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Success Will Be Waiting

Picking Up Where We Left Off

I and Brooklyn have been cuddling for almost 2 hours ever since I arrived to London so that we can celebrate my birthday together although it passed. We both didn't bother to leave eachother's side because I was too tired, plus we were enjoying the warmth of eachother's bodies. "I still can't believe I'm 17 years old" he let out a small laugh. "I feel so different." I admitted. "Of course, you're growing up." I sighed, not wanting to grow older and wanting for everything to stay the same.

We walked in the chilly breeze of the night to a nearby coffee shop to relax a bit before the busy day Brooklyn has planned out for us the next day. Everyone at the coffee shop knew who we were, and was leaked to the press shortly after that I was in London. "So how has your career been going?" I asked him, even though I didn't have to because I already knew the answer. "Great. I'm a Man United player, remember?" He joked. He asked the same question to me, and I also responded how he knew I'd respond. "Great. I'm a Barça player, remember?"

Although I was having a nice time with Brooklyn, there was one thing on my mind that seemed to apparently matter more since it wouldn't get out of my thoughts; Neymar. I tried to shake him out of my head, but I couldn't. I kept glancing at my phone, hoping he'd call, but he never did. Without a single breath later, I did the unthinkable and excused myself from Brooklyn and went outside to call Neymar.

"This is so wrong" I thought out loud. I dialed his number and slowly put the phone against my ear. "Hola, Neymar. Sorry I'm calling you now, I know it's late. I just wanted to know how you've been doing." Regret washed over me, thinking of what a stupid thing to say. "Hola Aden. It's fine, it really is. I was just thinking of calling you. I've been doing good, how are you? How's Brooklyn?" I suddenly snapped out of the awkward conversation that barely started just when he mentioned Brooklyn's name. I wanted to hang up, but the sound of his voice is soothing and made me miss him less. But why... why would I miss him this much, especially when I'm with my boyfriend? "Were doing great, thank you for asking. I just wanted to hear your voice, to make me miss home a bit less, of course." I heard his cute laugh through the phone, and it gave me chills down my back. "Barcelona misses you too!" I smiled, wondering if he, himself, missed me. "Now go, Aden. Don't worry about me, I want you to enjoy your time in London. I'll see you soon." I stared continously at the glowing screen on my phone once we hung up. Brooklyn hugged me from behind, giving me a little scare as I came back to reality. "You okay? You've been staring at your phone for 20 minutes." I threw a little laugh, wondering what I'm feeling and what I'm trying to feel.