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Surprises & victories

I woke up extra early this morning. This could be the day where I might have my debut as the first and last female footballer to ever play professionally with men. This could be the start of a new era. My phone went off, it was Brooklyn. "Hey! Today could possibly be my debut!" I squealed over the phone. Brooklyn laughed. "Well I'll be watching the whole 90 minutes of it. You better keep your promise, because I have a surprise for you." He said happily. "And if I don't keep my promise?" I asked. "Then no surprise." He simply answered. "Fair enough. I'll call you after the game." He laughed once again. "Don't worry, I'll call you." He said. "Why does it matter?" "Because it does. I wish you the best of luck! Bye love." He said and hung up. He sounded very strange, as if he had something planned. But I just stayed 99% focused on the game, because that is what really matters right now.

I arrived at the stadium, and there was already chaos all around it. Well obviously, this is the El Clasico! The famous Barcelona vs Madrid rivalry derby. I entered into my own change room, and got ready. Once I was done, I went onto the pitch and started to warm up with the rest of the team. They all seemed pretty excited and happy. "You ready?" Neymar asked me. "Of course. It would be amazing if my professional career as a footballer begins in a huge game like this." Neymar smiled at me. "Well in the cases of huge games like this, we could really use a player like you. I hope Tata realizes that. Good luck." He said. "Thank you, good luck to you too." I felt shiver's run down my spine as I stared at the huge crowd. I even heard that the whole stadium was sold out for today. I ran a nervous hand through my hair and took a deep breathe, the game is going to start in 10 minutes. I sat down on the bench, since I wasn't in the starting XI. I looked around the stadium and smiled, I can't believe I've gotten this far.

It was only 10 minutes into the game, and Madrid have already scored. I couldn't blame our squad, Madrid is a pretty tough team to beat. Tata started to get frustrated as he yelled and yelled, but none of the forwards listened. they needed to attack more. "That's it. Martinez, get warmed up. You're taking off Sanchez." Those were the words that I felt like I've been waiting to hear in forever. I started to warm up like Tata asked, and before I knew it, the huge board was being lifted up by an official to switch me and Alexis. While Alexis was running off the pitch, I blocked off all the noise. All the thoughts in my head shut down. My time is now. I ran onto the pitch, and my body was filled with adrenaline. I am 100% ready mentally and physically, I am prepared to make history.

Minute 31', Neymar was running up the pitch with ball, Messi was in the perfect angle to score the equaliser, yelling at him to cross it over to him. Instead, Neymar crossed it over to me, and 40 yards out, I volleyed the ball right at the back of the net. I slid onto the turf, and ran over to the crowd and celebrated with the fans. I looked around the stadium with all the fans chanting my name, this is a dream I never want to wake up from. Neymar came over and gave me a high five. "Thank you for believing in me." I said. "I always will." I hugged him and ran back to my position just in time for Madrid to start from kick-off. I can't be anymore proud of myself than I am now.

The game ended 1-1. I gave so many autographs to fans that my hand started to ache. I turned around for a second, as I felt someone's gaze on my back, it was Neymar. He smiled at me. I gave him a smile back. After a few minutes, I started to get tired and realized I was the last player on the pitch. I said my goodbyes to all the supporters and went to my changeroom. I quickly changed started walking towards the door that exits you out of the stadium. Suddenly my phone went off, I checked caller ID, and it was Brooklyn. He called me just as he told me he would. I stopped in my tracks and answered. "Did you see my goal?!" I sung happily through the phone. "Yes, it was amazing! I am so proud of you. Thank you for keeping your promise." He said. I smiled and bit my lip. "Thank you. Now where's my surprise?" I asked. Before he responded, I opened the exit door and I saw him there with flowers. I dropped my bag and phone on the ground and ran up to him and hugged him. "Hey" He said happily. "I was there watching the game, you did a fantastic job. I wish I could've ran onto the pitch and hugged you once you scored, but I wanted to surprise you after the game." He explained. I kissed him. "Thank you so much! I missed you more than words can explain. This is the best surprise ever." He laughed and gave me the flowers that he held to give me. He picked up my bag off the ground and held my hand with his other arm, I turned back for a second and I saw Neymar behind us smiling at us. We walked up to a brand new black car. "what's this for?" I asked. "It's for you. But since you can't drive yet, I also hired a driver for you." He said. My jaw dropped, this day has brought me more than enough.

It was 3 am, but we stayed up, just fooling around. "I'm hungry" I yelled jokingly. "You're weird when you're tired." I nodded in agreement. "Let's go outside and play football on the street." I said, and pulled Brooklyn off of my bed and dragged him outside onto the street and kicked a ball around. "Try to take the ball from me." Brooklyn said. I tried hard but I couldn't, I started giggling. I finally stole the ball from him and he lifted me up and took it from me. "That's not fair!" I exclaimed. Somehow we just couldn't stop laughing all night.I took the ball away from him again, but then started tickling me and took it from me. "Stop!" I tickled him back, since he was very much ticklish. We started to get tired so we laid down on the cold pavement. we tried talking to eachother, but we just kept laughing. "Why are we still laughing? My stomach hurts." I said in between our laughter. We went back inside my house and fell asleep right after.

I woke up beside a warm body. I smiled up at Brooklyn's tiredly sleeping figure. The room was full of sunlight with a warm morning breeze coming from the opened windows. Brooklyn slowly started to wake up. He rubbed his eyes and got up. "Morning" He said with a smile and kissed me gently. Instead of eating breakfast that morning, we went out for ice cream. "Our routine is going to be weird when we're together, isn't it." I said, he let out a little laugh and agreed. There were little kids playing football, and we watched them for a while. We walked all around the streets of Barcelona all morning. "So, I have big news. I wanted to tell you later, but I couldn't wait." I looked up at him to see what he was going to tell me. He lowered his voice so that no one would hear him. "Manchester United offered Fulham £15 million for me!" He said excitingly. I stared at him speechless. I gave him a big hug, and squeezed him tight. "I'm so proud of you. Whatever your decision is, I'll support you." I said, and he smiled at me. We carried on with talking about our futures and already planning what were going to do and where were going to go.