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Last Day With Him

Brooklyn gave me a box with a bow on it, it was a present. I opened it, it was a Manchester United jersey. A huge smile appeared on my face. I pulled him into a kiss and thanked him. It was my last day with him in England, so I wondered what he had planned today. "Okay, so today were going on a small field trip." He said with a small smile. he told me to wear the jersey, so I did along with black tights and black high-top converse.

We arrived at Old Trafford (Manchester United's stadium). "Have you ever been to a United game?" He asked. "No, but it has always been a dream..." My voice trailed off as I realized we were in Manchester to watch one of their games. My jaw dropped, this is possibly the best day of my life. I let out a squeal and jumped into Brooklyn's arms and hugged him tight. We held hands as we walked towards the gate. There were hundreds of paps taking pictures of us, now the world knows I'm a United fan.

We entered in the VIP section, the view was great. I also didn't have thousands of people attacking me from the VIP section, so that was also a perk. But I wanted to enjoy every second of this game, with Brooklyn. It was Manchester United vs Manchester City. I couldn't wait for it to start. This game is just to prove to all City fans that United is, and will always be, the only team in Manchester. The whistle blew and the crowd started to roar. Within a few minutes, Wayne Rooney has already scored a goal. The fans in the audience held up a huge banner of a red devil, similar to the one on United's badge. The atmosphere was amazing, and I am proud to be a United fan for several reasons, the fans are one of them. A few seconds before half-time, Juan Mata scored. Then, the half-time whistle blew. From all the excitement and joy, I jumped up and kissed Brooklyn... And it appeared on camera. A huge "aw" was let out by the crowed. I watched it replay on the huge screen, it did look rather cute.

Music played around the stadium as we waited for the second half to kick off. "That was an intense first half..." I said as I looked out of breathe from yelling and jumping. He laughed as he noticed that I was panting. "That half proved to me how much of a United fan you are." I gave him a huge smile and nodded. "since the day I was born!" I said proudly.

With just only a few minutes into the second half, City scored. I watched as David De Gea, the goalkeeper of United, walk back to the net in shame as the City fans cheered in hope.

The game ended United 2 - 1 City. All the United fans continued to sing, as so did I and Brooklyn. "Thank you so much for bringing me to the game." I said as I planted a small kiss on his lips. "No problem" I smiled as we walked towards his car hand-in-hand. "but, I do have one last stop to go to before you leave." He said. I nodded and go into the car. I stared at Old Trafford through the window as I smiled. I can't believe I actually came to the stadium and watched my favorite team play. This was a memorable day for me that I'll never forget.

We arrived at Fulham's stadium. "I know this isn't your favorite place, but I decided since you have a few hours left in London, I set up dinner in the stadium and we'll just spend the rest of the day here together." "This is lovely, thank you." I said as i blushed. He was too sweet, and I knew there's nothing I could do to repay him for the wonderful time I've had with him. I walked into the stadium with him, and there were probably a hundreds candles lit and flowers everywhere. and in the middle of the stadium, there was a table with food on top. I smiled as I looked around, it looked amazing. "Have I outdone myself?" He asked and laughed nervously as he noticed I didn't comment on the wonderful work he's done to the stadium for me. "Maybe a little, but it looks perfect." I said. he smiled in relief and led me to the table. he pulled out a chair for me to sit on and he sat down on his own. "So, I want a bit of feedback... How was I while you were in England?" He asked. "excellent. Thank you for everything you've done for me. I very much enjoyed." he nodded and continued eating. "I'm going to miss you." he said. "I'll miss you too. Promise to score a goal for me next game?" I asked. "Only if you do for me." He said. "Promise?" "Promise."

We continued to talk and laugh until the day turned into night. We laid down beside eachother as we were silent for a few moments and stared at the sky. "1 hour until you have to leave." Brooklyn whispered, as if he didn't want to notify me. "Well, we better get going." He shook his head. "I don't want you to leave." "I'll come back soon, or maybe hopefully you can come visit me?" I suggested. He sighed and got up, then helped me up. "fine." we blew out all the candles in the stadium, which surprisingly was fun since we challenged eachother to who can blow out the most candles. I guess everything I seem to do with him is fun.

I kissed him, a bit roughly than we usually kiss. I guess I didn't realize how much I'd miss him until I'm at the airport, ready to leave. "When can I see you again?" He asked. "I'm not sure... Maybe sometime again this month." I said. He smiled weakly and nodded. "I'll look forward to it. Call me once you get back to Spain." I smiled and kissed him again. "Bye!" "Bye."