Status: Finished. No sequel.

My Favorite

When you grow up, you find comfort in the little things. Something like a stuffed animal or a special blanket. Maybe sitting on your father’s lap, or listening to your mother sing. Sometimes the memory of a place calms you down, like a family vacation home or simply your own bedroom.

I never had a stuffed animal or a special blanket. My father was always so busy; he was never still long enough for me to sit with him. My mother didn’t like to sing – she said her voice was thin and wavering, that it didn’t sound good.

All my life, my comfort came from the disembodied voice of my father’s A.I.: J.A.R.V.I.S.

I do not own any recognizable characters. The only character I own is Holly, as well as the plot. Layout background belongs to Wideo of Deviant Art.