Sequel: Beside You
Status: Completed 11.1.13

Everything Has Changed

It's Time to Say Goodbye

"How are you holding up man?" Iker asked as he leaned over to Sergio, the Spanish team had all gathered onto the bus and were on their way to the airport. "What do you think?" Sergio said quietly. "I didn't even get to say good bye." He continued. "Well didn't you say that last night?" Iker asked him. "No, last night was about us, not about what we had to face today, then I over slept and was rushed out the door, I didn't have time to stop at her house to say good bye." Sergio said as he struggled to hold back his emotions. "Aww I'm sorry buddy, you'll see her soon enough." Iker said trying to comfort him. "Have you ever had to go without seeing the one you love for as long as I have? We started really going out three weeks ago, I finally had her and now I'm about to lose her for almost four months. Iker I've had to wait months just for her to give me a shot, Iker what if someone comes after her, what if she needs me, what if I lose her?" Sergio said panicky. "Everything will be fine, you need to fight through this." Iker said supportively.


"I didn't-even-g-g-get to s-s-say good bye." Alex said sobbing into the phone. "If I tell you where they are, you need to leave right now." Sky said. "Where are they?" Alex asked as her tears stopped momentarily. "Their flight leaves in 45 minutes, the airport is 30 minutes away, if someone tries to stop you when you reach the Tarmac, tell them Sergio forgot his prescription for anxiety and they'll let you in." Skylar instructed. "You know about his anxiety?" Alex asked as she grabbed her keys. "I've known Sergio for years how could you think I don't know about that? It's the excuse he told me to use whenever I needed to get to him or Iker in emergencies." Sky said. "Oh, good to know, I need to go now." Alex said hanging up and rushing to her car. She sent a quick text to Kaka, "Be there to pick up Carter in less than two hours, need to rush to the airport to say good bye to Sergio." She sent the message and got an immediate response, "Take your time, he's wonderful." Was Kaka's response.


The bus pulled up to the awaiting airplane, and Sergio swallowed heavily, hesitant to get up. "Come on bud, you can't stay here forever." Iker said rubbing his shoulder before moving to grab his suitcase and exit the bus. "You're right, she's not coming." Sergio turned up his music loudly and pulled his headphones over his ears, blocking out the pain, sadness, and the rest of the world. Sergio grabbed his bag and began to make his way up the stairs to enter the plane when Xabi tapped him on the shoulder, "What!" Sergio snapped. "look." He said gesturing to the runway below the stairs. Sergio pulled off his headphones and pushed past his teammates to reach Alex. Sergio wrapped his arms tightly around her. "Don't forget about me, I don't want to lose you." She said as she hugged him tighter. "I could never forget about you, and you'll never lose me." Sergio said. "Never let go of me, hold tight it's gonna get hard to breath." Sergio said quoting one of Alex's favorite songs (Rough Water - Travie McCoy and Jason Mraz) "I will never let you drown even if we're going in down." He said making Alex cry. "Alex if you keep crying I'm gonna start crying and the boys won't let me live that down." Sergio said making Alex laugh a little and wipe her tears. "It's all going to be alright, I will call you when I land at whatever country I'm going to." Sergio said as he pulled back from Alex. "Now go save the world my superman, or go to work, whatever you want to call it." (Superman - Taylor Swift) "Of course mi amor, I love you." Sergio said. "I love you too. I'll be waiting for to return." She said before giving him one last kiss, Sergio smiled as he turned to get on the plane, his teammates watching him as Xabi and Iker obnoxiously yelled good bye to Alex making her shake her head.

Sergio took a window seat and as the door closed and the plane started to taxi out, he waved softly out the window to Alex who smiled sadly and waved back before the plane headed off on the runway up into the air, leaving Alex, Spain, and his Sergio's heart far behind.
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ENDING CREDITS as the plane disappears into the clouds leaving Alex to watch it leave her eyes beginning to water ( )

Very short, more of an epilogue than a chapter, "Beside You" coming shortly

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