‹ Prequel: Zoned
Status: Part Two

Zoned: Waking Up

On the Couch Arm

"Okay that was better! We'll move to the next song. Uh what do you guys wanna sing? We only have like 3 songs that we can record, so it's up to you guys." Matt said over the intercom. He turned on everyone's mics, and Dylan suggested a song called 'Lion'. George was the only one really singing in it. Him and Danny. After a few moments of waiting, the music started.

"Want a drink?" Jordon asked as he hopped off the stool to the fridge. I nodded. He grabbed some citrus vodka out of a cabinet and a sprite from the fridge and mixed the two. He made two of the mixture and handed me one. I chugged it and handed him the glass all in about 15 seconds.

"What? Can't keep up?" I teased. He smirked and chugged his, too. He looked at me and smiled. I stood up and stretched and he walked towards me. He grabbed my waist and looked at my face as he smiled. I smiled back at him but gently pushed him away.

"Oh no no, you're not getting off that easy." I teased.

"What the hell. If I were to kiss you, it'd be in a totally platonic way!" He was still smiling.

That's the problem, I thought. "So do you normally kiss your friends, or am I just special?" I joked.

"Depends on what you wanna hear." He replied with a smile.


"I know I am."

"And extremely modest, I see."

He smirked and went back to the fridge for another drink. He grabbed a beer this time and held one up for me to see if I wanted one. I nodded. Why not get a bit tipsy, I thought. It wouldn't hurt anyone. He and I sat on the couch and listened to George sing.

"He's not terrible, but he's better in the studio than he is live." Jordon said.

"At least he enjoys singing."

Jordon nodded then leaned his head back on the couch and closed his eyes. I looked at him and how sweet he looked. I smiled at him. Just then, he opened his eyes and looked at me. I quickly looked away and awkwardly took a drink of my beer. I hate beer, what the fuck, I thought. He smirked and said, "What?" I shook my head and took another drink.

He giggled and closed his eyes again. After Lion ended, a song called From The Ground began playing. Jordon stood up and sat on the stool.

"Oh I don't sing in this one." He mumbled to himself and got off the stool. I stood up on my tip toes then back down, trying not to look awkward. He stood in front of me and slowly walked towards me as he said, "So what would you do if I kissed you, anyway? Would you back away like you've been doing?"

"It's possible." I smiled at him. I kept backing up until the wall stopped me.

"Well now you're stuck." He put his hands on the wall on either side of my head and looked down at me. I giggled and ducked under his right arm and sat on the couch arm.

"I don't think so, sweetheart." I said. He turned to me and leaned in to kiss me. Just then, I fell back, still sitting, and had my legs hanging over the arm of the couch. He chuckled and leaned in again. I had nowhere else to go, so I just lied down and giggled.

"Ha, now you really can't go anywhere." He was standing over me. His legs were pressed against my knees. He leaned in and grabbed my waist as he did. I put my hand on the back of his neck and blushed as he pulled me up to his mouth. It felt like a million butterflies were spewing out of my ears and mouth as we kissed. Finally, I have liked this guy for years and we're finally kissing like we're together, I thought. I felt so happy.
I was then sitting on the arm of the couch with both arms wrapped around his neck, and his hands on my waist. Before I knew it, the song ended and we were interrupted but Matt over the intercom, "Okay we'll take a break then we'll do the last one." Jordon pulled away and smiled at me.

"Can I ask you something?" He said. He looked concerned at this point. I nodded. "That didn't mean anything to you, did it?"