Sequel: Beside You
Status: Completed 11.1.13

Everything Has Changed

We're Nothing But Strangers Now

The next morning Sergio woke up feeling gross, just slimy after what had happened, which again was something new to him. By the time 11 am rolled around he heard a knocking at his door, Sergio stood up and opened it to find a furious Alex standing in front of him. "How did y-" Sergio started. "You got really drunk and left the gate open." Alex said cutting him off. "Oh, well would you like to come in?" Sergio asked calmly. "No, I just came to talk to you, that's it." Alex said sternly. "Oh what? No coming back for more?" Sergio asked, egging her on. "If by more you mean practically being raped, then no." Alex hissed. "Whoa whoa whoa, I did /not/ rape you ok? That's harsh and awful. Do you really think I would do that? My family and Iker and Skylar would kill me, I've always been brought up to never hurt women in any way, and to always respect them. So don't think you can just come waltzing up here to my house and accuse me of being a rapist Alex, because it was quite the opposite." Sergio hissed back. "Oh was it? Because last time I checked I said no at least three times before you started to kiss me." Alex fought back. "And then you kissed me back! That was clearance enough for me Alex." Sergio said moving to close the door. "Oh and don't worry, it didn't mean anything, so you don't have to worry about me hopelessly fighting for you ever again." Sergio said angrily. "Fine Sergio, just stay out of my life and I'll stay out of yours. From now on we'll just be strangers who know each others' names." Alex said turning to leave. "Fine by me, have fun getting your heart broken over and over again because I'm done letting myself get broken by you." Sergio said slamming the door .


Alex arrived at Sky's house around 6 that night, it was their movie night and Alex needed someone to vent to anyways about earlier that day. When Alex came in she could see Skylar was much happier than usual for some reason, Alex made a point to find out why before she left or fell asleep. Sky led her into the living room where all the snacks were already set up and the movies were ready to be played, all while keeping her hands stuffed in her pockets. "So where's Iker this evening?" Alex asked grabbing the bowl of popcorn and sitting down on the couch. "He's upstairs, you know he tends to avoid us on movie night, right now he's showering because he just came home from a run. He said he'll probably go grab a drink with some of the Real Madrid guys around 6:30 and be back around 9." Sky answered, not really paying attention to Alex. "Oh well that's nice." Alex said quietly. "I just love him so much." Sky said sighing in content, the blanket up to her neck leaving only her head exposed. "I know, he's just such a sweet guy and a great friend." Alex said happily. It was true, ever since Skylar and Iker had started dating about three years ago, he had always been like a brother to her, they were all great friends and Iker always knew what to do and how to remain calm in tough sitiautions. Alex loved having a guy in her life like that.

Iker came down around 6:20, his hair a partially wet mess. "You heading out babe?" Sky said looking over at Iker, as he grabbed his keys. "Yes nena, I'll be back in a few hours." Iker said pulling on his jacket and walking over to kiss her good bye and give her a hug. "Have fun, be safe, I love you and I'll see you when you get back." Sky said as he pulled away and hugged Alex good bye. He turned at the door and waved good bye with his left hand and Alex swore she saw something shine on his ring finger, but shrugged it off. SKy shot Iker a death stare and mouthed, "Put it away." sternly. Iker's eyes widened and he quickly removed the ring and shoved his hands in his pockets. Later, when Iker came home, Sky jumped up and tackled him into a hug, laughing as he hugged her. Alex looked over and saw a ring on Sky's left ring finger and her jaw dropped at the sight of the large diamond. "Uh Sky, What's this?" Alex said running over and seizing her hand. Sky sighed and looked at Iker, while she was still wrapped up in Iker's arms, "I guess we can't hide it anymore babe." Sky said. "I guess not." Iker said laughing. "He asked me to marry him." Sky said smiling. "WHEN?! I literally saw you like 24 hours ago." Alex said shocked. "When we got home, he had the house decorated with roses and he proposed and of course I said yes!" Sky said smiling widely. "OMG I'm so happy for you guys!" Alex exclaimed. "Nice job on the ring big bro." Alex smiled at Iker as she looked at Sky's ring again. "It'll be your day eventually." Iker said looking at Alex as she studied the ring longingly. Alex blushed a bit and smiled before hugging them both. "The engagement party is next Friday at some polo club, Iker's got it all figured out." Sky said happily. "Awesome, I'll be there," Alex said smiling again, she was genuinely happy for her best friends. Sky yawned and looked at Alex, "Wanna go upstairs and watch a movie in our room?" Sky asked Alex, Alex shot Sky a disgusted look. "Oh for the love of god Alex, WE CHANGED THE SHEETS THIS MORNING." Skylar said laughing as Iker blushed violently. "Love you babe." Sky said kissing his bright red cheek and running upstairs with Alex.

As the girls settled in to watch the movie, the front door downstairs opened abruptly, "Iker are you home?!" the voice yelled. "You're kidding right?" Alex said as she recognized the voice. "Estoy aqui." Iker responded from the kitchen, as he grabbed himself a beer and handed Sergio one. "Do /NOT/ go downstairs, Iker will keep him from coming up."Sky instructed in a hushed tone as Alex nodded and they headed towards the top of the stairs to listen without being seen. "So, after you proposed, did you get some action there el capitan?" Sergio asked in Spanish, usually when those two were together it was always in Spanish, lucky for Alex, Sky spoke both. "Maybe a little." Iker responded as he smirked and took a sip of his beer. "That's my boy." Sergio said patting him on the back. "What are they saying?" Alex asked as she watched Skylar's face change expression as they continued their boyish conversation. "I don't think you really want to know." Sky said blushing slightly and giggling before going back to listening in, "OK Alex Iker asked what the situation was between you and Sergio and Sergio said that you guys are strangers now and he's sick of watching you make terrible decisions with the man child and he's sick of you treating him like dirt, and the conversation you both had this morning really hurt him especially when you called him a rapist." Sky responded as she listened again. "He says he's just gonna be civil towards you and only speak when spoken to and all that shit because whether anyone believes him or not he's a gentleman." Alex's heart sank a little as she heard all of this coming from him and she didn't want to believe it but she had no choice, she had made decision very clear to him that morning.
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Sorry it took a few days I've been so busy at my brother's university family weekend and my make-up work for school, anyways hope it was worth the wait, much more exciting things or well maybe dramatic things coming up in the next few chapters, depending on how you look at it.

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