Sequel: The Masked Feelings
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A Heart Full of Emptiness

Chapter 22: Welcome Home

I smiled at the receptionist as Cristiano and I strolled through the security and out of the hospital with Isabella in my arms. The moment that we stepped outside of the hospital we were hit by hundreds of striking lights, beaming from the cameras, all of them hunting for a face. Cristiano used his body to hide Bella's face from the cameras (which i was very thankful for.) When we got to the car Cris opened the backseat's door as I placed Bella in a car seat, and sat down next to her, while Cristiano sat in the drivers seat. He smiled at me through the wing mirror and I returned it with a beaming grin, before he turned on the engine and drove out of the car park.

When we reached home I grabbed Bella and gently carried her in towards the house with Cristiano walking behind us carrying the bags from the hospital. When we got inside the house I was greeted by Sergio, Iker, Pilar and Sara who looked to have been waiting for an hour or so for us to arrive. "Oh, hello fellow roomies!" I sarcastically commented at their presence. All four of them gave me a shy smile before cooing at the sight of Bella in my arms. Cristiano protectively wrapped an arm around my waist as Sara took out her camera and started flashing a few pictures.
"She is too cute, I want her!" Sara moaned, and Iker put a hand on her shoulder.
"One day we'll have a girl of our own!" He whispered into her ear and earned a smile to escape Sara's lips in return. I let out a giggle at the cuteness of the couple before Cristiano pecked my cheek and I smiled up to him.
"Should we put Bella to bed?" Cristiano asked leading me upstairs. I smiled up at him and followed him up the staircase.

Cristiano and I came down the stairs a few minutes later to see everyone sat down on the sofa and watching Kim Kardashians. I looked all around the room, observing all of their facial expressions. Sergio and Iker had bored faces, with their eyebrows raised, while Sara and Pilar had their eyes fixed on the T/V screen intently. "Guys, none of that crap in our house!" I complained with Cristiano nodding his head in agreement. I went to change the channel over and changed to one of my favourite programs; Friends and no-one complained over my choice of program. Cristiano's phone buzzed as he looked down at it. "Tasha, Pepe wants me to go to his house to help out with a few things. I've gotta go." Cristiano excuse as I rolled my eyes.
"But you've been going to Pepe's house almost everyday!" I groaned as Cris gave me puppy eyes, "Fine then. Don't be too long though!" I warned and Cris nodded his head obediently.
"Thanks babe. Will be as quick as possible, I love you." Cristiano said in a rushed tone and kissed my cheek. I smiled at him as i watched him leave. To be honest I was slightly jealous of the amount of time that Pepe spent with Cris, however they were best friends so they were of course going to spend plenty of time together.

Iker, Sergio, Sara, Pilar spent the entire day hanging out and checking up of Bella. Sara had fallen in-love with Bella, and I was considering asking for her to be her godmother when I got Bella christened however Cristiano and I hadn't really discussed her being christened so it would be a long time before I had that discussion with Sara. Cristiano returned home at about 8:00 so I cooked us a pasta with salad before we went to sleep. Unfortunately half way through the night Bella decided that she was hungry and so chose to scream to the top of her lungs. "I'm coming, I'm coming" I groaned as I shoved the light duvet off of me and began to walk sleepily to the nursery. Unfortunately Cristiano was a deep sleeper and so didn't hear Bella. When I reached her cot she had tears rolling down her eyes as I picked her up and cradled her while walking down the stairs. She seemed to have calmed down, and by the time that that the bottle of warm milk was down her she was pretty much half asleep. I smiled at her and bought her back into her cot before turning back to my room and falling back asleep.

***3 years later***

"Come on darling, you're going to be late for nursery!" I called up the stairs as Bella came trotting down the stairs. I smiled at her as she passed me her shoes.
"Please can you do them up?" She asked in her sweet angelic tone. I smiled at her as I placed the converse on her feet and did up the laces.
"Have you got everything that you need?" I asked her and she smiled at me and nodded her head in massive motions. "ok then, do you want to say good bye to daddy?" I asked and she grinned at me widely in reply, just as Cristiano walked into the room. Bella ran up to him and flung her arms around him in a long, loving embrace. I smiled at the two of them until Bella pulled back from Cris. "Come on, lets go to school!" I said enthusiastically causing a smile to form on both Cris's and Bella's lips. I led Bella to the door, grabbing my handbag with me for work on the way. I then turned around to see Cristiano shifting nervously. "I'll see you later baby." I called and Cristiano forced a smile on his lips.
"Bye." He spoke, and I kissed him on his lips.
"Love you" I called out to him as I put Bella in her booster seat, before driving out of the drive.
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Sorry about the massive jump there of three 3 years, but anyway, so in this chapter Bella is taken home and 3 years later Cristiano and Tasha are still together and happy-Just to warn you this is the second to last chapter in A Heart Full Of Emptiness before I start the sequel!!!