‹ Prequel: Zoned
Status: Part Two

Zoned: Waking Up

I Loved You, You Made Me Hate Me

"Jorel, are you sure you're okay? You and V just broke up...." Richi said as she brought him a bottle of water.

"Yes! Guys, I'm fine. I appreciate the support but there's no need to worry. Okay?" He took a drink of his water. Richi and I looked at each other then back a him.

"Okay....so when can we start moving in, again?" Richi changed the subject.

"Tomorrow. That's actually the reason I came over here. I remembered about last night on my way here and thought it was more important. I'm pretty excited!" he smiled.

"J, you literally just broke up with the girl you've been with for, what, 5 years?" I said.

"A-Rad, I'm fine."

I, of course, didn't believe that load of bullshit, but I nodded and let it go for the time being. "Okay, fine. Have the others been notified?"

"Notified? Uh yeah. They haven't responded. Well Dylan did but he said he was wanting to talk to me and the guys about it. Not sure what that's about, but whatever." He said. He took another sip of water. I looked at Richi and she looked upset. She didn't show it but I've known her for so long that I know her mood by the direction she looks and the way she stands and how her head is positioned. Her head was barely tilted back, her eyebrows were somewhat raised but not enough to where her forehead creased. She was leaning on her left leg and had her hands over each other as her arms rested on her hips.

"We should go see what happened with everyone, I think. Dylan went home with some girl and we woke up here. I bet everyone else has some crazy shit that personally happened." She said. She acted totally okay, but her stance just screamed, "A, I am so upset please help!" She brought up a good point, though. I remembered something happened last night, but I just couldn't recall what exactly.

"I agree. Sir Charles is probably in some hussy's bed, now." I joked. It was a serious statement, but I tried to make the situation lighter than it could've been. I was genuinely worried, actually. Jorel nodded and took a final drink.

"Sounds good. Do you guys wanna change or stay in those?" He said as he pointed at our fucked up makeup and ruffled clothes we wore to the dance club.

"Yeah we look crusty." Richi said and walked to the bedroom. I followed and heard Jorel say to himself, "Crusty?" I giggled at that.
I closed the bedroom door behind me and turned to Richi. She started tearing up again.

"No no, babe! You're fine!" I said as I hugged her.

"Goddammit, A.....We finally start living the lives we wanted and I fuck it up for us." She said.

"What the hell are you talking about? We've been with these guys for 5 or 6 years, dude. You didn't even do anything!"

"I did Tommy in the bathroom....Dylan clearly doesn't want me living with them now!"

"Okay why do you say that? He can't get mad! You two haven't even done anything with each. No one has said anything about dating, y'all haven't kissed or any of that. He doesn't own you, babe."

"We almost kissed. We cuddled and we've shared food and all that. We act cute..." she pulled her head off my shoulder and wiped her eyes. Eyeliner was smudged and smeared all over her eyes. "I'm just upset that nothing has progressed. I like him. A lot."


"Okay, so I think everyone is at the bus. Not really sure." Jorel said as we got onto the highway.

Richi was to my left, leaning against the door. She had her eyes shut and she was curled into a ball. I sighed and said, "Okay. Wake us when we get there?" Jorel nodded and turned the radio on. My head was killing me. I felt dirty and like I needed to shower. I remembered that something happened that was bthering me, but I still didn't retrieve the memory. I felt awkward and sick. I started tearing up, too. Richi was so upset about Dylan and she had this mindset that he just hated her and that he didn't want anything more than friendship. I felt the same way with Jordon. I got upset because he's had girlfriends before, and I've seen the way he looks at them, and he never looked at me like that. He's tried kissing me before, but he does that with all the guys. It's not like "relationship" kissing, either. Just funny kissing. It was more humorous than anything, and I always refused and rejected to him kissing me because I want our first kiss to be special. Not some joke. I could tell Richi felt the same way about Dylan.