Sequel: The Masked Feelings
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A Heart Full of Emptiness

Chapter 15: A Familiar Road

The week had flown by and before I knew it, Cris and I were basking in the sun enjoying our final hours before we needed to begin packing. I giggled a bit as Cristiano fell over into the waves, getting his hair wet (something that he'd been trying desperately not to do.) Something about his attitude in the recent days had changed, he was less concerned of what the press saw. He'd actually taken me out for a romantic meal in public, being caught holding my hand! It sounds crazy, but in our last relationship we'd tried to hide from the public as much as possible. It will only be a matter of days before our relationship is made official... I was abruptly taken from my thoughts by a sulking Cristiano. "What's wrong Captain Christopher (a nickname that I had given Cris because of his childish acts...)" I asked him, as he sat down in the sun lounger beside me, with his arms folded across his chest. I smiled to myself at his immature behavior, turning on my side to face him.
"My hairs all wet!" Cris complained as I chuckled quietly, however Cris heard me and glared at me. "You have no idea how long it takes to remove salt from my hair." He continued sighing at his 'awful' problem.
"Oh no!" I sarcastically replied, gasping with my hand covering my mouth. "What could be worse?" I continued, annoying Cris with ease.
"Ok, are you one mocking?" Cristiano asked, clearly getting fed up with the sarcastic remarks! I laughed at him before getting up from my sun lounger.
"Yep, I'm gonna take a dip in the sea." I replied, pecking him on the lips lightly. I got up in my bikini that showed off a lot of my body. I walked down towards the beach, and looked back at Cris who of course had his eyes glued to my ass. I laughed it off and continued on my route down to the waves.

***** 1 week later*****

I sighed as I flicked through the magazine that I had brought with me to the doctors. I laughed at some of the story that the press had made up. According to the press I was threatening to destroy his reputation, black mailing him to go out with me... Because that's so my style... I flicked through the next page that was full with the ever present Irina who was with her new American model lover boy. "Tasha Grove?" The nurse asked into the room. I flashed my head up and made my way towards the doctors room, inhaling a shaky breath.
"Ok Tasha, if you would like to sit down please. What's been wrong with you recently?" The doctor asked as I played with my thumbs nervously.
"Well, I've been feeling exhausted recently which lead me to believing that I was suffering from sleep insomnia. But then I started throwing up so I was wondering if it was some kind of infection." I explained, refusing to look up at the doctor, however I could see her nodding her head and taking in notes.
"Have you got your period?" She pressed as I thought deeply into the question.
"Um, I don't know, I'm supposed to have it this week." I explained looking up as she nodded her head.
"Ok Tasha, I'm going to need for you to take a quick urine test and then I'm going to do a test that should only take a few minutes if it is what I think that it is." The doctor replied handing me a tiny sup and directing me into a room.

I sat in the chair, playing with the bottom of my shirt as the doctor returned into the room. I looked up at her with anticipation written all over my face. "Ok, my suspicion was correct Tasha. You're 2 weeks pregnant!" The doctor enthused as I felt the colour drain from my cheeks. I most certainly wasn't expecting this. It was the same symptoms as the last time that I was pregnant, however the thought of me being pregnant hadn't even crossed my mind. I didn't know if it was even possible after what happened to my last child.This could be happening. I planned on having children when I was married. Not 3 weeks into restarting a relationship.
"Please tell me that you're joking!" I answered as the doctor looked at me slightly anxious about my reaction.
"I'm sorry, take a look at the test results for yourself." She replied hanging me her charts. I checked through it and I was positive. I felt a tear roll down my cheek as I let out a sob.
"The last time that I was pregnant I miscarried." I started feeling a lump growing in my throat just thinking about my precious child. "Is that going to relapse?" I asked worried that it might happen again. The doctor looked at me, right in the eye.
"No, the miss-carriage shouldn't happen again. It would be very unusual for that to occur." The doctor reassured me as I felt a wave of relief come crashing through me. I smiled at the doctor weakly before she talked deeper into the topic of pregnancy.

I smiled and waved goodbye to the doctor before turning to go home. I got into the car swiftly and turned off the radio. I love music, but right now I needed to think. The last time that I was pregnant Cris and I broke up. I couldn't go through another miss-carriage. It destroyed me the last time, and I couldn't bear to do that again to Cristiano. I sighed and ran my ringers through my hair. How was I supposed to tell him this? Would he even want a child with me? We'd been back together for about as month; we were hardly ready to start a family together. Were we?
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So Tasha is pregnant. How will Cristiano react to this given what happened last time?