Sequel: Beside You
Status: Completed 11.1.13

Everything Has Changed

Impulsive Actions

The girls valeted the car and walked quickly inside the club. The music blared, the bass thudded, and it was warm in there. Sky and Alex scanned the room and Skylar finally found the boys at bar. Skylar had to admit, she was surprised Sergio wasn't on the dance floor trying to jump into some whore's pants; it was his usual way of going about these things. Sergio and Iker finally noticed them and their faces lit up, the girls strolled over. "You look amazing." Iker said as Skylar walked into his arms. "Thank you babe." She responded before kissing him.

"Would you like something to drink? A Cosmo? A Maragrita?" Sergio said, facing Alex. "Red Bull and Vodka." She said as Sergio's jaw almost dropped. "I like to have energy when I'm drunk." She answered for him. He turned towards the bartender, "You heard the pretty lady." he commanded as the bartender hurriedly ran off to get the drink. He set down Alex's drink and brought Sergio another whiskey on the rocks. He looked down at his drink then up at her, "Salud!" he said before they both slammed their drinks. Sergio wiped his mouth and turned to say something to Iker, but stopped when he saw him getting lost in Skylar's lips. "Well that's awkward." Sergio said making a joke. Alex giggled, "I think I'm gonna go dance and get in a bit of trouble." she spoke turning to walk away, she could feel Sergio's eyes on her ass. Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to go with a strapless, black, tight dress. Sergio watched her for a moment before he made his way up to her. 'Doin Dirt' by Maroon 5 began to play loudly as he approached her from behind. He was surprised when she didn't jump and run off, in fact it was quite the opposite. He placed his hands on her hips as he pressed his hips to her butt, she responded by grinding up against him, driving him insane.

He turned her by her hips to face him, guiding their dance. He backed away from her slightly and ran his hands down his torso as the lyrics blared. He seemed to forget they weren't the only ones there as she did the same. He pulled her back to him and continued to grind up against her, she grabbed his hands and ran them down her sides. He couldn't stand it any longer, he had to feel her lips. He turned her around once more and leaned down to kiss her, looking at her eyes then down at her lips. She looked up at him and was about to give in when she darted out the door to the side alley.

He followed her out as Iker practically swallowed Skylar, Sergio knew they were never ashamed of how bad their PDA could get. He found Alex looking distressed as she paced, she glanced over to him,n "Oh god I'm sorry, I shouldn't have led you on like that, i would have regretted that so much, oh my god i can't believe all that just happened." she said quickly, smacking her forehead. "No, no that was my fault, you're in a relationship, I just ended mine and I just couldn't help myself, perhaps the four of us should go home." Sergio said disappointed. She nodded and followed him inside to find the other two. "Alright enough." Sergio said, Iker ignored him. "That's ENOUGH big brother!" Alex said pulling Iker away by his hair. He wasn't really her brother, but he had always protected her like her was. "Ow ow ow." He said shocked. "Can you take me home?" Alex asked, a little drunk from the large glass she had just chugged and the two glasses of wine. "Yes of course sissy." Iker said rubbing his head. She smirked and headed out the door.

The group arrived at Alex's house, "Thanks guys." she said walking up to her door. She stepped in, only to find Justin kissing Brianna, some chick he had picked up while he and Alexandria were on a 'Break'. She sighed and headed upstairs, tripping halfway up. She pulled out her phone and texted Sky.

A- You still in the drivewayyyyy????

S- Yes, why?

A- Cuz I'm drunkish and I can't get upshk

S- I'm not helping you

A- PLeasssseasaf

S- No

A- Is Sergio still wif you guyz?

S- Yes, and he wants to talk to you so come outside

A- K

Skylar grabbed Sergio and fixed him, making him look as attractive as possible before Alex came out. Alex came outside shortly after and Sky hopped in the backseat with Iker to give them a minute to talk.

"Hey I'm sorry, I just, I don't know what came over me." Sergio said looking down at the ground, his hands shoved in his pockets. "It's ok Sergio, I used to do the same thing to blow off steam and frustration in a relationship or after a break up. Don't think I didn't want to kiss you just as much as you wanted to kiss me-" Her jaw dropped at the last sentence, not believing she had really just said that. He looked up at her, into hers and shook his head, "No, it would've been a mistake, you said so yourself, plus you would've regretted it as would I." He responded sadly, it wasn't true, he would never have regretted that. "Oh, you're probably right." She said disappointed, "Well, good night." She said softly and turned to head back inside. "Alex wait!" Sergio said pulling her into him. He held her tight to his chest, he bit his lower lip as he looked her own and then into eyes; almost deciding whether or not his next move was right. He stopped thinking and pressed his lips to hers. She was taken by surprise at first but responded soon after. Iker and Sky watched, jaws dropped in shear shock. Alex pressed him up against the car as her hands moved up into his soft hair, tugging slightly on the ends. Sergio deepened the kiss as he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer and closer. Alex responded by licking his bottom lip, almost commanding him to part his lips. He happily obliged, opening his mouth as her tongue slid in, his followed soon after. He tightened his grip and kissed her strongly, full of passion before finally pulling back slightly. He looked down into her eyes, out of breath for the moment as he pressed his forehead to hers. "Now I didn't regret that at all." he said regaining his breath, she nodded in agreement. "We can't stay here all night." Sergio said, breaking the blissful silence. Alex giggled, "I'm not sure whether to invite you inside or send you home." she said as she moved her hands down to wrap around his neck. He flashed a malicious smile, "Why not both? How about you come back to my house and stay a while." he said. She nodded and slipped her hand into his.

Sergio opened the back door, "Please drive us to my house." Sergio asked nicely. "Sergio I swear to god, what would you do without us?" Sky asked as she and Iker moved to the front. "Thank you bestie." he joked and led Alex into the backseat. Iker started the car and Alex let go of her grip on Sergio's hand, she felt as if she was moving to fast with this. He looked over at her sadly. "Por favor." he mouthed. She smiled at him, and kissed his cheek before interlacing their fingers and squeezing his hand gently. He smiled happily as he looked down at their hands together in front of him. Alex laid her head on his shoulder shortly after. He kissed her head gently before laying his head on hers and smiling once again as he exhaled deeply.

Sky and Iker both looked in the rear view mirror, unnoticed by the other two in the backseat. Iker and Sky looked at each and smiled lightly as Iker winked at her.
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So, Sergio brings Alex home, will she move on from Justin? Will she regret this decision? Will they cross the line? or will she stay with what she knows and leave Sergio like he has left so many nameless girls?

hope you enjoyed :) Probably expect a new chapter no later than Monday, I'm a bit loaded this weekend but am excited for what is to come in this story! Keep reading!!! X