Sequel: Beside You
Status: Completed 11.1.13

Everything Has Changed

Our Last Day Together

"It's gonna be tough, the first the boys go away is always the hardest but it's part of their job." Skylar said as she tried to comfort Alex while she was having coffee at Sky's house. It had been a day since Sergio told her that he wouldn't see her for a long time and Alex was having a harder time accepting it than she thought. "I know it's just something I've never had to deal with before." Alex said sipping her drink. "It's not something Sergio has really had to deal with." Sky responded, "Hell I've had to deal with this for four years and it's still hard to watch Iker leave." She continued. Alex looked behind Skylar to see Iker tip-toeing in so Skylar wouldn't know he was there. He had bed head and was only in a pair of striped boxers, even though he looked like he had just woken up he was wide awake and smiling brightly. Alex looked at him and he gestured for her not to say anything, Alex went back to listening to Skylar. Sky was about to say something else when Iker came up from behind and wrapped his arms around her as he pressed a kiss to her cheek, "Buenos dias mi corazon." He said as he smiled widely and hugged her making her smile just as big. Alex smiled at the cute couple, "You seem very happy today bro." She said. "Because I am sissy, it's another day I wake up as a happily married man." He responded as he kissed Sky's head. "Breakfast is in the kitchen when you're ready babe, it's waffles." She said. Iker left and returned quickly with a large stack of waffles and a cup of coffee. "So how have you been?" Iker asked as he stuffed a waffle in his mouth. "I've had better days, I really really don't want him to leave hell I won't even know where he's going or when he's coming home." Alex said. "I know and I can't tell you it will be easy because I'd be lying but I can tell you he has a few things planned before he leaves." Iker said smiling.


"Sergio, you're the man you need to be there for her because she's a wreck and needs you to support her." Iker instructed as they warmed up at training. "I know I know it's just so hard." Sergio said. "I know it is but you've got to be strong for her, put on a brave front when she's around, smile and fake it and then when she leaves you can break down, you can't let her see you like that for a week, make it the best you guys have ever had." Iker said. "I still haven't told Carter you're his uncle, I will on Friday I think." Sergio said. "Of course man! But let me tell him." Iker said. "He's a huge fan of yours mate, I don't know he will react when he gets to meet the team." Sergio said thinking.

Alex heard a knock at her door around 9am, and the sound kept coming, whoever it was was very impatient. Alex opened the door and her face brightened when she saw Sergio with a bouquet of roses. "These are for you, you have Thirty minutes before we leave and bring Carter." Sergio instructed. "And no I'm telling you where we are going." He said before kissing her cheek, "hi by the way." He said before rushing them to get ready.

"Sergio where are we going?" Carter asked as they drove the city streets of Madrid. "It's a secret, you'll find out soon enough." He said, Alex had held Sergio's hand the entire time they had been driving, Sergio gently rubbed his thumb over Alex's hand before turning into a parking lot outside of a large dome like structure with no roof. "Why are we here?" Alex asked, "it's open training, we go on international duty tomorrow so it's a light, fun practice so family and friends can come, the coaches don't even come, Carter can meet Jon and Luca and you can see kaka again." Sergio said nudging her. "Can I see the locker room?" Carter asked excitedly. "Of course!" Sergio exclaimed. "Skylar is inside, just text her. I need to go get changed and Carter is coming with me to see the locker room." Sergio said as he grabbed his bag and carter took his hand. "Ok see you soon" Alex said.

"Will I get to meet Ronaldo, and Kaka, and Alonso, an-an-and maybe if he's not busy I can meet Iker." Carter said hesitantly. "Of course mi amigo paqueƱo" Sergio said. Sergio opened the door to the locker room and inside was Kaka and his son Luca, "hola guys." Kaka said as he slipped on his training shirt. Luca and Carter got to know each other as Kaka and Sergio had a chat and changed for training. "Carter you ready?" Sergio asked, "Carter?" He asked again turning to look for him. Sergio smiled when he saw where Carter was, his little jaw dropped in awe as he stood in front of Iker's locker, his small hand reached out to touch the green Jersey hanging there. "Carter, I have a present for you." Sergio said, it seemed to get Carter's attention since he turned to look at Sergio who brought out a large box for him to open. "For me?" He asked. "Of course for you." Carter smiled widely as he tore open the box. Inside was a Real Madrid white kit with the number 4 on the back along with "Carter" across the top, a pair of neon yellow Nike boots to match Sergio, a size 4 Real Madrid ball, a small size presentation suit, a pair of Iker Casillas Purple Adidas gloves, and an Iker purple jersey signed by the man himself. "This is all for me?" Carter asked shocked. "Yes, all yours, you don't have to share with anyone else." Sergio said smiling. Carter rushed over and hugged Sergio, "This is amazing." he said squeezing Sergio. "Go get changed." Sergio said, Carter nodded and ran to change.

Alex was happily talking with Kaka and his wife when Kaka pointed to the tunnel. Alex turned to see Sergio in a /very/ tight fitting training shirt holding Carter's hand as they entered the field. Alex smiled when she saw what Carter was wearing, Sergio smiled at her as Carter spotted Luca and Jon and ran off. "Hey love." Alex said placing her hands on Sergio's chest and kissing him quickly. "Hi." He said smiling. "That shirt fits you perfectly." Alex whispered in his ear, she could feel him smile. "You want to tell me where my son got Real Madrid uniform and cleats?" She asked. "I got it for him, I got him quite a few things actually." Sergio said. "You didn't need to." She responded. "You're right, but I wanted to." Sergio said. "Well that's very sweet, now go train." Alex said, smacking his butt as he left.

1pm rolled around and training had ended Sergio was walking into the locker room when Carter ran up to Alex, "Mommy can I sleep over at Luca's tonight Jon will be there too?" He asked. "Let me talk to Kaka Ok? Head into the locker room, Sergio has someone he wants you to meet." Carter nodded and ran inside. "Sergio?" "Over here." Sergio said taking Carter's hand, "Go tap that man on the back." Sergio said pointing to a tall figure across the locker room with messy dark brown hair. Carter nodded quickly and hesitantly walked over, his heart pounding. Carter tapped the man's arm, "E-e-excuse me Mr. Casillas." He said "Oh I mean, p-perdon Sr. Casillas." Iker turned around and smiled as he looked down, he squatted to eye level with Carter, "Hello, you must be Carter." He said. Carter nodded, too scared to speak. Sergio had brought Alex in to see what was happening, they stood a distance away, holding hands. "Did you get the jersey and gloves I asked Sergio to give you?" He asked. "Yes sir." Carter said. "Thank you." "Of course, anything for my nephew." Iker said. Carter looked at him shocked and turned back to look at Alex, "You remember Aunt Skylar?" She asked. Carter nodded. "Iker married her about a month ago." She said as Sky walked in, "Carter!" She exclaimed Carter ran over and hugged Skylar. "You married /the/ Iker Casillas?" He asked. "Of course, I was the one who showed you him in the first place, when you were first born we'd sit and watch the games." She said. Carter ran over to Iker, "Uncle Iker! I can't believe I get to say that! This is so cool!" Carter said."Baby, I talked to Xabi and Kaka and you're all set to sleepover. Kaka said he'll take you home so you can go tell Luca that." Carter ran off and soon enough Sky and Iker disappeared. "So." Sergio said turning to face Alex as he took her hands in his. "So?' Alex said. "Carter won't be home, and it's my last night, it's only 1:15 in the afternoon, date night." Sergio said. "Do I get a choice?" she asked. "Nope, I'll drop you off at home, swing by my house and come back for you." He said. "Sounds good to me." Alex responded.


Sergio arrived at Alex's house around 4 that afternoon in a black four door Chevy Silverado truck with black rims and accents and dark tinted windows. "I figured I could use another car with more than two seats." He said before greeting Alex with a kiss. "I never would have taken you for a truck kind of a guy." Alex said. "It's a new taste of mine, and it is perfect for where we are going."

"Sergio we have been driving for over an hour, where are we going?" Alex asked. "We are just about there." Sergio said as he turned onto a sandy path. "We're going to the beach?" Alex asked excitedly. "Yes and it's private so no one will be there and no paparazzi will find us and ruin this night, becasue tonight is all about you and I." Sergio said as he parked the truck directly on the sand, the tailgate facing out towards the ocean no more than 50 meters from the shoreline. Alex got out and ran over to where the gentle waves were lapping on the shore, Sergio approached her shortly after, interlacing their fingers. "This is beautiful Sergio." She said as she leaned her head on his shoulder. "And so are you." He said looking down at her and kissing her head. "You're such a cheeseball." She said before kissing his lips quickly. "C'mon let's go in." Sergio said as he rushed back to the truck to strip down to his red Dolce and Gabana boxer briefs. Alex chuckled as she shook her head and followed him, stripping down to her black bra and pantie lingerie set. "Damn." Sergio breathed, his eyes trailing up and down her body. "You weren't supposed to see this until later." She said winking at him before running off into the water. Sergio reached her quickly, pressing his chest against her back and wrapping his arms around her stomach before pressing a kiss to her temple. "I wish you didn't have to leave." Alex said, her hands going across his underneath the water. "I know, I wish I could stay but I will be thinking about you every day, and as long as you have that necklace, I'm always with you." He said gesturing to the number four and heart necklace he had given her three weeks ago. "This was the life we both chose and it's time to face it, but not tonight, tonight we forget about tomorrow, tonight is about you..." He kissed her neck, "and I" he whispered in her ear deeply. Alex turned to face him, "Good." she said before closing her eyes and leaning in, drawing Sergio close for a kiss before she pulled back quickly, splashing water in his face and swimming away quickly. "You're in big trouble" Sergio laughed as he wiped his face and chased after her; Sergio gripped her waist and slung Alex over his shoulder, ( ) dunking her head underwater. Alex opened her eyes under the water to find Sergio's red boxer briefs staring back at her, she smirked and grabbed them, pantsing Sergio before he threw her completely over his shoulder into the water so he could fix his pants. Alex reemerged laughing, her hair was soaked along with the rest of herself. Alex lunged at Sergio jumping on him and dunking him under water to mess up his hair too. Sergio resurfaced and grabbed Alex by her waist pulling her to him into a deep meaningful kiss. Alex's hands wrapped around his neck, gripping the damp hairs on the back of his head as he deepened the passionate kiss. Sergio pulled back and looked at Alex, "I have an activity for you." Sergio said. Alex raised an eyebrow at him. "It involves a blindfold, some food, and trust." He said. "I'm in." Alex said as they walked up the beach back up to his truck. Sergio opened the tailgate and Alex took a seat. Sergio grabbed the tie to use a makeshift blindfold, "We are going to test your taste buds, I promise I won't feed you anything gross, just wait here while I grab the food." He said running to the cab of the truck to get the basket.

"Okay, I have a few things hear and I will hold them up to your nose so you can smell them, then taste it and tell me what it is." Sergio said, Alex nodded. Sergio held up a small chunk of dark chocolate to Alex's nose then placed it in her mouth. "Dark chocolate." She said smiling. "Very good mi amor." Sergio proceeded to do the same with a cherry, a milk chocolate chunk, and raspberry, and a chocolate covered strawberry. All of which, Alex guessed correctly. "Ok here's the last one and here's where you gotta trust me because I'm not letting you smell this one first." Sergio said. "Okay, I trust you." Alex said smiling as she was still blindfolded. Alex waited a moment before opening her mouth for the last item, she felt Sergio's warm skin under her chin close her mouth before she felt Sergio's lips on her own, she placed a hand along his cheek and jawbone, kissing him back with passion. Alex pulled away, "I think that's the hot guy from Camas with all the tattoos." Alex said jokingly. "You are correct." Sergio said lifting the blindfold off her eyes. "So what do I win?" Alex asked flirtatiously. "A night under the stars at the beach cuddled next to the hot guy from Camas with all the tattoos, while you listen to music and make out." Sergio smiled. "Deal." Alex said as she shivered at the small breeze. "Let me go get some blankets and your other prize." Sergio said getting up from the tailgate, he returned with pillows, fluffy warm blankets, and something, perhaps a shirt, Alex wasn't sure. She stood up and moved so Sergio could make a comfortable spot in the truck bed. "Here, I want you to take this with you wherever you end up going in the next three months, it's the jersey I wore when you first came to one of my games and I dedicated the goal to you, I was just looking for the right time to give it to you." Sergio said handing her the long sleeved jersey which Alex happily slipped over black lingerie. "Thank you." was Alex could say without tearing up, she pressed a kiss to his lips as they climbed into the truck bed and she slipped it over her head. It smelled just like Sergio, a scent that made Alex feel comforted and at home. Alex cuddled close to Sergio, placing an arm across his torso and her head on his chest, while his arm wrapped around hers. Sergio turned on the music and smiled when "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias came on. "This is one of my favorite songs." Sergio said as the song started to play, ( ) "This song reminds me of you." Alex said looking up at him. "How so?" Sergio asked. "Because you're my superhero, you're strong like Superman, witty, funny, and smart like Ironman, and you always save the damsel in distress. Just like the night of the wedding, or the day when we kissed in your closet; you're heroic, tough, strong, gentle, caring, brave, loving, all of these things make for a great superhero and you're mine." Alex said. "...I can kiss away the pain, and I will stand by you forever, you can take my breath away, I can be your hero." the sang echoed through the empty beach as Alex and Sergio began to kiss with passion, it slowly heating up. Alex moved to straddle Sergio's hips, he ran his hands up and down her arms as she kissed him, placing her hands on his chest as he nipped at her bottom lip before she opened it allowing him access. Sergio moved his hands to the hem of the jersey and slowly slid his hands under the shirt, rubbing his fingertips up and down Alex's back. Alex moved her hands to his hair, messing her fingers into the soft, damp, brown hair. Sergio's hands traveled up to unhook Alex's bra, Alex pulled back for a moment and took the jersey off before returning to Sergio's now puffy pink lips. Both of Sergio's hands moved up Alex's soft arms, sliding the bra straps off her shoulders, Alex responded by letting the bra fall to the floor of the truck as she moved to pull down Sergio's and her own underwear. Her hand brushed slowly over his crotch and she could feel him easily through his boxer briefs. Alex slowly slid his underwear down his tanned, muscular legs before Sergio moved his hands to do the same to hers. "I love you." He said against her lips, "I love you too." She said before they closed the space between them.
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Somewhat of a long chapter, the next chapter will be the last one before "Beside you" and will probably be a little shorter than usual, more of an epilogue, at least that is what I'm planning on right now.