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Success Will Be Waiting

The Meeting

I stared blankly at the building before I entered it to get to the conference room where the men that scouted me, offered me an important deal that they need to discuss. I made my way inside the building and entered the conference room where they men that scouted me plus important people from FIFA including Sepp Blatter, the president of FIFA. How important is this meeting? I took a seat in the only seat available. They nodded at eachother, and began to speak. "We sent out these men, that have offered to you to come to this meeting, to Canada to find a young, skilled and talented female. That female happened to be you. " Sepp said. "We have a plan for an experiment. We wanted to send a very, very talented women onto the men's side of football. There's several pros and cons to this type of situation, but we think it'll work out. And we're gladly offering you this position of our experiment onto the FCBarcelona male first team. We think you're qualified enough for this. Any questions before we continue about the deal?" I stared at him for a moment. He was right, there are several pros and cons to this type of situation. "Yes. What if the point of this experiment? And will I be the only female that will ever be allowed to play on a male team, or will there be more in the future?" I asked. Sepp thought about what he was about to say before he spoke. "We want to see how we can improve female football and make it more popular, so we thought maybe we'll test one of the best young female players in the world in order to find out if female's can ever live up to how male can play. And yes, you will be the first and last female that will ever have the opportunity to be allowed onto a male team." He said. He seemed convincing, so I kept on listening. "So FCBarcelona male team is offering to pay you 500,000 Euros every week, plus 10,000 euros from us for this experiment. Is the price fine?" He said it like he wasn't sure it'll be enough. My eyes widened as he spoke about the price. "Yes, of course it's fine." I said. "But there are expectations that we need from you. You must exercise every day for 3 hours and a half. Work mostly on from the waist-down to become stronger in the areas where a footballer needs to be. You will have to have good publicity. We understand that sometimes people make mistakes, but this is a huge step for football and we cannot have a troublemaker into this important project. Finally, you must obey your coach and get along with your teammates." He said sharply. I straightened up at the mention of 'troublemaker', as I didn't want to give them the impression that I am immature. "We will provide you with a house of your choice, gym equipment for when you have to exercise, a manager and a sponsorship for Nike and we will get you booked to do several commercials to become more famous in the Football atmosphere. So, what do you think about the deal?" He said feeling certain about everything he's saying. "I think the deal sounds good." I said. He smiled and handed me papers to sign. I took my time and read them and signed them. Once I finished, I handed them back. I smiled at them. "So when do I start?" I asked. "Next week. Your new manager will now take you to view houses." He said. "Thank you for agreeing, I hope you enjoy your journey." I nodded and walked out of the building. Once I was outside, I let out a little squeal and jumped in excitement. This was much more than what I thought. I waited outside for my manager.

A black Lamborghini avantador stopped infront of me. A man got out of his car and introduced himself. "Hello. I'm Andrew Tamancino, and I am your new manager." He shook my hand and took his sunglasses off. "We're going to have to find a house today, and possibly buy it today or tomorrow. Everything needs to be ready fast." He said. he opened the front door for me to sit in. He got into his seat and started driving to a near neighbourhood. The houses were huge. "This is a neighbourhood where most footballers and Spanish singers live. I'm pretty sure you'll fit in..." He said. I giggled and got out of his car once he parked it at the side of the road. "Here's the only house that's on sale at the moment." He said and let me enter. It was beautiful. I've never seen a house this big before. He took me into the garden. "Here in the garden, it has an outdoor pool, football field and tennis court." He said. I looked and the garden was huge. If I were dreaming, I would never want to wake up. We went back into the house and showed me around the kitchen. Then we went to the second floor, and then the third floor. It also had an indoor pool and indoor football field. and last, he took me to the basement. "I think the basement would be ideal for where you'd put all the gym equipment." He said. I nodded in agreement. We came back to the first floor, where a lot of sunlight came through several windows. "So what do you think? Do you like it?" He asked. I nodded. "I really like it. How much is it?" I asked. "2.5 Million euros." He responded. I took one last glance around my surrounding area. This is the first house I've seen so far, but I already loved it. "Alright, I'll take it." I said. "You sure? It's the first house you saw?" He said to me like I was a little kid. "I know, but I'm sure." I said feeling certain. What else would I want in a house? He nodded and called someone. Today was possibly the best day of my life, but I knew it'll just get better.