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A Heart Full of Emptiness

Chapter 23: Unexpected

I dropped off Bella at nursery before heading off into work. Work had been fairly boring recently, with not many matches due to the pre season. I walked through the double doors and strolled past reception confidently, straight through towards my office. I sat down in my comfortable chairs, organizing my desk as Ollie (my co-worker) walked through the doors, stealing my attention. "Hi, what do want?" Ii asked politely, bringing my hands together on top of the table.
"Well, seeing as I have nothing to do I anted to have a chat with my colleague, anything wrong with that?" He asked, making me roll my eyes at the hint of sarcasm in his tone.
"No, I was just asking!" I justified, and a smile slipped on the corners of my face.
"So, are you still with Cristiano?" Ollie asked, startling me with his genuine tone within the question.
"Yes, we have a child together... Why wouldn't we be?" I countered in a 'duh' tone. Ollie rolled his eyes and shook his head at me.
"I was just asking, seeing as he still hasn't even bought up the topic of marriage with you..." Ollie clarified and I narrowed my eyes at him in response.
"Just because we haven't talked about 'our future' doesn't mean that we don't have one!" I defended although it did get me thinking. We'd been together for 3 and a half years, yet the topic of marriage was still beyond us. However Cristiano had been acting strangely so I was starting to believe that he was soon going to propose...
"Well, if you ever change your mind I'm always here!" Ollie offered, winking at me slyly. I sighed and rolled my glistening jade eyes.
"How many times do I have to tell you? I'm happily taken with Cris, so thanks but no thanks!" I argued, starting to get annoyed with how many times he had abundantly ignored me when I told him the same thing over and over again!
"Well, you know where I am." Ollie finished as he strode out of my office with his head held high.

I looked at my watch, 12:01 it read; time was taking it's sweet time. All I wanted was to pick up Bella and spent family time with her, Cris and I, but it clearly the universe had other plans. I flicked through the notes of a previous interview with Real Madrid about their preseason tour, before deciding that I'd had enough of work and would take a lunch break. I started to make my way out of the office when Katie grabbed my arm, pulling me back. I furrowed my eyebrows at her as she gently let my arm go. "Whats the matter?" I asked concerned, while she ran a stressed hand through her hair.
"I just wanted to warn you, I've just read a headline that claims that Cristiano might disappear from the world of football!" Katie whispered at me and I laughed in return.
"Please tell me that you don't seriously believe what you've read off of a magazine! If Cristiano wanted to disappear from football then he would tell me. Don't worry about him, he loves Madrid and loves him family!" I reassured her, and turned to leave when she grabbed my arm again. I sighed loudly and turned back to her frustratedly. "What?" I asked with urgency running in my tone.
"Don't you think that maybe they're right?" She asked, slightly shyly this time.
"No!" I snapped, losing my patience with Katie. "If he was going to disappear he would tell me ok? He's not what you read on the headlines, I thought that you knew that when you yourself have seen them twist every word that comes out of him mouth. I thought that you were above judging someone from the press but clearly I was wrong!" I continued harshly. She opened her mouth to say something, however closed it quickly. I shook my head at her in disappointment before turning and storming out of the building.

When I got home something felt wrong. I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong, but something was. I could hear the news playing in the background, from the T/V. I placed my keys down on the table and let out an exasperated sigh. I was shocked at everyone today, warning me to stay away from Cristiano, who did they think they were? I went over to sit down on the sofa and turned the volume down on the T/V. I took a look around the lounge and something didn't seem right. The room felt empty and neglected. I shook my head, when my eyes laid upon a note with 'Tasha' written on the top of it. I picked up the crumpled piece of paper and unfolded it. 'Tasha, I can't do this. Goodbye-Cristiano' It read. My world shattered around me as my surroundings went blank. "Cristiano Ronaldo left long term girlfriend Tasha Grove this morning as he boarded a plane with Irina Shayk." The words echoed throughout the room. I looked up and sure enough there was footage of them boarding a plane. Suddenly everything made sense. All of the times that he was 'seeing Pepe'. The plans to move to New York. All of it, was all a lie. Goodbye, the word that boomed throughout my mind, leaving me with nothing but a heart full of emptiness. Because within a click of fingers, a life you love to live is suddenly gone.
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:O!! So Cristiano has abandoned Tasha and their daughter to live with Irina!!! This is the final chapter! Don't worry though, I will be writing a sequel that I'll start on the weekend!!

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