Sequel: Beside You
Status: Completed 11.1.13

Everything Has Changed

Me? Jealous? Nope.

Alex woke up, her eyes slowing blinking awake; she shifted, feeling a warmth wrapped around her. Suddenly Alex heard soft breathing, she lifted her head up to find Sergio with his arm wrapped around her, her arm across his chest. Alex wasn't quite sure what she should do next, but something was telling her to stay just a little longer so she laid her head gently on his chest, listening to his steady, strong heartbeat. Alex wasn't sure how much time had passed before she heard a groan and felt Sergio stir awake, stretching his arms out. Alex moved to sit up, her head looking over his as his eyes fluttered open. Sergio smiled as his sparkling brown eyes looked into hers,"Good morning hermosa." Sergio said softly with his morning voice. "Good morning." Alex said before kissing his lips softly. Sergio exhaled deeply and slowly sat up, "Ok, I'm hungry, how about you?" he asked still a little sleepy. "YES!" Alex exclaimed, pulling on Sergio's jersey again.

Sergio and Alex had spent the morning cooking, laughing, and getting to know each other all while recovering from their hangovers. Alex had told Sergio she has a 3 and half year old son named Carter, but due to poor choices and tough situations, Alex had been forced to have him stay with his godparents in America until it was safe for him to return. In return Sergio had told her all about his life growing up in Sevilla. It was now late afternoon and Alex was having second thoughts about her love life situation. When she had returned home, Justin greeted her with flowers and had apologized and wanted to start fresh. Alex had always been weak for him and it never took much for her to want to stay with him, he had taken her in when no one else had, he had made her feel whole again and she felt like she constantly owed him for that. Sky thought it was ridiculous how easily she fell into Justin's trap and hoped one day Alex would see the light. Long story short Alexandra had decided to forgive Justin, and decided she needed to tell Sergio that they were just friends and that her heart belonged to Justin (eww).

The intercom buzzed and Sergio's voice crackled through it, "Yes who is it?" he asked. "Its Alex, open the gate I want to talk to you." Alex said plainly. "Oh yes of course, I'm down in the gym so just come down when you get to the front door." Sergio said as he buzzed in Alex. Alex parked in his large driveway and took a moment to admire his collection of nice cars before walking inside and down to underground floor to find Sergio boxing in his gym. Alex entered and Sergio's back was turned to her, he was in a sweat soaked grey muscle tank and some red Adidas shorts. Alex coughed and seemed to get Sergio's attention. "Oh, hola Alexandra." Sergio smiled, happy to see her. "Hey Sergio" Alex said stepping closer. "So what was it you wanted to talk about?" Sergio asked removing his boxing gloves and grabbing a water bottle from the small fridge in the corner of the gym. "Sergio, there's no easy way to put this." Alex started "Last night, it meant nothing, we were both drunk, you were hurting and so was I. I'm sorry but my heart belongs to Justin, I just want us to be friends. This is nothing against you, you're awesome and hilarious, which is why I want us to stay friends because I love being around you." She finished, hoping he wouldn't be too upset. Sergio took a moment to take this in, it hurt him to hear her say it meant nothing because it meant something to him. Wait, did he really just think that? He never really understood what it was like to /really/ be in love, but he could say it felt different being with Alex. "Well, if that's what you want, I'm willing to try, I would rather be friends than be strangers." Sergio said plainly. "Thank you so much Sergio." Alex said hugging him. "Could you do me a favor?" Alex asked, "Anything for you." he responded. "Go shower, you smell." Alex joked. "Well in that case." Sergio said as he brought Alex into a giant bear hug. She shrieked and laughed before Sergio released her and went to shower. "Come by tomorrow around 2, I've got something to show you." Sergio said smiling as he headed upstairs. "Yes sir." Alex joked walking out. "Bye Serg!" she said closing the front door.

Alex and Sergio spent the next few weeks attempting to create a platonic friendship, Sergio had shown her his stunningly childish inflatable playroom; complete with an inflatable obstacle course, an inflatable slide, inflatable basketball court and a bunch of other inflatable toys. The room also had a small scale turf soccer field and an amazing sound system. Sergio had tried everything to get her to see that he had a huge crush on her but she was standing her ground and keeping everything friendly. Every time Alex left he begged silently, hoping she would come back and stay with him. Sergio even cried once or twice, he hated losing, especially to someone who didn't deserve to win. Sergio felt defeated but had one more plan and he was ready to try it that night. Sergio had always been known throughout the team for his killer parties, and he hoped that his plan would work.


Alex and Justin arrived around 8:30 pulling in just after Iker and Skylar. Alex gawked at the mass amount of Audi's in Sergio's long driveway. "Close your mouth you'll catch flies, Audi sponsors the team, they get these practically for free." Skylar said reading Alex's mind. Alex smiled and walking over to Skylar and hugged her before they all walked inside and down to his giant playroom, the music booming. Sky took Alex and briefly introduced her to all the WAGs before running over to play with the boys on the soccer pitch. Alex walked over and sat on the bench and watched them play, it didn't surprise her that Skylar was playing even more physically than some of the Real Madrid players, Sky had always loved soccer even when they were kids and would play and talk about it non-stop. Alex was smiling watching Iker and Sky when she noticed Sergio holding hands with a tall brunette as they ran around the field kicking the ball. Sergio seemed to be having a great time, a huge smile on his face. The girl who he was holding hands with scored and Sergio pulled her into a hug and kissed her cheek. Alex felt a ping of sadness when she saw this but wasn't sure why. If he was trying to make her jealous, it wasn't working.

Sky came over and sat next to Alex after Sergio and some of the other guys and their dates went to get a drink. "He misses you." Sky said. "No he doesn't and I'm happy he's found someone else." Alex responded shortly. "It won't last , she'll be gone within a week or two. The way he looks at her is not the way he looks at you." Sky argued. "I think you should talk to him." She continues. Alex looked at her and sighed, "Maybe you're right, I'll go find him." Alex said standing up and walking off. Alex went up and asked Iker where Sergio was and he said he saw him disappear behind one of the inflatables. Alex nodded and walked behind the giant slide and the sight made her sick.

Alex stopped right in her tracks and froze: Sergio had his girl pressed up against the slide with his hips as he was kissing her. No, not kissing, swallowing and feeling up. He had one hand on the slide next to her head and his other arm wrapped around her waist under her shirt, all while 'Come Back To Love' by DJ Pauly D played. Alex was disgusted and upset, for some reason she felt hurt, not because he was with another girl, but because he was using her as a toy to make Alex jealous, now she /had/ to talk to him when she got the chance, but not before she got him back.
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Things will become much more dramatic very soon and I'm very excited to write the next few chapters. Thanks for reading! X