Sequel: The Masked Feelings
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A Heart Full of Emptiness

Chapter 1: Silence Is The Loudest A Word Can Be

I had been away in England for a week, Cristiano Ronaldo (my boyfriend) had suggested that I take a break from everything at home, and that I should go to England, to stay with the rest of my family. I am British however I moved with Cristiano to Madrid when he signed for their football club, one year into our relationship. I was reluctant at first, not really wanting to leave Cris at home, but after a while he had changed my mind. I was now on the flight home from England, and back to good old Spain. Cris and i had been together for 2 years, however it was getting very difficult at the moment. Cris's Ex ,Irina Shayk, had been really difficult with me, trying to push me out of the picture. She was really getting on my last nerve when Cris suggested that I took a break to England, and so I did. Cris was expecting for me to come back next week, however I secretly chose against it so that I could surprise him when he got home. I stared out of the window, watching the plain dip through the clouds as it prepared to land.

As I headed out of the airport, I covered my hazel green eyes with shades, and flicked my blonde locks behind me. The press luckily hadn't noticed that it was me, Tasha Grove, if they had have they'd all be going frantic! I saw a taxi, and I directed it to my house. The ride wasn't too long, about 50 minutes, when I got home I paid the driver, and immediately settled myself down. As I walked down the stairs, from unpacking my bag, I noticed that the phone box was blinking (signalling that I had an un-read message.) I clicked the button as the message played... It was Irina. "Hey babe, I was just wondering what time you'd get home, and discuss you breaking up with your ugly toy.... And well maybe have some fun of our own..." I felt my heart break as tears broke out and flooded down my cheeks. I allowed for the message to continue playing, as I heard someone enter in the background of the message. "Oh, I guess your here... Bye." Irina finished as I slammed the phone box off, and turned to leave upstairs. As I turned around I noticed Cris standing in the hallway silently, watching my every move carefully. I flashed him the dirtiest look that I could think of as I ran out of the house crying... Just my luck that the heavens had decided to open, and burst with rain. I didn't care though, I just needed to get as far away from my house, as far away from him as possible.

I had been running for about 5 minutes and had heard a car roaring up behind me. Unfortunately the storm was so heavy that i couldn't see anything and all that I could hear was the rain smashing onto the ground harshly and the car engine roar. I looked around, scared and confused as a man grabbed me by the arm, and pulled me into the car. Once I was in the car I turned my head to see who it was who had removed me from the storm, but part of me wished that I hadn't. "What do you want?" I asked him bitterly, refusing to look anywhere near him. My heart would break the moment that I saw him face.
"To explain." Cris started as he sighed, knowing that he had messed up our relationship. I continued to stare out of the window, and watch the rain patter down on the road as Cris began talking again. "I'm not going to lie to you Tasha. What you heard was the truth. I have been cheating on you with Irina for quite some time now. I now that it's bad and that you probably hate me, but I never meant for you to get hurt... you just kind of got in the middle of things..." Cris trailed off as he looked in my direction sympathetically. I wanted to run out of the car, sprint away and never look back, yet I knew that Cris wouldn't let me go until he had finished whatever it was that he'd started, that's the pathetic way that he is. Instead of breaking down in front of him, I did what I knew would annoy him most, be silent. I didn't say a word, knowing that the tension was killing him. It wasn't long till we had arrived home, I really hadn't run that far, but as soon as the engine stopped I swiftly got out of the car and slammed the door shut as hard as I could, trying to ruin his precious car. I sprinted in the direction of the house, and climbed up the stairs, running into the room that Cris and I shared.

"Babe, wait, wait." Cris called as he came running up the stairs. I could hear his footsteps get louder, only motivating me to pack my things faster. Cris opened the door rapidly as he saw me packing my things knowing that this was it. Part of me wanted for him to fight for us, but he never loved me. He never loved anything, only himself. I heard his footsteps finish at the bed, when I heard the mattress sink. "How long?" I asked, refusing to lift my head, and show my sore, sore eyes.
"What do you mean?" He asked as I felt my temper run, as I grew more and more impatient with this selfish brat.
"Don't play dumb with me Ronaldo, how long have you been cheating on with that whore for" I snapped, knowing that Cris got annoyed when I called him by his last name. I continued packing, waiting for an answer that never seemed to leave his lips. "Well?" I asked, my temper fuming by now.
Cris paused as he took in a deep breath. "1 year ago." He whispered as I stopped packing and decided to show him my eyes that felt like blistering. How could he? He said that he left to go to Madrid for me, when really it was to get closer with Irina. I suddenly thought back to the reason why we left Manchester.
"Was it because of the miscarriage?" I asked him already knowing the answer. He remained quiet, and silence filled the room,as he continued to sit on the bed. I was so done with him and his stupid ways now. Now I never wanted to see his stupid, ugly face. I decided that I was done with packing, I no longer wanted to be in his un-homely presence.

I grabbed my suitcase roughly as I stormed out of the room, hearing him following my tail. I got to the door and opened it. As I was out of the door, I turned to close it when I saw his face, I could see that he was holding back form crying... Making me feel guilty for a second. I then remembered that he bought this all on himself as I yelled at him"Don't come anywhere near me again. You got that? I'm done here Cris." I then slammed the door and took my car from the drive, why didn't I use that earlier... Oh well, I just need to leave here, and fast. Where to... Sergio's, I'm sure that him and Pilar will know what to do...
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So Tasha has broken up with her cheating boyfriend, and left. What will she do at Sergio's? Is Cris really going to leave her alone?