‹ Prequel: Zoned
Status: Part Two

Zoned: Waking Up

Part Two to Zoned
  1. Victoria
    Dylan wakes up in Victoria's home
  2. Vanessa
    Vanessa shows up
  3. Confessions
    Dylan confesses to something to Victoria as she drives him to the bus.
  4. I Loved You, You Made Me Hate Me
  5. 4th Shot to the Brain
    When Richi and A-Rad get to the bus
  6. The Further I Go, I Wanna Go Home
    The most awkward car ride
  7. Perfect Timing
    Dylan and Richi talk finally
  8. I Don't Mind the Rain
    George hits his head and comes up with one the new songs for the album
  9. On the Couch Arm
    Jordon and A-Rad
  10. 5 Years Later
    Richi and Dylan
  11. The Good Samaritan
    George's point of view
  12. Out of the Lot, and on the Road Again
    Everyone packs up to go to their new house
  13. Undead House
    Everyone gets moved into their new house
  14. A Bit of a Predicament
    A-Rad and Richi run into a problem with living with the boys
  15. Walking In
    Scribs and Jake walk in on A and Rich doing something they didn't want publicized
  16. Waiting for the Queens
    From George's POV
  17. Congratulating Wesley
    From A-Rad's POV
  18. The Awkward Encounter
    From A-Rad's POV once again
  19. Priorities
    From A-Rad's POV, the girls go to work
  20. Looking Through Wet Glass
    From A-Rad's POV
  21. Begging for Revelation
    The girls are in a predicament as the boys ask for something the girls can't give
  22. Deafening Slurs
    Dealing with the intoxicated Undead household
  23. If You Quit, I Quit
    A-Rad makes a tough choice; The girls get a call from Harper
  24. Harper's Super Cool Goth Party
    From A-Rad’s POV
  25. Up All Night
    From A-Rad's POV, after a night out
  26. Hearing Damage alt.
    One week after Harper's party, after Jordon and the others talked about the situation at Neverland.