Sequel: Beside You
Status: Completed 11.1.13

Everything Has Changed

Forbidden Love & Broken Pieces

(One month after the rainy night, Five months until the wedding)

"Sergio, open the gate." Alex hissed, already in a bad mood. Sergio got up from where he had been lying with Sara in his bed, "You've got to be kidding me right now, I'm busy what do you want?" He hissed back into the intercom. "I left the key to one of my offices here, open the damn gate so I can get it and leave." Alex said rudely as Sergio buzzed open the gate. Alex stormed up to the front door as Sergio greeted her in his boxers, "Why do you keep showing up in my life?" He asked, irritated. "It's not like I wanna be here Ramos, and seriously you couldn't have put on pants?" Alex said pushing past him to check the kitchen. "Like I said, I was busy." Sergio responded shortly "Oh you know what, I left it on your bedside table, I'll just go get it. " Alex said stepping in front of him. "Oh um, I'll get it." Sergio said quickly. Alex shot him a puzzled look, "No it's ok, I can get it." Alex said walking to his door. "Are you sure?" Sergio asked before she opened the door. Alex rolled her eyes, "Yes. What? Have you got a body in there?" Alex said turning the door handle and walking in. Alex looked stunned as she saw Sara lying Sergio's bed, the sheets covering her, since she was only in her bra and underwear. "You're a fucking pig." Alex said as she shoved Sergio into the wall and grabbed her key before she stormed out. "I told you I was busy and said for you to not go in there." Sergio said. "You're disgusting. Fuck you." Alex said. "What Alex? Are you serious? I'm allowed to have /my/ girlfriend over to /my/ house without checking with you first." Sergio snapped. "You're right, why should I be jealous? Have fun." She said with tears in her eyes as she started to walk out. Sergio grabbed Alex and turned her to face him, "Why are you crying? You don't even like me or talk to me anymore." Sergio said softly. "Doesn't mean I didn't value what we had! I don't sleep with just anyone anymore!" She wiped away the tears that started to fall. "Go fool around with your perfect girlfriend. I need to go home." Alex said bitterly. "You have Justin! You told me straight to my face that what we had meant absolutely nothing to you, and that broke my heart Alex. I tried so hard for you! Only for you to tell me it was just a silly, drunken mistake. How can you tell me now that it actually meant something to you? I tried for weeks and even a few months to win you over and you didn't care, you slept with me and left!" Sergio said raising his voice. Alex wrenched her arm out of his grip, "Maybe I did care! Maybe it did mean something to me! Maybe it wasn't a mistake. But I can see that you moved on." Alex said angrily. "What did you expect me to do? Wait around hoping that maybe just maybe one day you'd feel the same? Sorry the world doesn't revolve around you!' Sergio snapped. "I get it. I'm such a horrible person. I'm self-centered and needy and lonely and bitter. I take too long to realize I care and when I do, I'm too late so I cry. I deserve what I get but I still cry. I'm a fuck up and I'm a mistake. I Know, but thanks for the reminder." Alex screamed at him. "Oh enough with the self-pity about how this world hates you! I'm sick of it! Stop being mad at me for making a decision to be happy and be with someone else! OK? I'm with someone! Things happen and eventually, people move on! You didn't love me, and you didn't care about what we had so I stopped crying over you and lying to myself that one day we'd be together, and most importantly I tried to move on. Sergio said back. "And I should be happy for you, but I'm not and I don't know why." She continued. "Because for once, you don't get what you want." Sergio hissed. Alex's tears and uneven breathing stopped, she chuckled bitterly and spoke in that scary calm voice where you wish they would just yell at you, "you think my life is easy? You think I get everything I want!" She started to tell. "With that boy you call a man yes you do!" Sergio shot back. "I fell in love with him 4 years ago, he saved me from my reality. He may have changed but I feel like I owe him everything. That's why I stay." Alex said seriously. "I just don't get why you're wasting your time here, being you're so happy with a boy who cheats on you every chance he gets." Sergio said bitterly. "And why do you care? You said you moved on." Alex hissed. "Because I have a heart, regardless of what you and the rest of the world choose to believe big, bad Sergio Ramos cares about people! People just assume I'm a player because of the way I carry myself. So what do I do? I change, I fall hopelessly for someone who I have no chance with but refuse to give up, until she stomps all over me and find myself wondering why I thought it was a good idea to change in the first place! So here I am back to the way the world wants to view me, the way I'm comfortable with, a heartless, stupid player!" Sergio yelled, his eyes starting to water fiercely, he wasn't going to cry in front of her, that was weakness and he didn't want to let his guard down near her in fear of being broken again. Alex looked at him with a sad expression on her face, "I don't think you're heartless or stupid." She whispered softly. "Far from it." She continued. Sergio straightened up and looked at her coldly, "it doesn't matter now, you hate me." He said plainly. "No I don't, I was protecting you. That's why l left. Because with me your heart would get broken again and again." Alex responded "i don't need protecting!" Sergio snapped. "I'm an adult! Unlike that boy you refuse to leave." He said. "If you stayed with me you'd just hurt and hurt. I just want you to be happ-" Alex started. "No you don't! You obviously don't! Because if you did, you'd stay with me." Sergio's eyes widened, he wished he hadn't have let that slip.

Alex stared at him shocked, "how many t-times do I have to tell y-you? I-I'm not g-good for you." Alex stuttered she was frozen. "I don't believe that, I never have Alex!" Sergio said back. "That's the problem Sergio." She said. "But it doesn't have to be." Sergio said more sympathetically now. She started to walk towards the door but stopped and turned back to him. "What choice do I have?" She asked him. "There's always a choice Alex." Sergio responded. Alex stepped forward to face him better, "you and I are both masochists, we fight and cause each other pain, just for the satisfaction of seeing each other. But the worst part is that we keep coming back to the people that will hurt us the most thinking that something will change." She turned and walked to the door. "Good bye." Alex said as she opened the door. "It doesn't have to be like that." Sergio muttered quietly. Alex paused and heard him come up behind her. "Don't do this to yourself sergio." She said still facing forward. "Don't make me." He said as he she felt his hands on her hips. Alex kept her head forward. "Don't do this to yourself Sergio." Alex repeated. "I will only hurt you." She continued. "We don't have to live like this Alex." Sergio said sadly, he knew he was losing this battle. "Yes we do." Alex said pushing his hands off her hips. "What makes you think so?" He asked, her back still facing him. "Because," Alex said turning to face him. "You deserve better. You deserve someone more. When I saw that girl upstairs, I realized she had the best thing. I wante the best thing, but if I had it, I would break it." she said solemnly as she opened the door. "I don't deserve more because the best thing is standing right in front of me." Serio responded sadly again he was falling again, and he was sure to shatter. Alex stepped out the door, "no, it's upstairs." Alex said beginning to walk out. "No it's not Alex! And it will never be, unless it's you." Sergio said quietly, his head looking at the ground. "Sergio, I can't put you through anymore than I already have." Alex walked up to him and kissed his cheek. Sergio blushed for a moment, there was so much emotion in that kiss, so much of a story to tell from one kiss, he couldn't lose her, he would never be happy again if he did, but clearly it wasn't what Alex wanted. "Goodbye." Alex said as tears started to fall rapidly as she cupped his face her hand, their eyes locked. "Please Alex, don't do this." Sergio whimpered, his lip beginning to quiver. "I have to." She said before embracing him in a hug. Alex could feel wet, warm drops hit her hair. "Please Alex, stay." He said squeezing her tight as his uncontrollable tears fell. "I can't Sergio." She cupped his face one more time before kissing his forehead and walking to her car, leaving sergio standing outside, crying an hoping she would return.
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