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I Miss You

I quickly ran out of my house with one shoe in my hand, and the other on my foot. I was late for training. I tried calling a taxi, but none were available at the moment. I let out a groan of frustration and put on my other show, and cleaned up my hair a bit as I thought of how I can get to the training ground. Suddenly I hear a voice come out from the house beside me. "Hey, you're back. Do you need a ride?" I quickly nodded and got into his car. "You look stressed." He noticed. "Well maybe because, were late for training." I said as I looked at him unbelievably. "Oops." Was his response.

I sighed and got out of his car and ran to the entrance of the training ground. I don't want Tata to think low of me, but obviously he already does since I'm giving him that impression. Tata walked up to me with anger in his eyes. Much more like my former coach, except he looks scarier. "Why are you late to training?" Before I could respond, he continued. "If you're ever late again, you'll have to wait a whole season until you get to make your debut on the pitch. Understood?" He yelled. I rapidly nodded and started to train. I'm just glad he treats me fairly as everyone else on the team, or maybe he just never wants me to play, he thinks that I'm just there for the icon of FIFA's project.

Training was over, and I was much more exhausted than I was on the female team. I guess I could note to FIFA that the men train much harder than the women. I wanted to walk home, but I can't even breath properly right now. So I caught my breath, and my made my way home.

I flopped onto my couch and looked at the time, it was Fulham's game on now I wanted to watch to see if Brooklyn will keep his promise and score for me. I turned the TV on, and just a few minutes into the game, Brooklyn scored. He formed a heart with his hands and pointed at the camera. I smiled and watched the replays of his goal, it was fenominal. Suddenly I heard someone walk into my house. "Aden!" I heard Andrew call out. "I'm in the living room." I called out back at him. He walked in and sat beside me. "It's nice to have you back, and I see you're watching your new boyfriends game. I have all the paperwork and contracts here for the 1 year relationship, all you have to do is sign." I shook my head. "Did he sign anything?" I asked Andrew. "No, apparently he refused to sign anything." He said confused. "Do you happen to know why, Aden? Did it not go well in London?" I sighed in relief that Brooklyn didn't sign anything. "Everything went great in London, that's why we decided to have a real relationship. So, sorry but none of us need to sign anything." Andrew gave me a warm smile. "Well that's great, I'm so happy for both of you." I thanked him, and then he left.

At the end of Fulham's game, they won 1-0 from the goal done by Brooklyn. They interviewed Brooklyn and asked about his goal celebration. "Me and my girlfriend, Aden Martinez, made a promise that we each were supposed to score for each other during our next game. So I dedicated my goal to her." I had this huge idiotic-looking smile on my face, at the mention of being his 'girlfriend'. Then, I suddenly heard someone knock on my door. How many people wanted to come visit me today? I opened to the door to surprisingly, Neymar. "Uh, hi." I said with a smile. "Hi, you want to go for a walk?" He asked. I nodded and took my coat and closed the door behind me.

"Welcome back. How is it to now date a Beckham?" I laughed. "It's really great. He's really sweet and kind and does everything for me." I said. "Have you known him from before?" Neymar asked. "No, actually there was a different kind of plan between our agents. It was more of a 'scandal' I guess..." Neymar nodded understandingly. "A fake relationship, right?" He asked. I nodded. "So is it real between you too?" "Yes of course! We couldn't go through with the fake relationship, because we really like each other." I said. My phone went off, and it was Brooklyn. "Oh sorry, just a moment. It's Brooklyn" I told Neymar and answered my phone. "Hey, I saw your goal today! Thank you for keeping your promise." I said. "Hey, no problem. I'll look forward to seeing you score during your debut..?" I laughed. "Tata is so strict with me, that I don't think I'll ever even get a debut." I heard Brooklyn laugh over the phone. "Well then the world is missing out on such great talent." I looked at my phone confusingly. "What?" I asked. "They video tape youth games, you know. I watched some of your games sometimes. You have real talent." I smiled. "Thank you. But I think you're the one with talent. Your goal and overall performance today was amazing. I heard you were even man of the match?" "Yeah, thanks. I really miss you." He said sadly. "I miss you too, I hope to see you soon!" I said. "I hope to see you soon to. Don't forget to score during your next game." "If I'm not on the bench, then sure why not." I heard him laugh. "Well I have to go now, bye." "Bye." I hung up and continued to talk to Neymar.

"So, enough about my life, how's yours?" I asked. Neymar sighed. This couldn't be good. "I broke up with my girlfriend, Gabriella, today." I watched as he looked at the ground while he talked. "I didn't have anyone to talk to, and I wanted to hear about how your relationship was going." He continued. "Oh, I'm so sorry. You're welcome to talk to me anytime." He nodded and continued to talk, while I listened to him carefully, he's devastated with the breakup , and I wanted to be there for him.