Sequel: Beside You
Status: Completed 11.1.13

Everything Has Changed

I Don't Want to Leave

Alex woke up and turned to find Sergio's side of the bed was empty and cold. She picked her head up and found him outside on the balcony talking on his cell phone in just his black Dolce and Gabana boxer briefs giving the neighborhood a view; she tried to make out what he was saying but it was in Spanish. Just as she moved to get up her phone rang, it was Skylar. "Hello?" Alex answered. "For fifty bucks I'll tell you what they're saying in the conversation." Sky said cutting right to the chase. "Deal." Alex said. "Well Sergio called Iker about five minutes ago and of course Sergio told him about Carter and gave him details of how he got you in bed last night, and then it got interesting." Skylar said as Alex listened to her. "Sergio said lately he's been hungry for you and wanted you every chance he can get and he has to control himself or he will scare you off, he says it's probably because he's leaving soon and won't be back for a while and as much as he denies it, he's probably getting anxiety again and is gonna have to take his medicine with him before his separation anxiety starts and all this crap about that, basically your boyfriend is a sex crazed deviant and he denies that his anxiety is starting up because he will be without you. Iker said that he should be careful or you'll end up pregnant, Sergio said not to worry that you were on the pill and he usually had protection with him. But then he added something to it, he said he really wouldn't mind it, it's something he's wanted. He also last night after you fell asleep he spent a while stroking your hair and whispering things to you, even though you couldn't hear him." Skylar continued. "What did he say?" Alex asked. "He didn't tell Iker and if he did, I didn't hear it. Personally I think this quite cute. Sky said "Wait, he's... leaving?" Alex asked. "shit Iker just heard me, I gotta go, good luck and don't get pregnant." She said before hanging up on Alex. Where would Sergio be going? Why hadn't he told her. Sergio walked in shortly after, Alex pretended to be asleep until she felt hot breath on her neck and felt slight kisses on her ear and cheek. "Wake up sleepy head." Sergio said, he had minty fresh breath that make Alex shiver. Sergio rolled her onto her back and climbed on top of her before kissing her lips. Alex smiled up at him "good morning my king." She said smiling, "buenas dias my queen." He said before he kissed her again. "No Sergio I have to get up and get carter up and make breakfast." Alex said as she wiggled under him. "If I promise to get up with Carter and make breakfast, will you make out with me for a little bit?" Sergio asked. Alex sighed heavily, "Fine, but that's it. I mean it." She said. Sergio smiled widely, he had noticed Alex had pulled on his white t-shirt. Alex pulled Sergio to her lips by his neck and began to kiss him passionately, Sergio smiled into the kiss and slowly started to move his hand down to the hem of her shirt unnoticed. Alex licked Sergio's lips begging him, he opened his mouth as his tongue entered hers, Alex moved her hands up to his soft, messy, brown hair, they had been going at it for about fifteen minutes when she felt Sergio's hand move up her shirt. Alex moved a hand from his hair to push his hand back out of the shirt. "No" she mumbled against his lips. "Please, I won't do anything else." Sergio said moving his hand back as he continued to kiss her lips. "Sergio." Alex said moving to kiss his neck, "yes nena?" he asked. "I can feel you through your underwear, no more." She said seriously. Sergio gave her a pouty look. "Don't even try to deny it, you wanted more. Now go get Carter and make breakfast, I like pancakes." Alex said smirking. Sergio shook his head and went to get Carter.


Alex came downstairs to find a large muscular back with a pair of black boxer briefs next to a smaller, paler back with white boxer briefs facing her. Sergio had set up a stool for Carter and had him flip the pancakes while he cut up fruit. The boys didn't seem to notice her and she stood there listening to their conversation. "When you're older, always cook for the ladies, they love it and make sure you respect women too. I don't want to find out one day that a girl slapped you for being rude. What did I tell you earlier?" Sergio asked. "Never hit a girl, ever and that when I'm a big kid you'll teach me all your tricks for picking up girls." Carter said as he flipped a pancake. "Yes sir and always answer mommy's questions with?" Sergio continued. "Yes ma'am or no ma'am." Carter said. "Good work Carter." Sergio said. "Those pancakes ready yet?" Sergio asked, peeking over to look as he cut the last strawberry. "Yes sir." Carter said as he stacked them on a plate. "Sergio?" Carter asked. "Yes?" He responded. "Why do you like mommy so much?" He asked look at him. Sergio stopped what he was doing and turned to look at Carter, "I don like your mother, I love her, I love her a lot more than any other girl I've had a crush on. She's beautiful, and smart and very funny." He said. "I think so too." Carter said. Sergio smiled, "you put the secret ingredient into the pancakes right?" He asked. Carter nodded. "Good." Sergio turned to set the table when he spotted Alex watching them. She had to admit, seeing Sergio being so good with kids was a huge turn on for her. She loved how adorable the two of them were together. "You didnt happen to hear that did you?" Sergio asked. "Buenos días madre!" Carter said running over to give her a hug. Alex smiled, "I did hear you saying you'll be teaching my son how to pick up chicks, I know what you mean when you say that, I don't want him to be a player." She looked at Sergio seriously. "Relax nena, I'll be real rusty at the player game by then." He said winking at her.

The three sat down and Sergio served Alex, "what's the secret ingredient?" Alex asked, "try it and find out" Sergio said as he poured three glasses of milk. Alex was delighted when she found there to be chocolate chips in her pancakes, her favorite. Sergio sat down and took a big sip of milk, purposely leaving a milk mustache over his stubble. Carter caught a glimpse and started laughing at Sergio, making Alex look up. "What? What are you laughing at tiny?" Sergio asked, playing along. "You!" Carter said in between laughs. "You wanna go pint size?" Sergio asked looking at him. "Yeah let's go big guy!" Carter said standing up in his chair and spreading his arms out. "Come at me!" He said to Sergio from across the table. "Boys that's enough, Carter eat your fruit." Alex said. Carter and Sergio sat back down. "C'mere I'll get it." Alex said referring to Sergio's milk mustache. Sergio leaned in close, hoping for a kiss, though Alex had other plans and pushed him back with a napkin. "So close." Sergio said. Carter giggled to himself again. "Watch yourself short stack." Sergio said jokingly. Alex shook her head at them and their silliness. Soon after the group finished their meal, "Can I go outside and play football?" Carter asked. "Put some pants on first." Alex instructed, "Then you can go." Carter looked at Sergio, "Will you come play with me?" he asked his blue eyes looking up at Sergio. "Of course, but I need to help your mother with the dishes first." Sergio said, Carter nodded and darted up the stairs to change. Carter came down quickly and rushed past Sergio who was carrying a stack of plates. "Now that he's gone I need to talk to you." Alex said as she turned off the water at the sink. "Did I do something wrong?" Sergio asked as he set down the plates. "Why did Skylar tell me you're leaving?" Alex asked seriously, looking him directly in the eye. Sergio swallowed hard and rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. "Sergio." Alex said. "Okay Alex, I was going to tell you but then Carter came and I just didn't know how to tell you and I don't want to leave but I don't have a choice." Sergio confessed. "Where are you going?" Alex asked. "In a week {I'm still working on dates so if things don't make sense, it's because I've tried number crunching with how UEFA Soccer works to go along with the fic so not everything will be how it is in real life Champions league and time will be a mess for a while} I leave with the national team for three weeks for camp, some promotional stuff before the World Cup next year, a few qualifying matches and possibly a friendly. Then I'm here for a week before Real Madrid starts Champions League play, and if all goes according to plan and we make it to the final in England, I won't be home for two and a half months, I may only be home for a few days at a time. I honestly have no idea where I will be for half of it I just know it's not where I want to be." He said. Alex swallowed. "I won't be here when you get back." She said seriously. "W-w-what?" Sergio's eyes widened and his heart began to race.

"Sergio, I didn't get a chance to tell you, I was offered a spot in Paris for a month for some fashion exhibitions and shows for new up and coming designers. After Paris, if I get a deal I will be there for a few more weeks and then I will be in Milan for a few weeks. Carter already has arrangements made and he will not be with me." She said. Sergio looked away and swallowed, "This isn't going to be easy, is it?" he said. "Since when has anything in our relationship been easy?" Alex responded. Sergio laughed ironically. "Come here." Alex commanded as Sergio walked over to her. She placed her hands around his neck and pulled him down to her lips, Sergio placed his hands on her hips and sealed their lips in a meaningful kiss. Alex pulled back after a few minutes, "Look at me Sergio." She said, his eyes locked with hers. "We can do this, we are strong enough to handle this."
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It's a bit of a mess and a lot of information is being thrown into one chapter, but I would like to end this Fic so I can begin the new one, Like I said, pay no attention to dates about Champions League because none of it will make sense to football fans, the story will be exciting but how time and events fit will be a little rocky in the beginning.
Hope you liked this chapter, the next one will probably be the last of this story there could possibly be a another but no more than three and the title for the next book in this series will be........

"Beside You"