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Success Will Be Waiting

Working things out

It was 6:00 AM and I didn't even bother to go to training after what happened yesterday. I still woke up though. I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn't. So I decided to go for a morning jog outside. I got ready and just as I was about to leave the house, my phone went off. It was my coach calling me. I answered. "Hola..." "Aden I'm very sorry about yesterday. Please come to training?" She said in a sad tone. I stared at my phone strangely. My coach never apologizes. "Okay look, were playing Real Madrid tomorrow and obviously I want you in the line-up. Get your ass to training right now." She yelled through the phone. I smiled. "Wait, but are you actually sorry?" I asked jokingly. "Of course not. What is wrong with you? Do you think I'm your age?" She said and hung up the phone. I giggled slightly and quickly changed into my training uniform and ran to the bus stop just like every morning. I arrived at the training pitch and my coach smiled at me. I smiled back. I started doing the same drills as all of my teammates as they tried to do it faster and better than me to impress the coach, but they end up failing and hurting themselves which gives me the urge to laugh so hard. Jealousy is sometimes, hilarious and rather entertaining. It was nearly the end of training, and we all formed what supposed to be a half circle around the coach, but ended up looking like a blob. She had an announcement for tomorrows line-up. I was included in my normal position, a stricker. "Now, I have picked the best line-up that we have available right now. You will play your best and cooperate because you are not just a team, but a family. I expect a win. Several scouts will be watching the game aswell, so remember, play your best and have good behaviour." She said. We all nodded and thanked her. All my teammates were saying bye to eachother, but as usual, no one said bye to me, which is the reason behind why I'm always the first person to leave. "Aden!" My coach called behind me as I was about to leave the training ground. "Yes?" I responded. "Remember, play your best. The scouts will be watching. This is the future Barcelona promised you, that you will soon have if you do one simple thing. I'm counting on you." She said. I nodded. "Thank you." I left the pitch and started to make my way home.

I woke up just on time to get ready for the game. I am filled with energy and I am ready to play my best. I took my time and got ready. I put my hair in a simple ponytail and put on my black pre-warp to keep all excess hair out of my face during the game. I put my uniform on with pride. I call a taxi to come pick me up. I waited outside with a huge smile on my face that I just couldn't control. Today is a big day for me. It can make me the happiest person alive that I could cry of joy, or the saddest person in the world that I can cry myself to sleep. The choice of my future depends on my performance today. I just need to be good enough to maybe even get scouted for Barcelona's women's first team, maybe even a whole new better women's team in a different country. I will be famous. I will be known. I will be the best female footballer in the world. I will finally have a challenge, because youth football is too easy for me. The taxi finally arrives, and I give him the address of the stadium. I made it to the stadium in 10 minutes, with 3 hours until kick-off which is exactly the amount of time our team needs before every game. I met up with my teammates in the changeroom. Our coach walked in and explained our tactics which took 1 hour. Now 2 hours until kick-off. 2 hours until victory. We started to warm up and practice a few drills, and before we knew it, it was kick-off. My whole team played incredibly well, which shocked me because I'm the only that actually tries. Sometimes I wonder how some of my teammates even got onto a youth team. Barcelona won, 8-1. I scored a super hattrick of 4 goals, every other goal was scored individually by a few of my other teammates. We were all proud of ourselves. My coach was very proud of us. The only thing we were waiting for, were the scouts. It's like our life depended on it. My teammates were in a little group togethe rtalking about the scouts, while I sat away from them on the bench thinking to myself. Did I impress them? Did the scouts feel like giving me a future will improve the future of female football? I started sweating even more than I was. My cheeks were hot. I started to shake with doubt as I kept glancing at them as they talked. They nodded and shook their heads. Then, I saw them approaching me. Moving closer, and closer, until they were infront of me. I quickly stood up. I stood up so quickly, I felt dizzy. This is it. This is where my future lies. In the hands of these men. All my teammates stared. One of them started to cry. Another started to yell. Two of them threw their bags onto the ground and stormed out of the stadium. "Hola, Senora Martinez. You have very much impressed us with your skills, teamwork and behaviour. We would like to settle for a deal to send you somewhere far better. Here's our card, It has the address of our conference room. meet us there tomorrow at 2:00 PM." One of the men handed me a card. I looked at the card for a few moments in confusion. "Why do we need to be in a conference room?" I asked. "Because this deal is far more important. It could change football history forever."