Sequel: The Masked Feelings
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A Heart Full of Emptiness

Chapter 12: Romantic Gestures

I rolled my eyes over to Cris's body that was lying beside mine. I smiled weakly at the sight of his muscular presence. It had been a week since we had gotten back together and we were really enjoying each others' company. I had to admit it, I had fallen for Cristiano all over again. I love everything about him. The way that he says the most cheesy jokes, his immature habits, his bounce in his walk. I've really fallen hard for him, and the terrifying thing; is that whatever falls breaks.

I got up from my bed using up as little energy as possible, and went into the lounge to finish my article. The article was about the El clasico match which Barcelona had won 2-1, with the clear penalty not given. I have to admit, I really love my job. It's giving my opinion on my favourite football club, what could be a better job. Cris had never really liked me working, he wanted to be the provider, however I hate depending on people. I love my job anyway and would hate for people to think of me as a 'gold-digger' because that is really quite the opposite of myself. I couldn't care any less about his wealth status, he could be a poor homeless guy and that still wouldn't stop me for falling in-love with him. So long as he has a heart to love me with and a soul to join mine then I don't give a rats ass about his wealth. I finally finish my article and closed the word document down. I then checked my twitter, the latest trend was 'tashaandcris'. I looked on the pictures, and there were thousands of pictures of me and Cris from our dates... It was amazing how many different pictures there were, at least 300! I scrolled down, and as I neared the bottom of the page there was a rather sulking Irina Shayk at the football match against Valencia, a few days after Cris and I got back together. Her bottom lip was pouted, while her eyes were filled with a dark anger and fury, set towards MY boyfriend! She can not just leave him alone for one minute can she? I heard some padding of footsteps becoming louder and louder before I closed my laptop. I looked up and found Cris grinning at me.

"Morning," I began. He walked towards me with a chirpy spring in his step as he walked towards me, he then kissed me softly on the top of my head and sat down next to me; holding something behind his back. I looked at him suspiciously wondering what he was hiding from me, as his smirk widened.
"morning." He replied sweetly winking at me. What's with this charm, it was making me nervous about what he was hiding. Eventually the suspicion in the air came to an end as Cris brought out 2 tickets from behind his back. My eyes widened as I saw what they were... 2 tickets to Milan!
"A-Are they-" I began with my jaw crashing against the ground.
"2 tickets for you and I to Milan. Yes, we're leaving tomorrow!" Cristiano said beaming at me, while I was still in utter shot at his romantic gesture. I gave him a long passionate kiss as my way of saying thank you, and then hugged him tight and felt his heart beating in-sync with mine. I withdrew from the hug and looked up at Cris who's longing eyes were gazing into mine.
"What about Real Madrid, aren't they going to be annoyed that your going to be flying off with your girlfriend to Milan?" I asked wondering how he had managed to pull this off. I could tell that he could the worry that was painted all over my face, what if he hasn't old Carlo? He'll be sued!...
"Don't worry, we're only going for a week, and they're making up some kind of fake 'injury' lie to the press." Cris explained as I looked at him suspiciously, wondering why on earth his club would allow arguably their best player to take a trip to Milan and even provide a cover for him! "It's ok, the next match is a nothing match which Carlo wants to use to give the younger players experience, so he won't be needing me!" Cris clarified as I felt a wave of relief rush through me. I smiled at Cris and pecked him on the cheek. "That's all that I get for what I've done for you?" Cris asked me winking at me seductively. I chuckled shaking my head at him. I moved onto his lap and began making-out with him passionately. His lip traced my bottom lip, and I pulled away.
"Such a tease!" Cris cursed at me as I grinned at him. I loved the effect that I had on him, and really enjoyed teasing him with it... no matter how much it annoyed him!
"Oh come on, I've got to save something for Milan!" I replied winking at him before leaving the room to go pack, making sure that my ass was moving as much as possible, because I knew where Cris's eyes would be! Gosh, how I love winding him up. How I love him... There's no going back now. It's Cris and I together forever. I don't care what everyone else makes of it, so long as I have him it'll be ok.
♠ ♠ ♠
So Cris has treated Tasha to a week trip to Milan, how will it go? Is that what had been bothering Cris all along?