Status: Rewriting

Success Will Be Waiting

3 Days Begin

I woke up a bit confused, but then I realized I was in Brooklyn's spare room in his apartment. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, washed my face and brushed my hair. I got dressed into a pair of black leggings and a blue T-shirt. I went to the kitchen and found Brooklyn shirtless in a pair of jeans. He had a really nice body for an 18 year old. His hair was a bit messy and made him more attractive at the moment. I stared at him for a few moments until he noticed and smirked. I quickly looked away and blushed. I don't think he would want a 16 year old to stare at him like that, but I'll do it anyways. “morning." He said. “morning" I replied. “did you sleep well?" I nodded. “So I thought maybe we can go to the gym in my apartment right now?" He asked. “yeah sure, let's go." I said. We quickly went back to our rooms and changed into workout clothes. We went to the first floor in the building he lived in. I exercised on at least every piece of equipment in the gym. We both finished off our workouts and took showers. Another thing I learned about Brooklyn is that he's really strong, and I admire that.

We both came back to his apartment to get ready for our ‘date' tonight. I decided to keep my natural wavy hair design and wore a short skinny dress with black and white horizontal stripes. I didn't want to wear high heels, so instead I wore black vans with my casual dress. I laughed in the mirror at the appearence of my weird combination and met up with Brooklyn beside his door. "Can I be honest with you for a moment?" He said. I nodded. "You look more beautiful in sneakers and a dress than any girl I've ever dated." I blushed lightly and he offered me his hand. I nervously held his hand as we walked out of his apartment. "So are you really hungry or not really hungry at all?" He asked once we got into his car. "I'm not really hungry at all." I said. He nodded and started his car. "I'll take you to a nice place that you'll like." I hope it wasn't somewhere fancy because I'm dressed like the reckless teenager I am.

We arrive at a carnival near a beach, it look perfect from my point of view. Once Brooklyn spotted me staring in amusement, he smiled. "I knew you'd like it." He said. I shook my head. "I don't like it... I love it." I said. He opened the car door for me to get out and he held my hand. His hand and warm and soft, I really did like to hold his hands. People spotted us and started taking picture's. The me-and-Brooklyn situation is already in the media, they just don't know that it's fake. But, I started to grow a liking to Brooklyn, and I wonder if he feels the same way about me. I think maybe this could turn out real. "You scared of heights?" He asked with a small smile. "Not at all. I'm not scared of much." I said. He nodded. "Great, were going on a ferris wheel." He said and dragged me as we both ran hand-in-hand to get to the ferris wheel. Paps followed us as we were on the ride. "You want to give them something to talk about?" Brooklyn asked with a smirk. I looked at him confused as I giggled. "What-" He cut me off by kissing me. It was a light kiss, light enough to feel the smoothness of his lips. He slowly pulled away and looked around. Many were trying to zoom in from the ground as some paps were having no difficulty at all to take a picture. I noticed he was blushing, and so was I. I rested my head on his shoulders and he put his arm around me as we sat in silence, just thinking while watching the view from high up on the ferris wheel.

"What do you want to do next?" I asked with a huge smile on my face. My hair was probably a mess by now as we were previously on several roller coasters. He smiled and took my hand as we walked to a game. "I'll win something for you." He said. A group of teenagers beside us started taking pictures as their expressions were in 'awe'. Brooklyn tried and tried, but he couldn't win the game. I laughed at his attempt. "Thank you for trying, but maybe I want to win something for you." I said. He rolled his eyes jokingly. At my first attempt at the game, I won. I took a huge stuffed bear and gave it to him as he looked embarrassed. I laughed at him while he held the bear. I took a picture of him frowning while holding the bear.

It was around 3:00 AM, and we weren't tired at all. We just walked along the beach shore as we held our shoes while the water touched our bare feet and talked. "I haven't had this much fun in a long time. You make me really happy." Brooklyn confessed. I looked up him as I realized he had a smile on his face the whole time we were talking. "Do you think maybe, this could be something real? I could honestly picture it..." His voice traveled off as he noticed I was also smiling. I knew that this is exactly what I wanted, he is exactly what I wanted. "Tell me Brooklyn, do you believe in love at first sight?" I asked as I listened to the roar of the beach water. "Yes, I do. I'm not sure if I 'love' you right now, but I definitely like you. I liked you the first moment I saw you, maybe even the first moment I heard about you." He said slowly, as if he were unsure. But I started to believe his statement when he leaned his lips onto mine. This kiss was slow, but still light. I really do prefer light kisses, and I'm guessing he does too. He took gently took my hand. "Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked. I could tell he was nervous. His hands were shaking, and so were mine. Me and Brooklyn just met, but if we don't want to have something fake between eachother, then I'm pretty sure this will be our best option. I didn't want to break the eye contact with him. It's like even if I glance at him for a second, I feel relaxed to know that he's with me. "Yes." I say and I pull him into a long, passionate kiss.