Dream of Me Tonight

"Why are you riding a dolphin?"

"Why not?"

Being able to lucid dream is one thing, but being able to share your dream space with another person is a whole lot more fun. After all, what's the fun of being aware and being able to change the things in your dreams to suit your needs when you can't share it with someone?

Caleb Wesley possessed that skill.

Unfortunately, he didn't give a shit.

He didn't care about people much, in general.

But when a girl – Katie Watkins – from his campus got hit by a car and fell into a comatose state, to the surprise of everyone, he decided to hurry to the hospital and help her with blood transfusion and subsequently, recovering from her injuries. When the blood transfusion was done, Caleb found out that he was able to share his dream space with Katie – allowing her to enter his dream world.

But entering someone's personal dream space, having access to their thoughts…well, it won't be all fun and games.