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Zoned: Waking Up

Waiting for the Queens

~What the boys are wearing tonight~
It's later in the night, around 7:45pm or so, and the girls have been in their room for hours getting ready. This is from George's POV.

I finished up getting ready, and straightened my jacket. I came out of Danny's bathroom and saw him fixing his white tie in the mirror that was on the wall.

"You look good. Kind of gay, but still good." I said as I buttoned the bottom of my sleeves.

"Shut up. This was the only suit I had." he replied.

"It's not as bad as you probably think. But you are the only one in a blue tux. You might steal Wes's thunder tonight." I said as I patted him on the back and walked out. I heard Danny yell, "Who?" as I entered the living/dining room. Dylan and Jordon were standing in the middle of the house, leaning against the wall that was by the kitchen . Jorel and Matt were playing video games with Scribs, and Jake was getting a drink. Danny came out and joined them.

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck fucK FUCK NO NO GODDAMMIT!" Scribs yelled at the game as Matt and Jorel screamed, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" and jumped up at their winning.
"No, I call a fucking rematch!"

"What's taking the girls so long? They've had all day to get ready." I said as I walked up to Dylan and Jordon.

"No idea. They're taking forever; I'm about to just leave them here." Jordon said.

"They were a bit busy when we came by, earlier." Jake walked up to us and stood next to Jordon and me.

"What were they doing?" I asked.

"Just..getting ready." Jake took a drink.

"Well they are taking too damn long. The dinner starts in like 15 minutes and we don't really have time for this." Dylan sighed.

"Why is it such a big deal if we're late?" Jake asked.

"Wes has been there for me through a shit ton, and it'd be the least I could do if I was punctual to a dinner."

"I'll try and get them, okay?" Jake handed Jordon his beer and knocked on the girls' door and yelled, "YO! We gotta go! Hurry up!" He stood there for a moment, but there was no response. He sighed and shrugged and stood behind the couch and watched Jorel, Matt, and Scribs play CoD.

"So we're able to bring dates; who's the lucky lady, bro?" Jordon asked Dylan.

Dylan rubbed the back of his neck and avoided answering directly, "Uh she'll be here soon, I thin- SO when's Asia getting here, George?"

"She's actually meeting us at the dinner."

"What are you two, anyway? You guys aren't dating, I thought." Jordon said.

"We aren't, but she said it'd be healthier for Ava if we continued to speak and be friends. I don't know, I feel like it's just an excuse for Asia to still be with me." I answered.

"Do you two still bang?" Dylan asked.

"Yeah, I mean it's usually her idea. I don't complain, though."
Jordon and Dylan chuckled, and Jordon asked, "Well that's probably the only plus to being around her, eh?"

"Seriously, though. She actually insisted on me bringing her tonight."

"And where's Ava going to be?"

"She hired a sitter."

"Didn't Asia throw that huge tantrum because you 'weren't spending enough time with Ava'? Even though we've all been home for 2 years?" Dylan added.

I nodded.

"What the hell, that makes no sense." Jordon said as he took another drink.

"That's women logic for you. They're succubus bitches who only want money and to reproduce." I said, and we all chuckled. Just then, the doorbell rang and I jumped a bit.

"That's probably my date.." Dylan said awkwardly and he walked to the front door.

"I'm gonna lie; that scared the shit out of me. I thought Asia heard us or some shit." Jordon said and we both laughed. We saw Dylan sticking his head out of the door, and he was talking to someone. After looking back at us for a moment, he started to slowly open the door.

"OH SUCK ON THIS DICK!!!!" Matt yelled at Jorel and Scribs as he won their riveting game of CoD.

"Excuse my ill mannered friends..." Dylan said as he held the door open for a familiar girl who came in. She was really pretty, actually. She was wearing a red dress with black heels. I couldn't really remember where I've seen her from, but she looked familiar.

"Oh, hey, George! Fancy seeing you here, mate!" she smiled and hugged me.

"Well I live here, so.." I awkwardly chuckled. She stared at me smiling, and waited for me to recognize her.

"George! It's me! Victoria! From the strip club!" she kept smiling. I glanced at Jordon and he was watching as she and I stood in silence.

"Oh! Right, yeah hey there...How've you been, I guess? Your hair is longer..." I said.

"Yeah, they're extensions. But I've been well! What about you? Have you taken your lassie to any more boobie bars?" she asked.

"No, Asia isn't too fond of him even breathing around other girls." Jordon joked. She looked at Jordon in a confused way and then back at me.

"A-Rad doesn't like that...? But you took her to one and she seemed to enjoy it?"

Jordon choked on his drink and started coughing. We looked at him until he could breathe again, "A-Rad? Your lassie? Ha dude that is the funniest thing I've ever heard!" Jordon started laughing.

"Why's that? They seemed to really be into each other when I met them." Victoria said with a snarky attitude.
After Jordon and I shared glances, we heard the girls' bedroom door open. We all turned our attention to the two girls that came out of the room. They looked absolutely phenomenal. Richi was wearing a black dress that shaped her body like a fucking marble sculpture and black heels that made her legs look great. Her hair had a little bleach strip in it and it looked pretty cute. A-Rad was walking behind her and she had a long sleeved dress with laced sleeves. The dress was really thin and made her body look like she was naked with body art. It was pretty hot, actually. She also had black heels on that made her legs look really long and pretty, and her hair was straight for once. They stood there and looked around as everyone stared at them.

"Um, guys?" Richi said, snapping me out of my hypnotic stage.

"Oh my god! You two look amazing! Am Victoria, in case you didn't get the pleasure of meeting me at Circles." Victoria said as she spoke to Richi and shook her hand.

"Um hello. I'm Richi." she said smiling.

Victoria turned to Dylan and said, "Oh, this is the girl you didn't want to move in with you guys! Why? She's beautiful!!!" and she turned back to Richi. Everyone was silent and stared at Dylan. Richi was awkwardly smiling and A-Rad's mouth was slightly open.

"Well! I think it's time to go now, don't you guys think?" A-Rad said trying to break the silence.

"Agreed! Who's riding with me?" I said as I started walking towards the door. The awkwardness in the room was so thick that you could cut through it with a knife.

"Um I'll go with you!" Matt said. He and Danny started walking towards my car, and we all kind of shuffled out all at once. Jake and A-Rad were in front of me and he said to her, as he extended his arm, "M'lady?" she rolled her eyes and took his arm. For some reason, that bothered me. I wanted to tap him on the shoulder and just say, "Um stop." That's not terrible, but the fact that it bothered me was....well, bothering me. Scribs and Richi were in the very back, behind me, and I could hear him whispering to her, "Do you still feel uncomfortable or has that died down yet?"

"I don't know...after you guys walking in on us umm...working out made things weirder. Can we talk about this later?" We all finally piled up in two separate cars and took off. I drove as Matt sat next to me, and Jake, A-Rad, Danny, Scribs, and Richi rode in the back. Danny was sitting behind me and A-Rad sat in the middle with Richi to her right. Scribs and Jake sat in the very back. Victoria, Dylan, Jorel, and Jordon rode in Dylan's car.

"So why do you guys keep acting weird when it comes to earlier this afternoon?" I asked Jake and Scribs.

"What do you mean?" Richi's voice shook a little as she spoke.

"I'm talking to Jake, but you seem like it's more important to you, Rich. What happened that's so embarrassing or whatever?"

"We caught them doing something." Scribs laughed. I saw in my rear-view mirror Jake hit him.

"What did you catch them doing?" Danny asked.

"Uh walking around in their...un-underwear." Jake stuttered.

"Lucky you." Matt mumbled. I was the only one who heard that and chuckled.

"Dude! Shut up." A-Rad whispered to Scribs.

"What's so bad about that?" Danny asked.

"Well they hand thongs on.." Scribs said.

"What?" A mumbled.

"Lucky bastards, I swear." Matt said out loud this time. The guys laughed.

"Shut up, Matt." Richi leaned forward and hit him on the side of his head. That only made Matt laugh a little louder. "We're only teasing! It's not a big deal, Rich."

"Yeah whatever..."