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Success Will Be Waiting


I opened my eyes to David jumping on me. I rubbed my eyes to see clearly, and Neymar came into my room once David updated him that I was awake. "Happy birthday!" They both said cheerfully, hoping that I wouldn't get mad that they somehow got into my house and woke me up. I laughed and hugged them both. I was happy I had company for my birthday for the first time since I left Canada.

Later during the day, Brooklyn called wishing that he were with me for my birthday. Although all is resolved, I found a certain uncomfortableness with him. I felt weird telling him I love him, when I wasn't even so sure if I did. I guess I just said that so we can patch up the broken pieces and I'll learn to love him for real, surely soon enough.

Even though I had a fun day full of events with David and Neymar, Brooklyn was on my mind for quite a while. My worried expression was exposed onto my face as Neymar noticed and asked me about what's going on. "It's really nothing to be concerned about." I promised.

Once the night started to fall, and before David went to sleep, they had a special present they wanted to give me. Neymar handed the small box to David to give to me. "For you." David said with a huge grin on his face, as he passed the tiny box onto me. I opened it, and there was a silver necklace with a small football charm chained onto it. "It's beautiful. You really shouldn't have-" "We know how much football means to you. This is our gift to you, we hope you like it." Neymar interrupted as he walked up to me and held the shining piece of jewlery around my neck and gently closed it. I smiled up at him. "Thank you." He nodded, and smiled back. Eventually, they had to leave back home. We said our goodbyes and goodnights, but I didn't fall asleep. I looked into my bedroom mirror and saw the beautiful accessory hanging from my neck, thinking that I'll hold onto to this until the day I die.

I went to practice the next morning, a bit nervous to encounter all the men that despise doing their job with a 'little girl'. No matter how well I was doing, there were still thousands of football fans all over the world protesting and signing petitions against FIFA's idea of having me join a professional men's first team. Obviously, it bothers me, but I don't let it get to me.

Once practice was over, the fitness coach approached me. "You're doing better than most of these players that refuse to keep themselves into good shape at all times. Don't let them get you down, darling." It was the first compliment that I actually knew was true. I thanked him and left the training ground that I found a type of fear each time I arrived.

I packed my stuff as fast as I could, since my flight to London, England was in an hour. Its been a while since I visited the wonderful country, but I was happy to be returning for 3 days. I wondered how I and Brooklyn maintained a long distance relationship for so long. Although, it weren't too healthy all the time, our relationship was stable and happy. I started to remember when I was younger, how I'd hear from celebrities in tabloids saying how long distance relationships are the worst, and I pledged to never have one. Yet I broke the promise I made myself. Now that I do have a long distance relationship, it isn't all too bad anyways.