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It's Not a Side Effect of the Cocaine, I Am Thinking It Must Be Love

Part 1!

“Hey Phoenix, do you want to spend the day with Uncle Pete? I need to run a bunch of errands. Or do you want to stay the night? He says either will be fine.” Patrick says as he walks into his 8 year old daughters’ room. Phoenix looks up from her book.

“I’ll spend the night, Daddy. I miss Uncle Pete and Bronx.” She says with a giant smile on her angelic face.

“Sure thing, Nix.” He smiles back at her and continues talking on the phone to Pete.

Phoenix starts to pack her overnight bag, putting clothes and a few books inside. She goes to her bathroom to grab her toothbrush and hairbrush and puts them in the bag as well.

She skips down the stairs and pauses at the bottom of the steps, to see her dad end the phone call. The love-struck look on his face was evident with the silly smile on his lips and the far-away look in his eyes.

“Daddy, I’m ready!” Phoenix exclaims, while walking into the room, seeming as though she didn’t just witness her father falling more in love with his best friend.

They get in the car and drive off. When they get to Pete’s house, Phoenix jumps out and races to the front door and frantically pushes the doorbell.

“Phoenix! You know you’re not supposed to ring the doorbell more than once!” Patrick scolds his daughter as he jogs up to the door. Right as he’s saying that, the door opens to reveal a smiling Pete, with a Bronx on his back.

“Hey guys! Come in! We were just uh…” Pete starts.

“Monkeying around!” Bronx exclaims. He then jumps off of his dad’s back and runs up the stairs.
“Okay well I’ve got to run so, Phoenix you know to behave, and don’t cause too much trouble for Uncle Pete. On second thought, be as horrible as you can. It’ll be payback for how wild he was when the band started.” Patrick says as he winks at Pete and laughs.

“Bye Daddy, I love you!” Phoenix cries as she jumps into Patrick’s arms.

“Holy smokes, Nix! You’re getting so big. Love you too, sweetie.” He sets her down and heads to the door.

Phoenix runs up the stairs to go play video games with Bronx and Pete walks Patrick to the door.

“Thanks again man, some of these things today are so boring and I know Nix missed you.” Patrick says.

“It’s really no problem, Trick. I love having her over. Bronx and her are really close and she’s so energetic. She must keep you on your toes, dude.” Pete replies.

“She really does, but I love her. I feel like I’m all she has since SHE left.” Patrick says with a frown.

“I’m always a phone call or short drive away, Trick. You know I’m here for you guys, any time of day or night. You helped me through my tough times, and I owe you so much.” Pete goes to hug Patrick. “Now get the hell out so I can corrupt your daughter!”

Patrick laughs and walks out the door to his car. He waves to Pete and drives away.

When Patrick turns around with the same love-struck look on his face that Patrick had earlier, Phoenix is there smiling at him.

“Holy hell! When did you get there?” He yells out in surprise.

“Uncle Pete, do you love my Daddy?” she asks without hesitation.

“Well… between you and me, yeah, sweetie. I really do.” He tells her.

“If you love him, why don’t you tell him?” she ponders.

“Sweetie, it’s a little more complicated than that.” He tells her as he walks past her and into the kitchen.

“But Uncle Pete, he loves you too!” she cries out, running to follow him.

“How do you know that, sweetie?” He turns to face her.

“When you’re not looking, he looks at you the same way you look at him. That’s why he’s so happy when you’re around.” She gets a smile on her face as she remembers how happy her father is when he’s around his best friend. “When mommy left, he was so sad. But when you’re around he’s always happy and smiley. He needs you Uncle Pete. And I know you need him too. He said you used to not like yourself. Did my daddy help you?”

“Yeah.” He tells her, almost in tears. “He’s the one who got me through it.”

She smiles knowingly and goes back upstairs to play video games with Bronx.

Pete sits on the couch and turn on the TV to some random channel. He sits and thinks about his best friend.

The next day, after Patrick picks up Phoenix, they go out and get ice cream.

“Daddy, I can’t wait to fall in love. I bet he’ll look at me the same way Uncle Pete looks at you when you’re not looking.” Phoenix says right before she takes a bite of her ice cream. Patrick was just in the middle of eating his and nearly spits it out. He quickly swallows.

“W-what do you mean by that, Nix?” He stumbles out.

“Well, it’s the same look you give him when HE’S not looking, Daddy. The lovey one. Do you love him, Daddy?” she questions him.

“Well of course I do. He’s my best friend. You always love your best friend.” Patrick says.

“No, Daddy. You LOVE him. Like when a mommy loves a daddy.” She giggles.

“Well… Yeah. I guess I do, Nix.” He blushes and takes another bite of his ice cream.
“Does that mean Uncle Pete will be my new mommy?” Phoenix gleams.

“What? No, Phoenix! He’d be another dad. But I doubt we’d ever be together.” Patrick mumbles out with a frown.

“We’ll see about that.” Phoenix whispers with a sinister smirk and a playful laugh.
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So, this started bc i thought about how cute patrick would be if he had a daughter and i was texting my friend and i started writing the dialogue and i figured i might as well make a fic out of it since it was so cute. Tell me what you think and if i should even have another part???