Sequel: The Masked Feelings
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A Heart Full of Emptiness

Chapter 13: The Beauty in Serenity

I felt a gentle nudging of my shoulder as my eyes flickered open. A smile traced my lips as I looked into Cris's eyes. "We're about to land." Cris informed me quietly as my head moved from his shoulder to looking out of the window. The view really was breath taking, the way the sun shone on the clouds was mesmerizing.
"It's such a beautiful view." I commented gazing out of the window awe.
"Yeah, I could look at it all day!" Cris replied, however I could sense irony in his voice. I turned and saw his eyes fixated on my face. I smiled at him, realizing what he meant. "All day long!" He repeated smiling at me. I leaned in to kiss him, feeling blood gushing to my cheeks at his compliment. I turned away from him to allow my cheeks to cool down. The plane start dipping and my shoulders began to tense, something that usually occurred for me when landing on a plane. Cris soothingly stroked my arms in an attempt to calm me down; however that wasn't really helping. I buried my head into his chest and listened to my favourite sound in the world, the sound of his heart pounding. I closed my eyes in content trying to forget my surrounding, so that it was just Cris and I; with no distractions.

Before I knew it the plane had landed and Cris and I had passed through security within an amount of minutes and were in a hired sports car on the way to our house that Cris had rented out for the week. I stared out of the window in admiration; taking in the pure beauty of Milan. The streets were occupied by busy strangers doing their daily routines. Flowers decorating the paths, with the occasional blossom tree. It was stunning, no words could describe it. Madrid was beautiful but Milan put it to shame. My eyes scanned through the window for a couple of minutes before I felt Cris's hand rubbing my thigh softly. "You seem pretty engaged by the city!" Cris suggested, looking deep into his eyes. Although he would never admit to such a petty thing, I could see that he was slightly jealous by the amount of attention that I was giving the view and not him... I smiled at him and kissed him slowly and meaningfully. The kissed heated up, as his tongue searched through my mouth, with a pang of lust rushing through it. We weren't kissing because we wanted to. It was because we simply needed to. There were so many emotions of passion, desire; craving the taste of each-others lips.

We stood outside of the villa that we'd be staying in and I was thoroughly impressed. Cris had really gone all out on this holiday. He must have spent hours planning it, and I was touched by every detail that Cris had made. I smiled towards Cris, and linked arms with him as we entered the villa. The interior was luxurious with a modern designs merged with some old rustic style. The furniture matched with each other and everything was precisely where it was supposed to be. I walked through the rooms, taking in my surroundings. When I reached the bedroom I laid down my suitcase and walked over to the bed. I gave Cris and alluring look before jumping onto the bed. Cris laughed and then copied my move, jumping down beside me on the bed. Rolling over to face Cris, I noticed something that I had never noticed before, lying in his suitcase. A simple box, about the size of a A5 piece of paper, layered in a red velvet. My eyes wandered back to Cris's, who's eyes were looking far into the distance. With something clearly on his mind. I stared at him, however he didn't move, so I grasped the opportunity, grabbing the pillow, and whacking it on him. His eyes suddenly snapped wide towards me, realizing my declaration and grabbing a pillow himself. I struck at him again and he fell back onto the bed. I hit him again with the pillow and he held his arm in pain, closing his eyes. My heart melted and I put down my pillow to try and help him. I moved his hand out of the way, and he then turned me over so that he was on top, and beat me with his pillow. I laughed and screamed at Cris's nerve to play me like that! "That's unfair, I thought that you were hurt!!" I sulked, and Cris laid his pillow down besides me. Smirking his in-famous grin. I rolled my eyes at him and he let out a chuckle at my childish behavior.
"Not my fault that you fell for it!" He protested crawling on top of me, placing gentle kisses down my neck. I quickly spun us over so that I was on top, and lifted off his top so that I could take in his masculine abs. "See something that you like?" He smirked. I bit my lip and nodded, showering his body with kisses.

In the evening I was sitting on the street, with a glass of water in hand. It sounds strange but it was peaceful. To just take a break from the liveliness of life, and just sit back and watch. It was so quiet with a gentle breeze fanning me every couple of minutes. I heard footsteps and lifted my head to see Cris walking over towards me. He of course had a snap back on and sunglasses as a disguise to hide him from the press. I smiled at him weakly as he sat down beside me, wrapping his arm around my shoulder. I leaned my head in towards his neck as I watched the sun go down in serenity. I was at peace with everything right now, everything had fallen into place. I had everything that I needed, and now it was time to enjoy life. Not to take a second for granted and allow Cris into my heart again. I sighed in content. This is what I want to do every evening. Watch the sun go down in the arms of Cristiano.
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So Tasha and Cristiano are getting on well in Milan. But what was in the box?