Sequel: The Masked Feelings
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A Heart Full of Emptiness

Chapter 19: Confrontations

I sat back on the sofa, Sara's words ringing in my head. 'Irina's back.' 'Irina's back.' 'Irina's back.' What was she going to try this time? I know what she's like. she may have had Cristiano fooled, but not me. I needed to show her where she belonged... Back in America with her model. a shiver raced down my spine at the thought of her getting anywhere near Cristiano. I grabbed my phone and sent a text.
'To: Cris
hey, what time does ur training end? Was thinking that we could have a coffee or something afterwards? Xxxxxx'
I hit send and put my phone back down on the coffee table and took the remote control in my hand. I switched on the news to see if anything had happened; but nothing really interesting was going on. I stared at the screen, not really listening, just caught up in my thoughts, until the vibrating of my phone brought me back to reality.
'from: Cris
Wish I could but have got to go to a boring meeting. We can go out to dinner afterwards tho, pick u up at 7? Xxxxxxxx' His text read. I let out a sigh, I was going to have to be stuck with my thoughts for the rest of the afternoon which was really not what I wanted.

I looked at the time, it was now 6, so I decided to get changed for my dinner with Cristiano. I got changed into a long white maxi dress, that hid my baby bump slightly, however it was visible. I curled my hair into ringlets and allowed them to fall naturally. My make-up was just foundation, brown smokey eyes with a black flick of eyeliner and a coral lipstick. I pouted in the mirror and smiled at my reflection. i looked at the time and it was now 6:54 so I knew that Cristiano would be here any time soon as I walked down the stairs of our house. It was hardly a house, more like a mansion, not that I'm complaining. I allowed my eyes to travel through the rooms. Pictures of us were scattered around, some old ones from the first time that we were together, others were fairly new from the trip to Italy. I smiled at one of the pictures of Cristiano and his teammates from when they had won the la liga. It was a big accomplishment to beat Barcelona in the race to the title, and Cris's face had pure bliss written all over it. It was a big moment in his career that I knew he would treasure. My roaming around Cris's house was bought to a hault when I heard Cris knocking at the door. I raised my eyebrows at why he didn't just come walking into his own house, but I managed to shrug it off as i walked towards the door. As I opened the door I saw Cristiano standing before me, with his signature smile on his face and a dozen red roses in his hands. I smiled at the romantic gesture. He handed me the roses, and I placed them in the vase that was sitting by the door, before I turned to Cristiano and walked through the door with a smile fixed on my face.

Cris pulled in at the restaurant, with a smile warming on his face. I was shocked that he'd remembered. "Do you know where we are?" I asked, leaving my mouth wide open.
"In the restaurant that we went to when we arrived in Madrid, which happens to also be the same restaurant which I pledged to spend the rest of my life with you!" Cristiano replied as if it was obvious.
"I can't believe that you remembered." I commented staring in awe at the beautiful restaurant. I was still gaping at the restaurant by the time that Cristiano had gotten out of the car and opened up the passenger door. I smiled up at him and took his hand getting out of the car. He winked at me as I pecked his cheek while we were walking towards the restaurant. when we got into the restaurant the waiter leaded us towards the back of the restaurant, Cristiano pulled out the chair for me to sit down. I smiled at him showing my appreciation of his simple gesture, while the waiter handed me a menu.

The evening was filled with plenty of conversation, compliments and giggles. It was a really lovely evening and I had just excused myself to go to the toilets. I washed my hands before strolling back over to the table, where Cris looked to be in a heated argument, however I could make out who it was as she had her back turned to me. I stared at Cristiano as he noticed me and smiled, and I returned it, however when the girl turned around the smile was wiped off of my face. "What do you want?" I hissed at her, narrowing my eyes and frowning. Irina rolled her eyes at me as I took my seat.
"I was just leaving." Irina bickered at me, however her eyes were coldly glaring in Cris's direction. She walked off, of course swaying her skinny ass trying to catch Cris's attention, however he was busy studying my facial expression.
"What was that all about?" I asked as Cris payed the bill. He looked up at me as he stood up to leave.
"Just Irina being a bitch... The usual." He muttered, causing me to let out a light chuckle.
"That girl sure can't seem to leave us alone!" I groaned, getting into the car.
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so Irina is definitely back and has had an argument with Cristiano already. How will Tasha cope with the stress of the paps and Irina?