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This Is What Makes Us Girls

This Is

She had perfect golden blond hair with soft curls that bounced evenly when she turned her face or laughed and shook her head. Her face had no scratches, and her face was pure itself. Crystal blue eyes that sparkled when she laughed, that watered blue when she cried, and that twinkled when she was full of happiness.

This was and continued to be my best friend, Britney.

I would describe my hair color as shining chestnut, with gentle straight waves that came to my elbow. The smoothness of my hair had everyone’s hands aching to touch it. My dark emerald eyes entranced everyone who glanced at me. They darken when I got angry, and shined when I cried.

These were the beauties that had caught all the guys’ attention and love. There were no other girls like us.

“So, what do you think?” Britney spoke and I shook my head to myself looking over at her phone. We had made our way to the train station and were standing by the train tracks.

“What do you mean?” I questioned.

Britney laughed and rolled her eyes, “The picture Lana!”

I blinked confused and looked down at her phone. I choked back tears and swallowed hard. It was a picture of two girls with blue ribbons in their hair. Two girls with smiles wide and filled with pure joy. Two girls with their eyes smiling back at the camera.

Two girls who were Britney and I.

The prettiest in the crowd that you have ever seen
Ribbons in our hair and our eyes gleamed mean
A freshmen generation of degenerate beauty queens

“I can’t believe you kept that picture all this time!” I laughed a bit and bit my lip hard holding back tears.

“Of course I did.” Britney said with a soft and sad laugh. “I will always keep it.”

I smiled as I remembered her saying she would always keep it a few years ago.

“But mom that’s not fair!” I yelled at her angry as hell.

“It is fair. You’re leaving tomorrow for New York, and that’s the end of it young lady!” My mother yelled back and turned her back to me.

“No mom! I promise I won’t do anything bad again! They are the only friends I have EVER made!” I begged.

“I SAID NO Lana!” She looked at me, her eyes filled with anger, frustration, and disappointment.

I shut my eyes tightly and ran upstairs. I simply cried till my eyes grew dry.

And you know something?
They were the only friends I ever had
We got into trouble and when stuff got bad

The next day I woke up and packed my things like a zombie. I didn’t care what or what I didn’t take. I texted Britney to meet me at the train station for a goodbye.

And she did.

“I’m going to miss you so much Lana!” She cried into my shoulder as we hugged.

“I know. I’m going to miss you too. Promise me you’ll keep the picture of the two of us that I sent you this morning.” I pulled back to see her eyes.

“I promise! Gee, you never will give up your bossiness will you!” She teased, but it was only to keep her from shedding more tears.

I laughed and rolled my eyes. “Oh Brit…” I hugged her tightly once more and whispered. “We will keep in contact, and we will see each other again. I promise YOU that.” I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before I pulled away and hopped onto the train. I found my seat and looked out the window.

And there she was, smiling and wiping her tears away. I waved at her and felt a single tear fall down my right eye.

I got sent away, I was waving on the train platform.
Crying ‘cause I know I’m never comin’ back.

“Lana?” I heard Britney speak my name and I opened my eyes. “Are you crying?”

I swallowed and wiped a tear off my face. Yeah, I was crying, I thought. I looked at her and my expression must have given it all away. Because the next thing I know is that she wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly. “Oh Lana…” She whispered.

I closed my eyes again and hugged her back. After a while, we pulled away and smiled at one another.

“How about another promise?” She proposed.

“Let’s have it.”

“I want us to both promise that we will never leave each other and will always be there for each other no matter what. Always be there when we have a heartbreak. Always be there when we need to figure things out. And always be there like any annoying sister would be to piss you off.” She ended with a teasing smile.

I laughed out loud and shook my head, unable to stop myself from hugging her. She laughed also and I heard a smile in her voice as she spoke. “I’m taking that as a yes, I promise?”

“Yes. I promise.”

This is what makes us girls
We all look for heaven and we put our live first
Somethin’ that we’d die for, it’s our curse
Don’t cry about it, don’t cry about it
This is what makes us girls
We don’t stick together ‘cause we put our love first
Don’t cry about him, don’t cry about him
It’s all gonna happen
♠ ♠ ♠
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