Sequel: Beside You
Status: Completed 11.1.13

Everything Has Changed

One More Night

Alex played it off normally, but decided to stay as close to Justin as she could, being sure to be extra sweet whenever Sergio glanced her way. Which he never did, until the clock struck 11pm. "Alright everyone! As most of you know when you come to one of my house parties, 11 o'clock means it's time to open this door." Sergio said pointing to a door next to him in the back corner of the large, extensive playroom. "It's time for the dance club and open bar, enjoy." Sergio said opening the door and gesturing everyone inside. Alex grabbed Justin's hand and dragged him into what looked exactly like a night club you'd see in the city, complete with the loud music and amazing bar. Alexandra went straight for the bar and ordered her usually Red Bull and Vodka, slamming it down and looking out onto the dance floor in time to see Sergio, grinding very suggestively with his what Alex assumed was his girlfriend. She pressed hard against his body and reached her hands back to grab his hair and pull him to her neck as he ran his hands up and down her sides before placing his hands in her front pockets of her jeans. They continued dancing, if you could call it that, as he began kissing and biting her neck. alex was sick of that stupid, cocky smirk on his face. Alex got sick of watching the sex show and when she caught Sergio's eye as he looked up from the girl's neck. Alex strutted over to Justin and pressed him up against the wall, cramming her tongue down his throat and shoving her hand up his shirt. Justin was caught by surprise but went along with it. Sergio's eyes turned dark as he witnessed it and pulled his girl close and did the same as Alex had done moments before, the girl wrapped her arms around Sergio's neck and played with the short hairs on the back of his neck as she kissed him passionately.

Alex pulled away and witnessed what was happening and she was sick of it, she stormed out, walking out of the playroom and up the stairs to the first floor. Sergio pulled away in time to see she had stormed out. He politely excused himself and briskly walked out to find where she had gone. Alex went up to the second floor and turned a corner and chose a random door; just her luck, she had stumbled into Sergio's room. "Just fantastic." she muttered and stepped inside to look around. Sergio began searching the first floor to see if he could find Alex but had no luck. Alex stepped inside the modernly and modestly decorated room, she looked around, she could tell it was expensive but it was tasteful. The room was a powder blue-gray color on the walls with a plush off-white carpets. Sergio had a large black comforter with silver, silk sheets and pillow cases. The room even smelled like him, which seemed to comfort Alex, it was a larger room with a 50 inch flat screen TV and a few signed soccer jerseys framed and hung around the walls, along with a few shelves that held signed or match soccer balls and important medals or trophies Sergio had won in his career. There were two modern designed dark wooden night stands on either side of the bed, with a high tech house phone on one, and a silver alarm clock on the other. The room had a black colored wooden ceiling fan and brushed silver accents on the lights and around the room. Alex strolled over to his walk-in closet and decided to look through his dress shirts when something startled her. "Can I help you find something?" Sergio asked coldly.

Alex jumped and turned to face him, "Just thought I'd have a look around." she said plainly. "And who gave you the right to do that?" Sergio responded. "Well, no one said I couldn't." Alex said walking out of the closet and heading to the door, "Where are you going?" Sergio asked annoyed. "Well, you obviously don't want me in here so I was going to leave because I would rather go back down to that party than spend another minute here with you." Alex hissed. "What is going on with you?" Sergio snapped, grabbing her to face him. "The better question is what is going on with you?" Alex retaliated. "What's going on with me?" Sergio laughed bitterly. "Hmm let's think Alex! You slept with me and made me feel like you really liked me which wasn't fair! You can't just do that to people!." Sergio said loudly. "Well what did you expect you player! That's all you are is a flirt, a self-centered asshole, only concerned with what he gets, not what he gives!" Alex yelled back. "Self-centered? Selfish? Are you kidding me? I'm not the player everyone thinks I am. I didn't force you to do anything that night! I asked you three times if it was what you really wanted to do and you said yes! You said it meant nothing, that entire night, even that kiss out in front of your house!" Sergio yelled back. "Well you can't honestly say it meant something to you Sergio!" Alex said searching his eyes. "Well I hate to burst your bubble Roberts but it did! OK? Happy? It meant something to me and I really thought it meant something to you, but you're too busy staying with an asshole who doesn't even care about you and cheats on you whenever he gets the chance and yet you stay with him and the worst part is you cheated on him too!" Sergio yelled, practically spewing venom at Alex. Alex's jaw dropped and she stepped forward and slapped Sergio straight across his face, loudly. Sergio's hand went to his face to cover the red splotch that was now forming. "What the hell? I actually need this! Not all my money comes from football ya know!" He snapped rubbing his face. "You've had that coming for a long time Ramos, now go get back to practically f*cking your girlfriend on the dance floor!" Alex snapped. "She is /not/ my girlfriend." he hissed still holding his face. "Oh so is she another one of your nameless sluts that you use and then kick to the curb?" Alex mocked. "Her name is Sara, and we haven't made anything official yet, if you really must know." Sergio said shortly. "I think you're just upset you no longer have me at your feet." Sergio said maliciously and stepped closer to Alex. "No Sergio, not again." Alex said, trying to remain strong but something in his eyes made her want him all over again. "Oh I think so Alex, you want me, especially because you think you can't have me." He responded. "No Sergio, stop." She said placing her hands on his chest, she almost shivered when she felt his toned chest under her palms. She looked up into his sparkling brown eyes, now deep and dark with lust. Sergio leaned down, his lips hovering just over hers, "And what if I don't?" he asked not breaking eye contact. Alex looked down, "I-" Alex said before Sergio crushed his lips to hers. Alex was taken by surprise but what shocked her more was that she kissed him back, roughly and angrily just as he had done as well. Alex pushed Sergio back onto his bed roughly as he ripped at her shirt. Alex quickly unbuttoned Sergio's powder blue shirt and moved her hands to his belt, practically ripping his jeans off of him as he pulled off her shirt and helped her out of her jeans. Sergio flipped them over, assuming control as he shoved his tongue down her throat and clawed at her underwear and bra. Alex moaned into his mouth as he slipped his hands inside her panties and pulled them down. Alex tugged Sergio's boxer briefs off he kissed down her neck and soon forgot about the party going on downstairs as she tried to keep quiet. Alex had no idea what came over her but she just couldn't stop and she wasn't sure that if she could stop herself if she could stop Sergio who seemed more like a hungry, angry, animal.
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So Alex and Sergio had angry wild sexy times, big things coming, I'm very excited but may not be able to update as frequently this weekend starting thursday, I will be on a short holiday to visit my brother at University but will be back on monday so no worries my wonderful readers. X