In the Beginning

This is the prequel to my story Stay Awake Forever. It follows the lives of the characters before FBI agents Cassandra "Cassidy" Martin and Juliet "Julie" Simmons/Sanders protect Avenged Sevenfold. This is the story of how Juliet and Matt met, and how much their lives changed in the simple act of meeting one another.

This was supposed to be a oneshot, but it didn't turn out that way.

I do not own Avenged Sevenfold *obviously* nor do I own Juliet and Adrienne. Juliet was created by the lovely miss Amiee *ShadowsFiction* and Adrienne was made by my unbiological twin Tori *debaucheryy* This is being written for Amiee so I hope she likes it. And I'm in the works of planning something for Tori's character as well since I didn't get to do much with her in the original story.

So I'm done with this. I'll let you get to the story now. Hope you enjoy it!

LizzyVengeance :)