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a First for Everything

“what if they won't like me?" I asked Neymar as I sat in the passenger seat in his car while he drove to Barça 's training ground. “I'm pretty sure they'll like you." He reassured. I started to panic a bit as we got closer to the training ground. Today was my first day. I will meet the staff and club members as I train with them for our upcoming game. “how are you so sure about that?" He chuckled a bit. “because the moment I saw you, I liked you. You seemed friendly and welcoming. So don't worry." I nodded and took deep breathes as he parked his car in a empty parking space on Barça's training ground property. I slowly got out of the car and entered the training ground with Neymar. Everyone greeted Neymar, but they all stared at me. The manager of Barca, Tata Martino, quickly approached me once he saw me. He didn't greet me, he just observed me, then finally spoke. “You look a bit too weak. Go through that door and workout for a few hours. That'll be your training for today." He said harshly as he pointed at the door he was referring to. I couldn't believe it. He didn't introduce me nor greet me, and now he doesn't even want me to train with the team. Some players tried to hold back their laughter while others were whispering things to each other. I quickly ran to the door, I wanted to get away from them as soon as I can. My first day is already going terrible, and I haven't even started yet. I walked into the gym and it was huge and quiet. Exercising would definitely be better than training with them anyways. I started running on the treadmill for an hour and then lifted weights. I did several exercises that mainly focused from my hips-down, just like I was told too. A few hours later, Neymar suddenly walked in. “I'm so sorry about everyone. Who cares about them anyways. Just show them that you're a real world class player, and then they'll reget doing this to you." He said before I could've said anything. I smiled, and that's all I managed to do. Maybe I am weak.

I continued to exercise while I was at home only for the thrill of it. My doorbell suddenly rung. I quickly climbed the stairs to get to the door. “hi Andrew" I said once I opened the door. “hello, you seem very sweaty today." He said. I looked at him confused despite the fact that I was exercising. He angrily threw a newspaper onto my table. I quickly looked at it wondering what I've done wrong. “Martino didn't let you train with the rest of the team because apparently you got into a fight with him. Is that true?" Andrew yelled as he shoved the front page of the newspaper in my face. I stared at him blankly. “whoa... I never got into a fight with anyone. He said I looked weak and that I needed a workout as my training. That's all." I said as I started to shiver. The media is so stupid. He nodded, looking satisfied with my reasonable answer. “good. Now with that out of the way, I came for one more thing to discuss." "Go on" he sat down onto my couch, this might be a long discussion. “in your opinion, how do you think you'll get involved in the media more and have much more good publicity?" He asked. I stood silent for a moment, trying to find an answer. “charity work...?" I said slowly. “of course not." He said in a pathetic tone. “A healthy relationship." He answered to his own question. “but no one wants to date me." I said awkwardly. He laughed. “and that is exactly why there are fake relationships." He said. “you'll be flying to London in 2 days because I've set you up on a blind date with someone very famous." He continued. My jaw dropped. Is my manager really going to send a 16 year old on a blind date to get involved in a fake relationship? “are you absolutely insane?" I yelled as I began to panic. “once you see him, you'll thank me later." He said and got up. This is going to be the most worse and embarrassing career the world has ever seen.

I arrived at the airport in London, England. There were much more paps there waiting for me than I thought. They started taking pictures and yelling out questions. But I ignored them and made my way out of the airport. Suddenly a black McLaren spider sports car came speeding towards me, then it stopped. The winds rolled down, it was Brooklyn Beckham? “were you set up by your manager for a blind date?" He asked. “yup." I answered. He got out of his car and took my only suitcase and put it in the trunk of his car. He opened the door for me to his car. “thank you." I said surprised. “no problem." He closed the door and got into the driver's seat. “hello, my name is Brooklyn. Welcome to England." He said with a smile. “I'm Aden, and thank you." I smiled back. “I really like your american accent." He said. I laughed a bit. “and I really love your British accent." I said making him a ugh a bit too. “so were driving back to my apartment. If you don't feel comfortable, I could always take you to a hotel if you want." I thought about it for a minute. But I couldn't believe he would be so kind enough to offer to take me to a hotel if I didn't want to stay at his apartment. “that's very sweet of you, thank you. But maybe I should stay in your apartment so people know that this relationship is real I guess." He nodded. “good point." Every chance I got, I glanced at him. He was actually pretty cute. I just wanted to stare at him for a long period of time, but then he'll think I'm strange. “so how long will you be staying?" He asked once we arrived at his apartment. “for 3 days I suppose." He nodded. I hope these 3 days will be worth it.