Status: Rewriting

Success Will Be Waiting

The Beggining Of Something New

I woke up at 6:00 AM. I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face with cleanser. I took a quick shower. I looked through all my clothes and found a simple black knee-lengthed dress and quickly put it on. I had a huge press conference today that I can't mess up. I say one thing wrong, and there goes my career and the project crashing down when I haven't even started yet. I have to sound smart and mature enough to prove to people that I am the right person. Ever since the news came out, chaos has been caused all over the world. I've decided it's best that I shouldn't get any social media accounts until I actually get fans. But right now, the world of football has turned against me. I straightened up and looked in the mirror as I just finished curling my hair. I started talking into the mirror and practiced for obvious questions that I know I'd be getting. I was shaking from head to toe. I feel so nervous at the moment. I called a taxi and waited outside in my parking lot until it arrived. "Hey" I heard someone say. I looked over and it was my neighbour. I do remember Andrew telling me that famous people live here, I just haven't met any of them yet. "I'm Neymar, it's nice to meet you." He said and waved. All I did was smile and wave back while I was dieing inside. He looked so much more perfect up close. "Wait, you look familiar?" He said while thinking. "Yes, you drove me home about a week ago?" I responded. He nodded. "Oh yes now I remember. Funny how we're neighbour's now."He said. "We're also going to be teammates" "Yeah, I'm heading to the press conference now. I'm just waiting for my taxi." I said. "Here I'll drive you." I thanked him and got into the car. "So I've heard a lot of news about you lately..." He said curiously. "Yeah it's kind of weird, I know. I just want to make sure that I wouldn't destroy male football but do my job at the same time." I said. "You should say that during the conference. Make it seem convincing that you will be no threat to male football and you will not change it." I nodded. "But the thing is, what if I do change it? Trust me, I have no confidence in myself for this project what so ever. I am trying to be cocky, but what if I turn out to be, sort of good? Because out of all the professional female footballers, they chose a little 16 year old Canadian girl. They really gave me hope." I said sounding a bit more nervous than I thought I did. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to phrase it in a way that you aren't good. I'm sure you are. Just in the process, don't forget who you are. Maybe you're more than a little 16 year old Canadian girl. They chose you because you have amazing talent." He reassured. He pulled up into the parking of the building where the press conference will be held. "Thank you so much, I'll see you soon." I said. "What time will it end?" He asked. "Um... 2:30" I said. "I'll come pick you up and maybe we can go for lunch to get to know eachother better." He said with a smile. I smiled back and nodded. I thanked him once again and made my way into the building.

"Why did you agree to do this project?" Was the first question I was willing to answer. I thought for a moment. Why did I agree anyways? "Well, to start this answer off, it's the first and last opportunity for a female to ever be eligible to play for a male team. I also wanted to help improve female football, to see what brings male and female football apart from eachother and how we can make them similar and better." I said satisfied with my answer as everyone else in the room was. "In your opinion, will you gain any supporters soon?" "Well that all depends on who I impress." I say. I felt like giving clever answers rather than a huge explanation would be better. "Right now people are going on stricke against the idea of a female to get involved into male football. What do you want to put out there for all the people against you?" This was the perfect answer to show them how much confidence that I want them to think I have. "What I want to put out there for them is my performance on my debut next week. I want them to watch, and then judge me. Anything could happen." I heard everyone clasp in the room. They were impressed on how well I'm reassuring them that this will all turn out fine. All I need to do now is show them that this will all turn out fine.

I was waiting in the parking lot and then Neymar's car appeared. "So how was the interview?" He asked as soon as I got into the car. "It was fine. The press were pretty clever with the type of questions they were asking me." He nodded. It took about 20 minutes until we got to the small restaurant of where we'd be eating lunch. We entered the restaurant and sat down. It was a healthy restaurant, well, atleast it looked pretty healthy to me. I am not much of a healthy person, but if I'm an official athlete now, I will have to eventually start eating healthy. The waitress came over and asked for what we wanted to order. I didn't know what to order, so I ordered the same thing as Neymar, a salade and a smoothie. "So how long have you lived in Spain?" He asked. "Around 3 months." I responded. What I liked about him is during a conversation, he actually listens. Whenever he asks a question, he's actually curious and interested. He makes me feel special, especially because he's my idol and he's talking to me. "Um, just a little confession. You were my idol for as long as I could remember." I said as my cheeks felt hot from the embarrassment. He smiled. "Thank you." I smiled back and continued to eat. We kept talking and getting to know eachother, but then I noticed it started to get late. I couldn't believe he actually hung out with me for a few hours. "It's pretty late. Can we go?" I asked once we were through a small moment of silence. "Yeah sure, let's go." He said. He was about to pay for lunch but I insisted that I paid for my lunch and he paid for his. The restaurant was close to our neighbourhood. We were at our houses in a few minutes. "Thank you so much for today, I'll see you at training tomorrow." I said with a smile. "No problem. It was nice getting to know you better. And yup I'll see you tomorrow. Goodnight." "Goodnight." I got out of his car and made my way to my front door and entered my home. I quickly changed into comfortable clothing to sleep in, and I fell asleep fast so I'd be ready for my first practice with my new team tomorrow.