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Status: Part Two

Zoned: Waking Up

I Don't Mind the Rain

"Is he okay!?" I yelled as Jordon helped George to his feet.

"Fuck, he's bleeding! Goddammit, we need to take him to the hospital!" Jordon said.

"What the fuck happened!?" Richi came into the Cage with Dylan and saw George's head bleeding.

"He tripped and hit his head on the bar!" Jorel yelled.

"Dude, we have to get him to the hospital! Stop fuckin' around!" Matt chimed in. Jordon and Jorel put George's arm around them and they walked him to his car.

"I thought Jorel couldn't drive?" I said to Matt.

"Jordon." He said.

"Right, right."

"What the fuck is going on?" Dylan said. Danny was wiping the bar off with a paper towel.

"We were standing here, and George wanted to get some coffee to get rid of his hangover and then he tripped and hit his head really hard on the edge of the bar." Matt said.

"What the fuck! And is he okay?" Richi said.

"Don't know." I replied.

"Goddammit, we need to record!" Danny yelled.

"Hey, Richi. We should go check out the Set Booths. We've never actually been in there." I said. Dylan and Matt shared a look but didn't say anything. "C'mon." I motioned for her to come with me. I walked across the hall to the Set and stood in the middle of where Matt worked.

"Which one is your booth?" Richi asked Dylan. He walked her to the booth right next to Jordon's. I followed. When you walked in, there was a bar and counters to the right with a fridge next to them. There was a stool in the very middle of the room with a mic that hung from the ceiling. There was a (one-way) window that was on the front wall that faced the Set. The only other thing in the room was a couch that leaned against the left wall.

"This isn't much." Richi said.

Dylan shrugged. "Yeah, but it's a step up from having to rotate mics. That was obnoxious."

"How many booths are there?" I asked.

"6. Matt won't really use his. He'll be working on the music while we sing and shit." Dylan replied as walked out of his booth.

"That's really cool how the mic records only when it's your turn to sing." I said.

"I know, huh? It gives y'all a break. Pretty cool." Richi said. "I hope George is okay.."


"Guys! I thought of the coolest fucking thing!" George said as he came into the recording studio 3 hours later.

"The fuck? Was that George?" I asked as Richi and I sat on the couch in the Cage.

"I think it was." She replied. We both got up and ran into the hallway. George was running towards us as Jordon and Jorel walked behind him. George had a bandage around his head.

"George, are you okay!?" I yelled as he ran up to us.

"Yes! Oh my fuck, guys I wrote a song!" He said. Richi and I looked at each other.

"Did you, now?" I said.

"It's actually pretty good." Jorel said from down the hall. "We're going to start recording it."

"Well what happened?" Richi asked.

"I got a concussion and wrote a song. Simple as that. It's called 'Rain'."

"Oh well cool! When are y'all gonna start on it?" I asked.

"Now." Jordon said as him and Jorel went into the Set Room.

"You guys can be in the booths with us if you want." George said. We followed him into the room and I watched as Matt got the Set ready for recording. I wasn't sure which booth to go into, so I went into Jordon's.

"Oh, hey." He said as he sat on the stool, waiting for Matt to get ready.

"Um which songs are ready for recording?" I asked awkwardly.

"Well we have a few songs that we already recorded the music for. We just need to record the lyrics then we're done with about 4 songs. The first song is Another Way Out. We're about to start." Jordon said. I sat on the couch and watched as Matt gave the signal to everyone. Just then, Danny's voice filled the entire room.

I was so amazed by the entire process. Jordon began singing. He looked so focused. I watched him sing and watched the red light on the mic turn on and off when he sang and when he didn't. After the song was over, Matt spoke into an intercom, "Good job, fags. Dylan, you were kind of late on your part, so we'll do it again. Okay, in 3...2..." then he put one finger up as the music started and Danny sang. I was so excited to watch them sing again. My inner fangirl was surfacing and I started mentally freaking out as Jordon sang. Fuck...I thought. Not this again.