Sequel: The Masked Feelings
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A Heart Full of Emptiness

Chapter 21: Perfection

The hours of endless pain was slowly coming to an end as I was 10 cm dilated and had been moved into the delivery room. "Ow, ow, ow!" I screamed as I endured yet another clenching pain. Beads of sweat trickled down my face and I used my forearm to wipe them away.
"Just 1 more push" The midwife assured me, as I scrunched up my face ready to give one final push. "1, 2, 3" The lady warned as I felt the pain again and began pushing harder, with a new found strength. In all of a sudden all of the pain was left as a cry echoed in the rooms. But it wasn't my cry, I looked down and saw a glimpse of my baby.
"What, where did she go?" I asked looking up at Cristiano who had a smile from ear to ear.
"she's here" The nurse replied coming over to me. 'she?' I looked up at Cris who has the same expression as me.
"It's a girl!" Cris exclaimed as the nurse place her in my arms. I looked down at her and smiled, she was perfect. Prettier than any combination you could imagine.
"She's beautiful." I breathed smiling down at my daughter. A few pale hairs were gracing a few areas of her head. Her eyes were closed and her petal pink lips were in a tight line. I looked at Cris who's eyes were drawn to her face. "Do you want to hold her?" I asked him as he nodded his head carefully. I passed her to him slowly an gently, afraid that any abrupt movement would break her.
"Thank you." Cristiano whispered, still entranced by his daughter's raw beauty.
"What for?" I questioned with my eyebrows furrowed.
"For her." He replied nodding his head in the direction of our daughter. I smile at him and placed a kiss lightly on her forehead, before pecking Cris's lips.

After a while of chatting with Cristiano about our daughter, we heard a gentle knock at the door. "Come in" I whispered just loud enough for whoever it was to hear. I looked up at the door and saw Pilar and Sara coming in with Sergio and Iker hot on their trails.
"Wow, she looks just like you two!" Sara exclaimed waving her hands, fanning her face as tears welled up in her eyes.
"Well I never, Sara to cry before Tasha!" Cristiano joked, however I narrowed my eyes at him mockingly.
"can we hold him?" Sara asked, not aware of the sex of our baby.
"Her" I corrected as I received 4 confused faces. "She's a girl!" I repeated with a smile gracing all four of their lips.
"Yey!" Pilar and Sara squealed in excitement as they turned to face their partners. Both of them took out their hand, "Pay up!" They chimed as Iker and Sergio opened their wallet cursing under their breath.
"You betted on our baby's gender?" I asked looking at Cristiano who was mockingly shaking his head.
I received a sheepish smile from all of their faces.

The group left me alone in my room after my daughter had been taken to rest, to allow me to finally go to sleep. I closed my eyes as sleep took me. "I love you Irina." Cristiano whispered as he got into Irina's car. She smiled at him seductively.
"Why don't you show me how much when we get home?" She replied in a dirty tone, pulling Cristiano into a long passionate kiss.
"How about I show you how much now?" Cristiano retorted, earning a playful smirk to tug at the corners of Irina's lips.
"All right then, show me what you got!" She offered, as she straddled his lap and sucked on his neck. My eyes flicked open as I reassured myself that it was just a nightmare... a recurring nightmare that I'd had for weeks... I then noticed a silhouette through the glass in the door. A ray of light hit the girls face as I gasped. "Irina?" I uttered to myself as the girl turned and walked away, realizing that she's been caught. I ran towards the door and chased after her down the hallway only to run into Cristiano. His facial features showed that he was shocked.
"What's going on? Are you ok?" He asked me sounding panicked. I looked up at him and then checked the empty hallway once more, accepting that I wouldn't be able to catch up with her.
"Yeah, just a bad dream. That's all." I replied as Cristiano walked me back to my room.

The following morning Cristiano had come into my room with a cup of coffee and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice which he passed to me. "Thanks" I said and took a sip from the glass, with the bitterness sparking me awake.
"So I was thinking." Cristiano began. I placed my glass down and turned toward him, paying him my full attention. "We need to give our daughter a name!" I smiled at him as I took out a list from the bedside table.
'Isabella "Bella"
Charlotte "Lottie"
"I like Isabella." Cristiano agreed and I smiled at him in reply.
"So Isabella?" I asked, double checking with him.
"Yes, Isabella it is." He decided, pecking my lips. I grinned at him, with thoughts of Isabella circling my mind.
♠ ♠ ♠
So Tasha has given birth and settled on the name Isabella. Did she really see Irina at the hospital, and if so what was she doing there?