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Success Will Be Waiting

Growing A Liking On The Second Day

We were at the gym once again as I was instructed to workout everyday, and I'm glad Brooklyn understands. I don't even feel like working out, but he pushes me to do it because he knows it's my job. He notices the sweat dripping from my face and the exhaustion that is all over my body while I've been running on the treadmill for around an hour on top speed. He turns the treadmill off and I glare at him. I was about to snap at him, but he pulls my sweaty body towards his. All my tensed and tired muscles suddenly relax once he kisses me, and I smile. He pulls away and wipes a bit of sweat of my face. "Go take a shower, I want to take you somewhere." He said quietly. I quickly nodded and went to shower. I wonder where he'd take me to today.

I was sitting on my bed as I watched Brooklyn search through my clothes as I asked for him to help me figure out what to wear today. "Do you have a lot of clothing back in Spain?" he asked as he stared at the small pile of clothing I've brought with me. I giggled. "No, not quite... I never have the time to go shopping." I said. He looked up me and smiled. "Well, let's go shopping for clothes, if you want to..." My face lit up at his offer and he laughed.

I've been to some pretty big malls, but as big as this one. We went to almost every store in the mall, and I was exhausted after a few hours. Despite a few of the paps that followed us around the mall, no one bothered us. I was kind of upset, I thought part of playing a big role in the football atmosphere will get me millions of fans, but in return I become an 'enemy'. "Hey, you alright?" Brooklyn asked. I didn't understand what he meant for a second, but I think I showed my thoughts on my expression. I smiled weakly and nodded.

We returned back to Brooklyn's apartment on time to get ready since he was going to take me out for dinner. I wore a short black dress with a small opening at the back and silver flat shoes. I kept my hair down. Brooklyn wore a dress shirt and jeans, he did look very attractive in it. "You look... Beautiful." He said. "You don't look so bad yourself" I added as I fixed the collar of his shirt.

We sat at our table that was outside beside a fountain. The sound of the water flowing through the fountain makes me relaxed as the warm night breeze flows into my hair. "So how do you like being a very important professional footballer?" He asked curiously. "It's really hard, actually. It might be a great opportunity that some people would kill for, but right now I'm actually starting to hate it." He tilted his head, as confusion flickered through his eyes. "Why would you hate something that people would kill for?" "Because something that seems like it's worth a lot, doesn't actually turn out to be how you thought it was worth once you get the chance. Trust me, I'm thankful, but it's just hard adjusting to everything." He nodded understandingly, although I know he still doesn't get it. I'm kind of afraid that people wouldn't understand my situation, because I'm sure not many people would, since they wouldn't bother to try and look into my point of view. He slowly reached for my hand and held it. "I'll be there for you, every step of the way. No matter how difficult it gets. I promise." He reassured. I didn't believe him for a second, but the look in his eyes makes him trustworthy of his promise. "Have you made any friends on your team... Or are they just not getting along with you?" He asked. I thought for a second, and I started remembering when my team were laughing when the coach insulted me, and I was about to respond that they weren't getting along with me very well... But then I remembered Neymar. "Well I did make 1 friend on my team, he's also my neibourgh." I said. I started to think of him, and I caught myself smiling and I bit my lip so that Brooklyn wouldn't notice. We talked much more about our careers and life, and I noticed we have a big connection. He's perfect to me, and I knew that no thought could change that final decision that I made about him. No matter how weird he could be sometimes, I think it's rather cute. I don't want someone that's serious all the time.

"So, when did you decide that you wanted to be a footballer?" He asked. "Ever since I watched Manchester United play when I was little." "Oh, so you're a United fan?" I nodded. He stared at me thoughtfully with a small smile on his face. "I'm a United fan also." I giggled. We did have a lot in common, which I also liked. It brought a bond between us which made me sure that this whole thing would work out. "How's your career at Fulham?" His lips curled into a frown. "Terrible. We might as well just get relagated already. I really did wish that another team would give me an offer." I nodded understandingly, that's how I was back in Canada. Except, not professional football. The teams there were terrible and I wished a good team would scout me. "You'll get there someday." I said. He smiled weakly as he kept on drifting into thought. He was about to say something, but then he closed his mouth and stared at me instead. In these few moments I realized so many of his features that I didn't realize before. His eyes has a mixture of hazel-brown colored eyes. His nose is perfectly alined on his face and his jaw line stands out. He slowly leaned in towards me and kissed me. I felt his the corners of his lips curl up into a smile. I knew that I definitely wanted to date him as my feelings for him grew more each second I'm with him.