idea." Alex said, talking a mile a minute. "Nena, calm down, everything will be okay, I promise." Sergio said trying to soothe her. "How do you know? He could hate me for leaving him for almost four years, he could never want to see me again! You just don't get it." Alex snapped. Sergio sat back, he knew until things went well with Carter, he was not going to get an opinion in. Alex jumped up and raced to get ready. "He lands at 3:15 this afternoon, I will be back at 1:45 to pick you up." Sergio said as he grabbed his stuff. "Bring the Range Rover." Alex yelled after him as she raced around the house.


1:45 came and Sergio wasn't there yet, 1:55 came and he still hadn't arrived, Alex just started to worry when she saw a Range Rover pull into the driveway. Sergio stepped out of the car wearing an outfit unlike ones Alex had seen him in, this one made him look different. Alex thought he looked damn good but was too distracted to focus on that.

Sergio's outfit:

Alex decided to go with a more grown up look, it was time for to look, act, and be a mother for her child. Sergio was about to tell her how amazing she looked but Alex rushed past him to get in the car.


Sergio had wanted to ask Alex how she had Carter in the first place but he realized it probably wasn't a good idea to ask while Alex so on edge. The two parked at the airport and Sergio pulled down his hat and kept his sunglasses on before reaching to grab Alex's hand. Alex took it and gripped it hard, Sergio almost jumped at her right grip, it made him squirm a little. They hurriedly walked to where they were supposed to meet Carter and stood there waiting. Sergio surveyed the airport, looking around for anyone pointing at him, he didn't want to be recognized right now. Sergio's eyes fell upon a young blonde boy, in an Iker Casillas jersey who looked an awful lot like Alex. Alex seemed to see him as well, "Carter!" Alex yelled as she let go of Sergio's hand and ran over to him. "Mommy!" The boy said running to meet her. Sergio followed Alex slowly, feeling slightly awkward. Alex scooped up Carter and walked over to him, "baby, this is Sergio." Alex said. Carter cowered at the sight of the tall man, clearly intimidated. Sergio frowned, he felt bad that carter was scared. "Hi" sergio said smiling. "Hi" carter said before turningaaq back and burying his face in Alex's shoulder. Alex looked apologetically at Sergio, he shrugged and they walked out to his car.


"Carter go check out your room it's upstairs, I need to talk to Sergio and I will be right up." Alex instructed, carter nodded and ran up the stairs. Alex turned back to Sergio, "you think he knows who I am?" He asked. "He may, or he may not; hell he may not even know who's on the back of his jersey." Alex said referring to the Casillas shirt. "Don't tell him Iker is his uncle, we can surprise him, find out if he really does know who he is first." Sergio said. "I'm sorry he's scared of you Sergio." Alex said hugging him, "it's ok, I think I'm gonna go outside and kick a ball around, you know where to find me if you need me." He said before kissing her cheek. Alex poured a bowl of goldfish and walked up to Carter's room to find him glued to the window. "Baby, what are you looking at." Alex asked as he took the bowl from her. "Sergio." He muffled through a mouth of goldfish. Alex walked over to where Carter was looking and peered out the window to find Sergio mindlessly messing around with a football.

Looks something like this:

"He's so good mommy." Carter said as he scarfed down his food, he was his mother's son there was no question. "I know, he's awesome. Do you know who he is?" Alex asked. "Sergio Ramos, he's okay but Iker Casillas is my favorite.." Carter answered as he messed up Iker's name making Alex smile and ruffle his hair. "How do you know him mommy?" he asked. "He's..... he's a.... a good friend of mine, you'll probably see him around a lot." Alex answered carefully. "He's scary mommy." Carter said looking at her as he nibbled on some goldfish. "No he's not I promise." Alex said trying to calm him down. "you should go play with him. Didn't you say you wanted to play when you were old enough? Alex asked as they moved to sit on his bed. "Yeah but I've seen him on TV, he's a monster." Carter said looking up at her with his big blue eyes, just like his mother's. Alex was relieved that he had her eyes and not his real father's. Alex didn't even know who his father was. "He is not a monster, he is just doing his job." Alex said. "B-b-but mommy he will hurt me he's so big." Carter said. "I promise he won't hurt you, and I bet if you ask him, he will teach you a few tricks." She said as she ruffled his hair and took his bowl. "O-Ok I'll try mommy." Carter said as he walked down stairs and out to the backyard. Alex watched from the window, Sergio had taken off his sweatshirt and his hat. The white shirt he had on gripped him tightly, especially around his chest and biceps, making Alex almost drool. Sergio went down to do a push up with the ball on his neck and Alex thought the shirt was gonna rip. He had just put his hat back on, backwards this time, when Carter came outside skiddishly. Sergio stopped what he was doing and smiled as he talked to Carter, before long the two were running around the yard kicking the ball. Alex decided to get some house work done and start on dinner.

Sergio and Carter had been outside for at least an hour and a half before Alex came out and watched them for a moment, a beer for Sergio in one hand a juice box for Carter. Sergio had the ball and was dribbling towards Carter who looked frightened, "C'mon Carter, you can do this, I know you can. Come get me." Sergio said. Carter looked up at him before shooting his head down and running at him. Sergio continued dribbling as Carter came and kicked the ball away as he tripped Sergio and ran towards the other goal. Sergio fell to the ground laughing before Carter returned and stood over him, "Get up that was such a dive!" he said before jumping on Sergio. "Oh was it?" Sergio asked smiling as he began tickling Carter who squealed with laughter. Alex watched the two boys who were completely oblivious to her presence. "Boys, it's time for dinner." Alex said as she walked over to them, handing Carter his juice box. "Carter, Lava los manos before cena por favor." Sergio said. Carter nodded and ran inside. Alex raised an eyebrow, "He wanted me to teach him, so I figured we would start early." He smiling before grabbing the beer from Alex and kissing her lips quickly before Carter saw them. "I like the backwards hat, it's sexy on you." Alex said as she grabbed his hand and they walked inside; she let go when Carter came into the kitchen. Sergio barely had a chance to eat his meal, Carter kept asking him all sorts of questions about football and his life, mainly the typically ones like "How long have you played?" (Since I could walk) "Do you like it?" (Of course, I love it.) "What's your favorite color?" (Green and Blue) and Sergio's favorite which almost made him choke on his steak "How much money do you make?" (I do alright for myself.) Once Carter was done asking Sergio questions he moved to quiz Alex on what she had been up to. "What is your job?" (Fashion design) "Do you have a crush on someone?" (Yes) "Does he like you back?" (I think so) Alex giggled at his questions, she was happy he didn't ask who her crush was or anything of the sort, because she wasn't sure she was ready to tell him Sergio was her boyfriend.

The boys finished dinner and Alex took their plates, "Gracias mi amor." Sergio said without even thinking. "What's amor?" Carter asked. "Uh, it means friend. A really good friend." Sergio answered. Carter seemed to accept that answer before excusing himself to go unpack his things. "I'll finish the dishes, go catch up with your son, I will be down here when you get back." Sergio said as he took the plate from Alex. She thanked him and walked upstairs. "Carter would you like some help?" She asked, Carter looked up from his pile of clothes and nodded quickly. Alex started to help him and before long he was completely moved in. "Baby, you know why mommy had to leave you with the foster care right?" She asked carefully. "Yes mommy, some things happened with my daddy and he didn't want anything to do with you or me, but that's okay, I have you I don't need him." He responded. Alex was surprised at how mature the four year old sounded. "I'm so sorry baby." She said as she pulled him into a hug. "It's okay, I'm okay, I forgive you, I'm just glad you're here now." He said. Carter pulled back and yawned heavily, Alex glanced at the clock, 10:00pm. "Carter go brush your teeth and I'll tuck you in OK? I'll be right back." Alex said, Carter nodded and got ready for bed.

Alex walked downstairs to find Sergio sitting on the couch with his feet on the coffee table, his hat gone, and a beer in his hand as he watched a game on the television. Sergio turned and smiled when he saw her. "He's brushing his teeth and I'm about to put him to bed." Alex said. "Then can I get a little something?" Sergio asked as he raised an eyebrow and smirked. Alex rolled her eyes, "Not if he's nearby." Alex said. Sergio got up and walked over to her, he leaned down and kissed her lips delicately, "Please, I've been a good boy." He said before kissing her again. "is Sergio your crush?" Carter said abruptly, the couple hadn't even heard him come downstairs. Sergio and Alex both turned bright red, "He's my boyfriend actually." Alex admitted. "oooooooo, Sergio you better take care of mommy." Carter said. "I do, I promise." Sergio said smiling. "C'mon pint size, it's time for bed." Sergio said as he scooped Carter up and carried him into his room. Carter said his good nights and hugged Alex before she kissed his forehead and turned out the light.

Sergio followed Alex downstairs and wrapped his arms around her from behind, as he started to gently kiss her neck. "You don't quit do you?" Alex joked as she tried to push his head away. "Nope, and I usually get what I want. If I can't get any when the kid is near by, then I'm gonna get it now." Sergio said as he continued to kiss her neck and shoulder. "He really likes you." Alex said referring to Carter. "He's a good kid." Sergio agreed. "He was totally scared of you because he saw what you do to players in games. He thought you were a monster." Alex continued. "Mhm." Sergio said as he put his hands in Alex's front pockets as he started to nip at her neck. "You're not paying attention are you." She asked, he pushed his hands deeper and bit down a little harder, sucking slightly now. "I've got other things consuming my attention." he said. "bedroom, and be quiet." Alex instructed. "Gladly." Sergio said as he hurried up the stairs. They quickly entered Alex's room which was on the other side of the second floor. Sergio closed the door carefully and quietly before he pushed Alex onto the bed and kiss her desperately. "A little eager tonight?" Alex asked as he moved to her neck and began to unbutton her jeans. "I haven't had you in a while, and I think I earned it. By the way, you looked beautiful today." He said as he bit at her neck a little to hard, Alex pushed his head back, "Ease up, I don't want you bruising my neck." Alex said. "Sorry" Sergio said as he moved back to her lips. Alex responded by gripping his hair the way he liked it and kissing him roughly. Sergio forced Alex's lips open as she fumbled with his belt, slipping it and his pants off; as she wiggled out of her own. Sergio pushed a hand up her shirt to undo her bra before pulling her shirt off and his own. Leaving the two of them in just their underwear. Alex moved her hands back up to his hair and pulled hard making him moan loudly into her mouth. "Damn nena." He said as moved back to her neck, forgetting her previous warning. Alex moaned softly as Sergio grabbed the waistband of her panties before ripping them off along with her bra and his boxer briefs before he claimed her completely.
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