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Success Will Be Waiting

The Words That Change Everything

Brooklyn helped train with me for a few hours everyday as long as he's here. He was going to leave tomorrow, and today I have a game and I'm in the starting line-up for Barcelona. "You're going to be amazing today." He said once we finished our workout. He brought his sweaty body closer to mine, and we kissed. I took a shower and ate the fruits and vegetables Brooklyn gave me to eat before the game. I was nervous, more then ever. This isn't my first game, but I don't want it to be my last. I need to prove all the doubters wrong. One good performance isn't going to shut them up. So I need to keep giving them everything I've got, and more. "Go do some warm up exercises. They'll help." He said as he handed me a protein shake he's made for me. He's been a big help for me, and I wish I can always be by his side like he's been by mine.

I look through my window as I watched Neymar play with his child outside. I smiled, his son is really cute, and Neymar's a great father. I looked at the time, and the game was going to start in 2 hours. "Stop stressing out so much, relax." Brooklyn said and picked me up and sat me beside him on the couch and we watched a movie to get my mind off of everything. "I'm scared." I said to Brooklyn. He shook his head. "There's no need to be, love. I'll be there watching you and supporting you." He responded.

We arrived at the stadium, the same time as Neymar. I watched him as he handed his son to, whom I guess, his mother, and went inside the changeroom doors. Brooklyn and I got out of the car, and he kissed me. "Good luck. I, I love you." He said. All I did was smile and quickly go into my changeroom, as I panicked even more that Brooklyn said he loves me. It's too early in the relationship.

Tata walked up to me before I go up from the tunnel, and play on the pitch that I love so much. "I put you in the line-up because I believe in you. I'm not going to stop you anymore." Tata said. I nodded and went up the tunnel and got into my position. Once the whistle blew, I kept all my focus on the game.

The game ended 2-0, and I scored both goals by Neymar who assisted both goals. "You know, you could've easily scored those goals." I said to Neymar. "No, I couldn't. I assisted them to you because I knew that you could've easily scored them, and you did." He pat my head and went into the teams changeroom, as I went into my own.

As I waited for Brooklyn outside the stadium, I saw Neymar and a woman with his son in her hands approach me. "Aden, this is my mother, Nadine, and my son, David Lucca." He introduced me to them. I shook Nadine's hand and introduced myself and I acted silly in attempt to make David Lucca laugh, as my attempts succeeded. "I've heard some great things about you. Neymar always talks about you and how talented you are." Nadine explained. I blushed slightly and smiled. Neymar rubbed the back of his neck and glanced over at me for a second. "So, are you waiting for Brooklyn?" Neymar asked. I nodded. "He should've showed up around half an hour ago, I don't know where he is." I said. "Oh! Does he have blonde hair, and looks muscular and tall?" Nadine asked. I laughed and nodded. "He left a few minutes before the game even started!" She said. I stared at her shocked, wondering why he would do that. But then I remembered when he said those 3 forbidden words that I've never said back to anyone. "Well, I have to go find him. It was nice meeting you both, and Neymar, when you're not busy, can we talk?" I said. "Yes, of course." He said. I smiled and hugged David Lucca and Nadine. "I'll see you all later."

I came home, but Brooklyn wasn't there. I tried calling his phone several times, but he wouldn't answer. I left him texts, but there were no replies. I gave up and threw my phone on the couch, and shortly threw myself after it on the couch. I know I'll hear from him soon, hopefully.

It started to get dark outside, but I didn't hear anything from Brooklyn. I turned the television on to the channel where the press follow around famous people, to see if they've found Brooklyn anywhere. I heard someone knock on my door. I went to go open it, and it was Neymar. "Hey, you wanted to talk?" He said. "Yeah, since I don't really have anyone to talk to about stuff, you're the closest I have to a friend here." He nodded. I let him in, and he sat down beside me on the couch. "What about Brooklyn?" He asked. "Well, the thing is, it is about Brooklyn." I said. Suddenly the on the channel that follows around famous people have reported that Brooklyn is at the airport. I gasped and was close to tears. This is all because I didn't say those 3 words back. "Isn't he supposed to leave tomorrow?" I nodded. "He was supposed to." "Are you going to go and stop him?" I sighed and ran a stressed hand through my hair. "I guess not. If he wants to leave earlier, without a warning or goodbye, it's his choice." He looked at my depressed face. "What happened?" He asked, as he wiped away the tear that came down my eye. "He said he loves me, but I didn't say it back." He stared at me with a blank expression. "I'm sorry." He said. "It's not your fault." He smiled, and changed the topic. He wanted to make me feel better. We stayed up the whole night and talked, completely forgetting about every problem in my life. I fell asleep in his arms on my couch, and I've never felt more comfortable with someone in my life.