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Status: Part Two

Zoned: Waking Up

Out of the Lot, and on the Road Again

~After A-Rad and George had their little "moment", they haven't left each other's side all day. They've sat next to each other in the Cage, she went into George's Set Booth while recording instead of Jordon's, and they've been flirting in a discreet fashion. Now, it's the next day as they all drive to the new house they've been building. From A-Rad's point of view.~

"Hurry up, assholes! The movers are waiting for us!" Jordon yelled from the front of the bus.

"Do you even think it's worth waking up this early for?" Richi joked as her and I gathered the rest of our junk from the bathroom.

"Not even close. I hate getting up at noon, even. 9am? Not my thing. Hey, hand me the hair curler."

"Ladies, let's go! We don't have all day!" George yelled as he walked by the bathroom to the front where Jordon was. He was carrying 3 carry-on type bags.

"Hey, it'll take a minute to clean all of this! You guys aren't as clean as you think!" Richi replied.

"Are you as nauseated as I am?" I asked her as I pushed all of my make up into a bag.

"No, dude. I'm excited. I haven't even seen the house, yet."

"Me either. Everyone else has, I think. I hope it's as good as they keep making it out to be. It'd suck if it..well, sucked."

"I know, huh? I'm just excited to finally sleep in a real bed." She packed up the rest of her stuff and started walking out of the bathroom. I followed her to the front of the bus.

"Guys! Let's go! Get your shit out here!" George yelled to the rest of the people in the back of the bus.

Matt was carrying two huge bags of clothes and shoes in his hands as he walked to the front with us, "Why do we have to do this now? Why can't we do it when we get to the house? It'd be easier."

"Stop whining, faggot. It'll be easier to carry everything to the house if it's all packed together instead of sprawled out everywhere." Jordon said as he cleaned out the cabinets.

"Matt's right. This is stupid." Danny also had a few bags in his hands as he came to the front of the bus. Richi and I were standing against the door that led to the driver's and passenger's seat.

"Look, it'll be more stressful having to go back and forth for multiple trips instead of bringing it all at once. Stop complaining." George said. The bus was hot and smelled like sweat and coffee. There were too many people in the front for my liking. It was cluttered with a bunch of bags and boxes full of stuff. George walked over to me and stood next to me as everyone else shuffled around the boxes, trying to find a place to sit or get comfortable. Danny kept falling over himself and it made Richi and I laugh.

"Jorel! Let's go! Grab Dylan!" George yelled. George made Rich and I move so he could get to the driver's seat. Jorel came out all ready to go, and got to the passenger's seat. Dylan started making coffee while Matt sat in Jorel's recliner. Jordon sat on the couch and Danny sat on the arm of the couch next to Jordon. Richi and I decided to sit down, too. I sat next to Jordon, who was on my right, and tried not let myself get upset about what he said before. He was on his phone, playing tetris. I sat there awkwardly, feeling suspense and wishing and wondering when or if he was going to say something to me. I glanced over at Dylan, who was leaning against the counter across from me. He was holding his cup of coffee and gave me an awkward look. He curled his lips inward and looked at Richi with his eyes, then back at me. I looked at her and saw that she had the same facial expression as he did. I knew what was going on. That look was code for: Dylan, do you see how awkward this is! He doesn't even care!
And Dylan's response would be: Yeah this is a problem.

I leaned over and muttered, "I'm guessing you told him?" She nodded and we both looked at Dylan. He looked away and took a drink.

"Okay, we're off to the new house, bitches!" Jorel yelled from the passenger's seat. Just then, the bus began to move.

"How far is the house from where we are now?" I asked out loud.

"About 5 minutes away from the recording studio, so 15 minutes away I guess." Matt answered.

"Why do we park the bus here, then? Why not in the parking lot of the studio? It'd make a lot more sense to." Richi asked.

"Don't ask me. It was Jordon's idea." Matt said.

"What?" Jordon tuned in.

"Well it's pointless to drive all the way there when we could have just parked the bus." I said.

"Yeah, but Jordon said something about land owners not wanting us to park our big ass bus in their lots or something." Dylan said.

"I'm right here, you know." Jordon chimed in.

"Oh welcome to the conversation, Jordon." I said.

"The guys who own the studio didn't want us parking the bus because it took up too much space." He said.

"But we were allowed to renovate it?" I asked.


"That's dumb." Richi said.

"This was the closest lot that could fit the bus and that wasn't owned by some dick head." He began to focus on his tetris game again.

Matt started spinning around in the recliner. It was really quiet. The silence was unsettling to me. I felt like something needed to be said or done to break the awkwardness of the situation.

"Do you feel awkward, too?" I whispered to Rich.

"No, that's just you."

"Oh." I looked around the bus and felt nauseous again. I got up and went into the back rooms. They were empty compared to what they looked like when nothing was packed up. I lied down on Matt's bunk since it was closest. I closed my eyes and teared up. "I am one pathetic little shit." I said to myself.

"Why do you say that?" I heard Jordon's voice. I opened my eyes and looked forward and saw him kneeling down.

"Um nothing. Why are you back here?" I asked.

"I came to get my pillow. When I saw you come back here, I just remembered I had a pillow to get."

"Oh, okay." I sat up and crawled out of Matt's bunk. "Well don't forget it."

"Okay what's wrong with you, dude?"

"Nothing! I'm just feeling a bit down, that's all. It's not a big deal."

"Hey, your step dad's gonna be fine. Like you said it's just a cold or something."

I sighed and forced a smile, "Thanks. That helps a bit."

"I'm here if you need me, A."

I couldn't help but think, "Really? Really. You're here? Well what if I'm an emotional wreck because of something you said? I can't just come to you and vent! I want you and you don't even fucking know how badly I do! You ignorant piece of shit, just think in a more abstract manner, and see that I want you!" But all I said was, "Thanks, Jordon.....now get your pillow." Then I walked out. I sat back down on the couch with Richi and closed my eyes. "Wake me when we get there?"
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Next chapter will have a blueprint of the rooms and the entire house