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Status: Part Two

Zoned: Waking Up

The Further I Go, I Wanna Go Home

We sat in George's car. Richi, Jorel, and I sat in the very back. Jorel sat in the middle and I sat on his left and Richi was on his right. Richi rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. George was of course driving, and Danny was in the passenger seat. Jordon, Dylan, and Matt were sitting in front of us in that order. It was quiet in the car. The only voice we could hear was the radio turned on low. Dylan leaned his head against the seat and stared at the road. Jordon started texting me.

"Why'd Richi do it?" it read.
"well from what Jorel told me, she thought Scribs was Dylan. why does it matter if she did it or not anyway? It's not like he likes her, right?"
He kept looking down at his phone but didn't respond. He looked forward then at Dylan, then he looked at Richi, then back at his phone.
"You're right. It shouldn't matter. And it doesn't."
"Jordon? What are you not telling me?" I knew he liked her. It was pretty obvious from the way he was acting.
"He'd get mad if I told you."
"okay he likes her. Clearly. Does he know that she thought Scribs was him?"
"No, I don't think so."
I shifted in my seat with joy. If he knew she liked him, then all of this bullshit would be avoided, I thought.
"okay so just show him the text and then he'll know she thought it was him"
"It's not that easy. He's pretty upset. She'll have to tell him."

"Goddammit," I said out loud. I quickly covered my mouth because I meant to say that in my head. Everyone but George and Danny looked at me. I awkwardly smiled at them. "Uh...spam...email." I lied. Jordon chuckled then turned back around. Everyone else turned back around and Jorel closed his eyes. Richi kept looking at me.

"what was that?" she texted me.
"long story"

Jordon texted me and said, "Nice. That wasn't obvious at all."
"shut up. I didn't mean to say it out loud. Anyway, why is everyone so quiet?"
"Well I can assume we're all just really hungover."
"this silence is bothering me....could you say something?"

"So how did last night go with all of you?" He said out loud.

"not what I meant" I texted him. He laughed as he looked at his phone.

"I got laid." George said.

"Yeah you and Chocolate Thunder Thighs were really goin' at it." I said. Everyone chuckled at that.

"Oh ha ha. Funny. At least I got some action. What did you do last night, A?" He tried sounding superior.

"She and Matt almost got it in." Dylan laughed.

"And Richi and Scribs fucked, I think." George said.

Goddammit, George....I thought.

"What happened with you and that British chick?" I asked to lose focus from Richi.

"Uh a bunch of shit." Dylan answered.

"Like what?" Matt asked.

"Nothing sexual, that's for sure. In fact, her crazy brother slashed my leg and I puked, pissed, and bled on the floor. All this was before I jerked off on her sheets and made her clean up all of my body fluids." Everyone was laughing. Even Richi was giggling.

"That is not the answer I expected." Matt said.

"What about you and A, huh? What happened with you two lovers?" Dylan joked. Matt was still smiling but he was looking at his lap. He cleared his throat and shook his head slightly.

"Nothing at all." He answered with a fake smile.

"I'm right here, you know." I said to myself. Dylan and Jorel heard it and looked at me.

"Oh, well let's hear your side of it, then!" Dylan said. He was being kind of an ass by bringing all of this up in front of each other. I looked around as everyone but George and Matt stared at me. George turned the radio down so they could hear me.

"We were drunk," I cleared my throat and knew that Matt would be embarrassed if I said I rejected him, so I changed the story a bit, "I kissed him in the heat of the moment and he pulled away. Then I walked over to Richi and that's all I remember." Matt turned and looked at me.

"That's not what I remember you saying?" Richi said.

"Well how would you know about what happened when you were too busy getting fucked by Scribs, Rich?" Dylan said as he faced forward. Everyone was quiet. Jordon and Matt turned and faced the front again. George turned the radio back up and carried on driving. Jorel kept looking at his lap and didn't make eye contact with either Richi or myself. I looked at her and she leaned against the side of the car.

"still think she should tell him instead of just showing him?" I texted Jordon. He looked at his phone but didn't reply.

"why did he say that?" she texted me.
"I don't know, babe. He's just mad."
"i hate this. i cant just get up and leave the room. we're in the car! this is so embarrassing and im about to cry."
"dont cry. we're almost to the recording booth. youre gonna be okay."

I got an unexplainable anger towards Dylan. I then asked, "So it seems like you're not happy about it, Dylan. Can I ask you why that is?" I totally knew why. I just wanted to be a bitch. Jorel and Richi looked at me as Jordon and Matt kept looking forward. Dylan didn't answer. No one did. Dylan was one of my best friends, but he was being a complete pain the ass and I was really mad that he made Richi feel the way she did. After about five more minutes of awkward silence, George pulled up to the recording studio.

"Thank God..." Jorel mumbled.