The Correlation Between Peppermint and Eyeliner

A girl named Alex meets Billie Joe... involves an encounter at the ever loved Wal-Mart!

It's just a REALLY fluffy, fun, sappy, romantic, lovable, alternate universe, fantasy-fulfilled story that I'm writting... It will probably go for a while, so check back for updates.

This is my first Green Day fanfiction, and I really hope you guess like it. I've gotten pretty good at it...

I really hope you like it!!!!
  1. Pologue
    Alex's Story
  2. When I Come Around
    A/N: Hey, I screwed up before and I posted the wrong chapters... I hope you didn't read them before... It was out of order. It's ALL better now.
  3. Untitled
    Billie gets excited before the concert...
  4. St. Jimmy
    Concert Scene!!!
  5. Good Karma/She's A Rebel/Fireworks
    Alex is brought backstage...
  6. Waiting
    Alex goes back to the tour bus.
  7. Extraordinary Girl
    Alex wakes up in the tour bus...
  8. Poprocks and Coke
    Billie goes back to Alex's apartment... dun dun duuuun....
  9. Rock and Roll Girlfriend
    Billie waits for Alex's call...
  10. Whatsername
    Billie and Alex talk on the phone...
  11. Air Guitaring
    On the way to the concert...
  12. Holiday
    Alex before she goes on stage gets a lovely surprise...
  13. The Last Song
    ^The title says it all...
  14. King For A Day (This chapter title has nothing to
    You'll love this chapter. I guarentee it.
  15. Fate and Karma
    If you haven't gone back and read Rock and Roll Girlfriend, I suggest do it before you read this, or else you might not know the theme I'm going for.
  16. Iron City Bar and Grill
    A day at Alex's work...
  17. No Longer A Misfit
    BIG BIG BIG BIG thing happening in this chapter!!!
  18. Packing Up
    Billie helps Alex pack some of her stuff.
  19. Quitting
    Hey, look! A penguin! *points to squirell*
  20. Better Thank Your Lucky Stars
  21. The Crappy Chapter
    I wrote this when I had writer's block, previously.
  22. Dark Day Part One
    Part one of three for chapter 21
  23. Dark Day Part Two
    Part two of three of chapter 21
  24. Dark Day Part Three
    Part three of three of chapter 21
  25. Uptight
    Two weeks later...kinda... we get a little surprize... ~~
  26. Hitchin A Ride
    ... Iunno. Read it.
  27. Perfect
  28. "So now you don't have your clothes?"
    Uhm, yeah...about that...there was a bit of a mix up between me and a alien at this hospital, and now...I have twelve fingers...lmfao
  29. Reunited (And it feels so good...)
  30. Relapse? (Saying Sorry-HH)
    Y'know what it's about.
  31. Waiting
    *sniffs* This is the last chapter.