‹ Prequel: Zoned
Status: Part Two

Zoned: Waking Up

Walking In

"And it just goes on and on and oooonn....on and ooon and oooooooooonnn..yeah call the doc, I must be sick..." Danny sang under his breath.

"What song is that?" Richi asked as she took a bite of bacon.

"A song we've been working on called Medicine. It's still a work in progress, but it's not bad." Danny answered.

"When are y'all headed to the recording booth anyway?" she asked.

"Noon or so. You guys comin' with?" Jorel answered.

"That was a stupid question. They always come." Dylan said as he chewed his food.

"We're actually going to get ready for tonight." I said.

"What? It's only like...10:45 or something." Jordon said.

"Well it takes girls a long time to get ready. If you gave us four days to get ready, we'd use every minute of it, I swear." I said. I finished my food and carried my plate to the kitchen.

"Anyway, it's not like we just take forever to put make-up on. We have a system. We like to listen to our music on full blast, dance around in our underwear a bit, masturbate probably, shower, try on new outfits, etc. It's not just putting on clothes and mascara." Richi chimed in.

"Exactly. The time it takes to get ready is sacred."

"Well we won't bother you ladies. Just be ready by 8." Dylan said as he got more bacon.

"It doesn't matter how much time we have, we'll still be late." I joked. Richi and I smiled at each other.

"Well whatever. I'm gonna go ahead and head that way. Who'd ready to go?" Jorel said.

"I'll be ready in a sec. Just let me change shirts." Matt said. He got up and walked to his room.

"Yeah I'm ready." "Same." Jordon and George said.

"I'll be ready in a few minutes. I'm gonna put the dishes away real quick." Danny said.

"Okay we can all go in a few minutes. Good." Jorel said as he put his dish in the sink.

After everyone left, Richi and I had the entire house to ourselves for a few hours. We started working out and practicing for later tonight. She went into our room and grabbed the portable stripper pole we used for training. We both found it amusing when we got to keep it. We hid the pole under our bed so no one saw it. Richi and I changed into something to practice in.

"Yo, I'm putting the dock here." I said as I put the iHome on the counter in the kitchen. Richi set the pole up in the middle of the dining room and started stretching. "Imma put on some groovy tunes, holmes."

"Stop that. Just get over here." Love More by Chris Brown started playing, and we got started.

After about 2 hours of working out, we started practicing on the pole. Richi did her routine that she's been working on for a few days and danced to Chokechain by 3Oh!3. As she did so, I practiced dancing along. We both were really getting into it and were focused, until we heard a voice, "So this is how you guys get fit?" Richi and I both screamed.

"Oh my GOD what are you doing here, Jake!?" I yelled. Jake and Tommy were coming through the front door. I gave Jake a dirty look when I saw Tommy (Scribs). Are you kidding me with this! No one else can know about this, I thought. "Uh why is Scribs here?" I asked and Richi and I both tried covering up with our arms. Richi went and turned down the music and then stood behind me, not looking at Tommy or Jake.

"We came by to get some booze for the guys. Jordon called and said they ran out at the recording booth." Jake answered. Scribs shut the door and stood behind Jake.

"How'd you get in?" I asked awkwardly.

"We went by the booth and Jordon gave us a key. They were busy and couldn't get out to come get the beer themselves. What are you girls doing, anyway?" Scribs answered. I looked back at Richi and then at Jake.

"Um working out." I said.

"With a pole? And that dance wasn't too bad, Rich." Scribs said and winked at her. She awkwardly smiled and continued looking at the ground.

"It's good exercise. It helps with the arms and back...We're busy so can you guys just go?" I said trying not to be too obvious. Jake nodded and then raised his eyebrows as he said, "Well we will once we get the beer." He walked to the fridge and grabbed 2 cases of Budlight. I excused myself and went into my room to get a blanket and cover up. As I came out, Scribs was standing next to Richi and talking as Jake started looking through the fridge for God knows what. All I heard from their conversation was Scribs saying, "You don't have to if you don't feel comfortable."

And Richi replying with, "Thank you. How about we just don't talk about it?" And then she walked towards me and we stood in the middle of the doorway to the hall.

"Thanks for dropping by, but we have to get ready for tonight. So can you just go away?" I said trying to shoo them out the door. I said it in kind of a bitchy tone that seemed to have annoyed Jake.

"What's going on? Is it that dinner thing Dylan told us about?" Scribs asked.

I nodded.

"Oh, did they not tell you about the date thing?" Jake asked in a cocky fashion.

"What date thing? The fact that we can bring dates?" Richi said.

"We weren't going to bring anyone." I filled in.

"Dylan invited us, but his friend didn't. So Dylan said that we're going to be you guys' dates." Jake answered as he walked and stood by Scribs. "Hope that's okay with you." Jake smiled. What a cheeky little fuck, I thought. I must've given them a dirty look because Jake said, being a dick, "Is there a problem with that, princess?"

"No, there is not. Now if you'd leave us alone, we'd appreciate it." Richi said firmly.

"Fine. Try not to sprain anything. We wouldn't Neverland to have any fewer fairies." Jake said as he walked away and left. Scribs followed behind after he stood in confusion. Richi and I were silent as we shared glances.

"I guess we get ready for tonight?" I said. Richi stood there, looking at the ground and then nodded.

"We have about 7 or so hours before leaving. Let's just relax or something..." Richi stated and walked into the bedroom.

I stood in frustration. I wasn't even annoyed with Richi, but with Jake and his smart-ass attitude. Jake left, and I got mad. I somewhat took out my frustration on Richi by demanding what her priorities were. "What are you even doing in there!?"

"I'm taking a fucking bath ! I hope that's not a problem!"