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Zoned: Waking Up

Deafening Slurs

I sat in bed with Richi as we tried numbing our anger with booze. As 2am rolled around, I heard the faint sound of cars rolling up to the house. Richi and I were quiet as we listened for the characters to step out of the cars. It wasn't long before a small rumble of voices made my hands vibrate with rage. I took a drink of my beverage and tried not to get up and scream at them. The sound of Victoria's voice was calming.

"Dammit, Jordon. Just let me do it." She was annoyed. I could hear her fumbling around with the house keys as she tried to get them from Jordon's drunk self. All of the guys started laughing and they were loud.

"Give 'em back, you twat!" Victoria was getting even more annoyed. Dylan started laughing and singing, "You can't catch me, you can't catch me!" like a little kid.

"For fuck sake get inside your own bloody damn selves! I am going home!" she yelled. Richi's temper was showing and her tolerance level seemed to have dropped immensely.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" She mumbled. She got up and left our room. I didn't follow, but I could hear everything that was happening. She unlocked the front door and let them in.

"Oh hey, baby!" Dylan slurred. She didn't say anything. "What's with the face?" He said as he came inside.

"Oh it smells so good in here! I love this house..." Jorel said as he walked in. I got up and walked into the living room. As I walked in, the smell of booze and sweat danced around the men that stood before me. Richi was still holding the door open as Jordon threw up in the yard. She was looking at the ground. Her eyelids were more drooped than usual and she was breathing heavily. That's how I knew she was mad. All of the guys stumbled in and kept shaking their heads to keep themselves awake.

"Where's George?" I asked.

"He went home with Asia." Jake said as he rubbed his face.

"Man no one asked you..." Matt hissed at Jake. Jake just ignored him and turned back to me, "We're gonna go. See you girls later...."

"Does anybody else want a ques-....a.....ques..um..dia..?" Matt stumbled to the fridge.

"You mean a quesadilla?" I asked annoyed.

"Thasssss what I said." He closed his eyes and started sucking on his teeth.

"Okay this was fun! I'm going to bed." Richi finally spoke up.

"We jus' got here." Dylan complained.

"Yeah stay out with us!" Jordon crawled back inside.

"Y'all aren't staying out anywhere." She said.

"Y'allllllll." Dylan leaned his head back and mocked Richi.

"Shut the fuck up and go to bed." She snapped.

"I'm sensing some hostility....HA!" Jorel said as he laughed a little.

"Jorel...just....just please go to bed." I said rubbing my temples. "Where the hell is Danny?"

"He was in the car with us, right?" Jordon asked. He was now lying on his face on the floor.

"Is he still in the car?" I asked. No one answered; they all just said, "Uuuhhhhh...." and continued to make weird noises. Richi sighed and rolled her eyes.

"You people are useless. Goodnight." Richi stepped over Jordon, walked around me to our room, and shut the door.

"Wonderful," I sighed.

"Why are you girls so mean to us?" Dylan whined. He began to slide down the wall he was leaning on, and landed on his ass. Matt was still in the kitchen; looking through the cabinets. When I say "looking," I actually mean he was just opening and closing them repeatedly. Jordon was still lying in the doorway, and Jorel was sitting on the half wall by the couch.

"Okay I'm off to bed. Do whatever you want, I don't care." I was officially done with their drunk asses. I was about to walk away when Jorel grabbed my arm and said, "No stay with us, babe." Fury pulsated through me in .2 seconds, and I pushed him off of the half wall.

"Go fuck yourself." I said. I then walked back to my room and got in bed. Richi was already trying to sleep. I crawled in bed and tried to sleep, too. The episode at Neverland kept playing in my head. It repeated over and over again, keeping me from a peaceful sleep. I knew Jorel didn't mean anything in a bad way when he grabbed me just then. It only reminded me of the event from earlier. Not many thoughts were going through my mind. I kept replaying the episode at Neverland. I lied on my back and stared at the darkness where the ceiling would be seen. Richi's back was facing me, but I could see every now and then her screen from her phone light up.

"Are they actually bad people?" I whispered to her. She didn't say anything, but I knew she heard me. I continued to speak. I said in a very low, monotone voice, "Have we been brainwashed? We were so obsessed with these guys because of their music, but then the impossible happened and we became a family. And yet we never knew they were so..... violent. Do all people have this buried violence in them?" Richi still didn't say anything. I turned my head to where I would be looking at her, but it was too dark for me to actually see. After waiting for a response, I looked back at the ceiling. The silence moved the darkness and made it dance. Is this what blind people see, I thought. Does the blackness move to them, too? The silence made my ears ring. Although we were told, in Psychology class, that the ringing in your ears is due to damage to your cochlea. People can go deaf from cochlear damage and some eventually have to get cochlear implants. It was so quiet, I wondered what could possibly have made my ears ring. Their pathetic attempts at speaking must have damaged my hearing, I thought as I chuckled. I could hear their faint mumbling through the wall and rolled my eyes. Matt laughed and made Richi sigh. He was so loud. "Rich?" She still didn't respond. I waited a few seconds before saying anything else.

"Are they bad people, Richi?" It was as if she was mute. She was in no mood to speak anymore. I continued to talk, anyway, "Yeah, they were rough, but they didn't violate us."

Richi turned over and looked at me. My eyes adjusted to the darkness but I could still hardly see her.

"They didn't violate us?" She finally spoke.

"Sexually, no."

"They held us down, invaded our personal space, ignored the fact we said 'no' to something they wanted us to do, and physically harmed us. I was slapped in the fucking face." She wasn't loud or mad sounding; she sounded sad. "You cannot tell me that that is not violation. It may not be what happened in high-school, but it was like it in a way. They did what they wanted without my consent; even after I-...... we said no. This is the second day we've been here and I already want to leave." We just looked at each other. I wasn't sure how to respond. I just nodded, and she turned back over. I could feel the disappointment in them radiating off of her as she relaxed. It was about ten past two o'clock. I closed my eyes and listened to the thumps of their feet trying to walk. It got so quiet, I could slightly make out what was being said in the next room.

"Did you see the calves on that girl? They looked like two full hams glued to tooth picks." It was Jorel. Matt and Dylan laughed, but I didn't hear Jordon. They didn't either, and someone mentioned it, "Did he pass out?" Jorel answered yes, and made a grunting noise. I was trying to figure out what was happening, until I heard the grunting by our bedroom door.

"Fuck he's heavy." Jorel moaned.

"Or you're just weak." Matt taunted. They didn't try their best to be quiet. It wasn't until they decided to push Jordon across the floor, to his room, did it get quiet.

"I'm gonna sleep." Jorel mumbled as he walked by our door to his room. I couldn't hear Matt or Dylan anymore. Thank god, I thought.

"I wanna go home." Richi whispered.
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